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What is domain name?

Domain names are used to identify one or more IP addresses. For example, the domain name represents about a dozen IP addresses. Domain names are used in URLs to identify particular Web pages.

Every domain name has a suffix that indicates which top level domain (TLD) it belongs to. There are only a limited number of such domains.

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For example:

. gov – Government agencies  

.edu – Educational institutions

.org – Organizations (nonprofit)  – Third Most Popular

.mil – Military

.com – commercial business -1   –  Most Popular 

.net – Network organizations-2   –   Second Most Popular

.ca – Canada

.th – Thailand

Because the Internet is based on IP addresses, a not domain name, every Web server requires a Domain Name System (DNS) server to translate domain names into IP addresses.

Why Do You Need A Domain Name?
  •   Increases your name recognition
  •   Makes it easy for your customers to remember your address
  •   Indicates you are a serious Internet player
  •    Helps brand your image
  •   Adds a level of trust and integrity to your site
  •    Many search engines refuse to list pages from free sites
  •   Some search engines will only index the first page of a domain site
  •  Domain names containing ‘keywords’ aid in higher search engine ranking
  •   Allows you to use your domain address ( and virtual email addresses ( on your business cards and letterhead
  •   Avoids somebody else from registering the name you want.
  •   Lets you change your current email provider and still keep the same email address
  •    Protects your Internet advertising investment from failure of your Internet Service Provider
Summary of the Info graphic:
Names were not only made to identify us, but to differentiate ourselves from others as well.
Since the Internet began, IP addresses have been ways of online identification, but although IPs were and are still fundamental to the way Internet works, there was a need to create a more user-friendly way of identification, and that’s when domain names were born.Due to the Internet’s widespread commercialization and expansion, the demand for domain names is growing yearly, therefore a market created for buying and selling from this naming system is now firmly rooted, continues it’s remarkable growth and there is no end for it, it’s here to stay. Nowadays, registering a domain name can be compared to having our own business card. It can reveal so much about us and our website at prima facie, that isn’t far from being our own personal card of presentation.
If you are thinking about buying a domain name, you may have a slight idea of what it is and how it works, but most people don’t. If you don’t understand much about the subject but feel in need of giving yourself or business a unique identity on the web, this infographic is for you. Here we have tried to provide a clear and easy comprehension of what a domain name is and explain some facts about the growing market.The Basic Anatomy of a URLAs we know, a URL defines a website. Most of us are familiar with its format, but how is it composed? If we break up the anatomy of a URL into parts we will find that most of them have a third level domain, a second level domain and a top level domain (TLD) in it.
The Third Level Domain is the highest level domain names and it is situated left of the Second Level Domain. This part of the domain name is not always required, because a functional domain may be composed of just a Second Level Domain and a Top Level Domain.
A Second Level Domain is the part of a domain name that is located next to the Top Level Domain (TLD), prior the final dot in a URL. It identifies the administrative owner associated with an IP address.The Top Level Domain, also known as TLD, is the last part of the domain name. It is located immediately following the final dot in a URL. For example, in the URL, the extension .com is the TLD.
At the same time, these TLDs are further subdivided into General Top Level Domain Names and Country Code Top Level Domains. On the one hand gTLDs are those extensions known as .com, .org, .gov, .net, and on the other hand, ccTLDs are those that identify a country, sovereign state or dependent territory, and are reserved strictly for their use.
DNS Provider Market Share
The market share of DNS providers is calculated based on the number of domain names that use their service. Cloudflare, Route 53 and UltraDNS are the top three DNS providers, computing a total of 65% of managed domain names, followed by Dynect and GoDaddy.
Domain Name Registrars Market Share
At this particular, GoDaddy, accounting a total of 31,2% of registered domains, is the leading company for domain name registrar followed by Enom, which carries an 8,1% and Network Solution with a 7,7%. Also we find other companies with a lower but significant market share in the domain name world such as Tucows and Schlund-Partner.
Domain Length
Domain names are composed of characters; they also have a length that is calculated counting the number of characters located before the TLD. About 37% of domain names are 6-10 characters long, 33% of domain names are 11-15 characters long, 15% of domain names are 16-20 characters long, 9,6% of domain names are 2-5 characters long, 4,2% of domain names are 21-25 characters long and a small 1,3% of domain names are longer than 25 characters. As we can see, the predominant domain names are those considered midsized.
Number of Name Server Stats
As to name server stats, 77,6% of domain names have two name servers, so that makes two name servers the most prevalent DNS structure. 31,2% of domains have three name servers, 9,5% have four name servers, 6,1% have more than six name servers, 3,5% have five name servers, 1% has six name servers and at last, 0,4% has one name server.
Country-Wise Total Domains
Stepping in Country-Wise Domain matters, we find that the United States of America is the leading country, holding a total of 79,4 million of this domains, followed by China with a total of 9,7 million. Behind China we find Germany with 6,2 million domains followed by the United Kingdome with 4,7 million domains. France, Japan and Canada find themselves in the same scale of 3 million domains with a slight difference between each other. Continues Australia with 1,6 million domain and at last there’s Spain and the Nederlands with about 1,4 million domains each.


The Current 22 gTLDs


Speaking of gTLDs, the list of the current top 22 domains starts with the most popular extensions known as: .com, .org, .edu, .int, .net and .gov, which were introduced to the market between the years 1985 and 1996:

  1.    .com gTLD is often but not exclusively used for commercial sites.
  2.    .org was created to be used by organizations but still is unrestricted.
  3.    .edu gTLD is used for education sites.
  4.    .int is for International Institution sites.
  5.    .net is a domain for administrative sites.
  6.    .gov is exclusively used for government sites.

Next we find the .mil gTLD that was introduced in the domain name market in the year 1996, and it is used for military websites URLs. Later, between the years 2001 and 2007, other TLDs entered the market and these are: .museum, .info, .coop, .name, .aero, .biz, .pro, .travel, .mobi, .tel, .jobs, .cat, each named after its intended use. In 2012 we met the .post suffix available only for the postal service sector.

Newer gTLDs have been presented to the market in the past year, yet there are 693 to be launched. In the top of the list we find .xyz gTLD with 990 thousand domains. The reason why this new generation of domain is getting so popular is because it’s considered easy to remember and that transcends all language barriers. The .science as well has entered the market, and until now it has 311 thousand domains. At the same time, other new gTLDs such as: .club, .party, .wang, .top, .link, .realtor and .website, all of them with more than 100 thousand domains.
Domain Names Growth
Knowing the importance of the domain market nowadays, several studies have been made, showing as result that, as for today, there are 288 million registered domain names managed by 58 million unique domain owners, were there’s a considered inequality since 77% of the owners are men and the remaining 23% are women. Seen from another spot, 74% of owners are individuals and the other 26% belongs to corporate owners.
Largest TLDs by Zone Size
Despite the increase of domain names, the largest TLDs by zone have not changed much, and they are ordered in this way:

  •    .com with 117 million.
  •    .net with 14,9 million.
  •    .org with 10,5 million.
  •    .info with 5,2 million.
  •    .biz with 2,3 million.
  •   .us with 1,7 million.
  •   .mobi with 0,75 million.
  •   .asia with 0,25 million.
  •   .name with 0,17 million.
  •   .tel with 0,12 million.



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