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ShareASale best review of 2018

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A feature we found only on ShareASale allows affiliates the opportunity to Make-A-Video. This utility allows affiliates to convert previously recorded video into creative multimedia that they will then be able to use on their website. Make-A-Video permits users to add “Cue Points” which will promote relevant product information to their viewers.ShareASale’s searchable Deals Database is a valuable resource for affiliates to find promotional offers and lucrative commissions. After selecting products and deals affiliates wish to promote, ShareASale builds a database that is then download to a CSV format. The database provides product information including tracking URLs, which link an affiliate to any sale that has been generated.Among the other features that ShareASale provides for their affiliates is their Make A Page feature.

This feature helps affiliates easily search for and select products that they wish to promote on their website. After selecting the products they wish to include, an HTML link will be provided, pre-coded with the affiliate’s personal link. An affiliate simply copies and pastes the link to their site and a page is created for promoting and selling products.

Reporting Features    9.5/10


ShareASale offers several tools for generating reports: transaction detail, activity summary, download (CSV), today’s stats, reversal report and revenue report. ShareASale allows a user to generate customized reports that only display desired information.

Ease of Use    9.5/10


Before registering to become an affiliate with ShareASale, visit the homepage and view the merchants they represent. They are sorted into categories to make it easy for you to find specific merchants or to view merchants in a specific category. Users are also able to select a program type and view their commission options in pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead or pay-per-click programs.We found the process of registering with ShareASale to be very quick and easy. After clicking on the “Sign Up” button provided on the homepage, potential affiliates are taken to a screen where they create a username and password and select the country they live in. Users are required to identify the website they will be using to promote products as well as provide an email address that corresponds to the website. We registered for ShareASale and received our affiliate confirmation the next working day.

The interface of ShareASale is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. We found it simple to navigate and after exploring the site for a few minutes, we already had a good feel for the service.Across the top of each page is a banner with links to different tools. This banner will remain open unless the “Hide Me” button is selected by the user. We found this function somewhat confusing because the “Hide Me” button appears as though it is already selected with a white ‘x’ appearing in the box; however, we quickly learned that the white ‘x’ is a built into the website design and doesn’t change as the banner expands and collapses.

ShareASale’s customizable navigation bar provides a large selection of options and although the main categories and subheadings appear across the top of each page as desired, additional links are available as needed.

Search Options    9.5/10


Advanced search and sorting options on ShareASale are not as numerous as they are with many other affiliate companies. That’s not to say there’s a lack of options. As users search for merchants and products to promote, ShareASale allows them to sort merchants by a 7 day EPC, a 30 day EPC, alphabetically by name, sale commission amount, lead commission amount and hit commission amount.

The list can also be generated through a keyword search.To search for a specific link, options are available for affiliates to search via specific merchant, merchant category, merchant status and order the list by desired function.

Help & Support    9.5/10


A link provided on the bottom of the subject and category links banner provides users with a link to the Help Center. The Help Center provides links that allow users to submit a ticket to the support department, view previously submitted tickets, view the ShareASale knowledgebase and access downloads. Frequently Asked Questions are found within the Knowledgebase.

ShareASale Summary: 9.5/10


ShareASale offers the merchants and the products affiliates look to promote without the scams. The website is created for the user and provides anyone who wants to get involved with affiliate marketing the opportunity to do so. Despite the fact that their Help Center doesn’t provide a phone number, ShareASale has responsive customer service representatives who are knowledgeable and willing to help with your account needs. Overall, we found ShareASale to be well designed and user-focused, necessary qualities for any reputable affiliate marketing service.

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