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Simple Tips & Tricks for Simplifying Your Computer Use

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We all are computer enthusiasts and use computer in our daily routine. Our single work now is being done by computer. If you are social media lover then probably you are spending several hours on this idiot box. Not only for entertainment purpose but to do essential works we do need computer. If you are good at computer operation then you always try to learn better things to simplifying its use. In other words learning tips & tricks to tweak with computer is an interesting part of compute use.

Following  tips and tricks will help you a lot to understand your computer closely and will help you out to increase your comfort zone of computer use. Some of these tips are related to Windows 7 while others will cover email, MS Office like services. So just hang on for a while and get the optimized way to use your computer and make your computer use simple, fast and robust. Your suggestions are always welcome via our comment form below.

Prevent display rotation

In Windows 7, right-click the Desktop and choose Graphics Options then Graphics Properties. Deselect the ‘Enable rotation’ option in the Rotate tab.

Adjust program volume

To adjust a particular application’s volume in Vista and &, right-click the volume icon in the Notification Area then click Open Volume Mixer. Now use the sliders to control each application’s sound level.

Create DVD slideshow

To burn slideshows to DVD in Vista and 7, click Start, type windows DVD maker and press Enter .Drag and drop photos and videos onto the windows, click Next, choose a menu style and add a soundtrack if wanted . Insert a record-able DVD and click Burn.

Organize backups

To keep backups in chronological order, use the date or name the file- starting with the year(so ’’for example).

Sort folders

Favorite files or folders can be kept at the top of the sort order in Windows Explorer by renaming them to start with either the ‘#’or’~’ symbol – just tap F2 to rename.

Restore previous file versions

To restore previous file versions in Windows 7, right-click a file and then chose Properties. Select the Previous Version tab, choose a version and then click Restore.

Arrow Snap Shortcuts

In Windows7, hold the Windows key and tap the right or left arrow keys to have the current window set to the right or left edge of the screen.

Ultimate Control Panel

Expert Vista and 7 users can create a folder that contains all Control Panel tools. Click Start Followed by your username. Click New Folder(or from the File menu) button and name it ‘God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-9971204E01C}’double-click to see the Control Panel tools, Note this should not be used in 64-bit versions of Windows as it’s known to cause problems.

Fix unrecognized USB memory keys

If a USB memory key isn’t recognized, click start, tight-click(My) computer then choose Manage. Click Disk Management and look for an entry that lacks a drive latter: right-click it and choose ‘Change Drive Latter and Paths….’. Click Change and choose the drive latter from the dropdown menu.

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