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Monetization Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Blog

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Out of countless ways to generate money from a blog, direct monetization is one of the popular options. Millions of blogs rely on this method using different strategies that works best for them. Direct monetization is like a double-edged sword. If implemented correctly, it can bring loads of revenue and if done in a wrong way, it can make you pack up your bags in no time. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the most common mistakes a blogger commits while monetizing his blog. These wrong monetization practices are quite prevalent among some of the newbies who’re over enthusiastic and wants to make big money in quick time.

Selling Everything under the Sun
It’s always tempting to promote high paying affiliate products. There’s nothing wrong signing up for several ad networks, but what matters most is the type of ads you’re going to host on your blog. There’s no point selling irrelevant products that doesn’t match with your blog’s niche. Enthusiastic newbies often try to sell combs to bald men. The more irrelevant ads show up on your blog, the more it earns bad name among the community. Content-aware ad networks must be used if you’re not sure about the kinds of ads you want to host. These ad networks serve the most relevant adverts that closely matches with the web page’s content. If you’re selling ad spots directly to the advertisers, be very careful before approving the deal. The biggest wealth is your readers. Everything else is secondary.

Monetizing an Infant Blog
Start early and you’ll win! This is what we hear from experts regarding mastering any skill. But, it’s not applicable for monetizing a new blog. If you’re blog is lacking both traffic and quality content, do not think about plastering it with advertisements. Devote first six months in piling up good amount of useful content and in building community around your blog.Thereafter, you can slowly start monetizing it in phases. It’s a universal fact that adverts receive most attention from organic traffic sent by search engines. A new blog with little or almost no content is only going to hurt your traffic building efforts instead of making some money out of it. The rule of the thumb is – Get some meat on your blog before trying to sell something.

Obstructing Content with Countless Ads

This is yet another common mistake committed by good number of bloggers. It’s always good to experiment with ad placements provided you do not choke your content below loud and colorful banners. There’s no harm surrounding your content with adverts, but stuffing banners between article bodies is not appreciated by the readers.No matter how many ads you’re stuffing on the web page, your primary content shouldn’t be overshadowed by them. It’s your content that brings readers and that should be given prime importance among all other elements. Quality guidelines of several popular ad networks also suggest keeping a good balance between the number of ads and content pieces on a single web page. Ad placements can be aggressive but in no way they should overwhelm the content.

Hosting Deceiving Links and Banners

This is the worse form of monetization found on crappy blogs. An example of such type of monetizing trick is offering freebies (extensions, skins & plugins) that only work with a premium product. Creating deceiving & ambiguous creatives and text links also comes under this category.It may work for a short period of time, but eventually you’ll be experiencing retaliation from new visitors, community and from your ad networks. It’s good to create custom advertisements and making

bridge pages for promoting select premium products, but make sure you’re not cheating your readers through false and deceiving ad content. Keep things absolutely transparent and do not add features and capabilities on your own that doesn’t match with the official version.

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