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How to Copy Someone Else’s YouTube Playlists , there has no fear of copyright on youtube

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YouTube has a large and dedicated community of users that are working diligently to organize this ever-growing database of videos into playlists that make the YouTube experience even more enjoyable.Looking for the most inspiring Steve Jobs speeches on YouTube? Nursery rhyme videos to entertain your kid? TV commercials from the 1950s? You don’t have to search for individual videos as chances are that some YouTube user has already curated the relevant videos into playlists that you can watch on any device with a click.

How to Copy YouTube Playlists of Another YouTube User


Like everything else on the web, you favorite YouTube playlists may disappear without warning – this can happen if the YouTube user deletes the playlist himself or if YouTube decides to shut down his account for, say, copyright infringement. When the YouTube account is gone, the user’s playlists are gone too.Thus, if you happen to really like a YouTube playlist, the best thing would be that you clone that YouTube playlist into your YouTube account. It’s like saving an exact copy of a web page to your disk – if the original disappears, you aren’t affected.

The previous version of YouTube included a handy feature for copying video playlists but they seem to have dropped it earlier this year. Not a problem as there’s a new web tool – Copy YouTube Playlists – that will let you copy any playlist to your account.

To get started, sign-in with your YouTube account and allow the app to access your Youtube account. Now enter any YouTube playlist URL (like this one) and set the privacy of your new cloned playlist – it can be either public or private (only visible to you).

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