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$.99* .COM Domain! You be you with GoDaddy!

What is a website worth? Apparently as much as $18,000,000 if you are the US Government. The true irony? It is for a website devoted to tracking government spending. The site, recovery.gov, was created to track spending under the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. According to the Obama administration, the site was developed to provide the highest level of transparency and accountability to the American people. Recovery.gov “2.0” promises to give U.S. taxpayers more information about where their money is going. Well, one thing for sure, some of this money went to finance the most expensive website in the world!

List Of Top 20 Website acquire by another Website –

Rank        Website                 Acquired By             Price                                  Acquisition Date
1              Aquantive                 Microsoft              $6,333,000,000                  13-Aug-2007
2              Broadcast                 Yahoo!              $5,700,000,000                  1-Apr-1999
3              Geocities                  Yahoo!              $3,600,000,000                  28-May-1999
4              Youtube                    Google              $1,650,000,000                  9-Oct-2006
5              Marketing Yahoo!     Yahoo!           $1,630,000,000                   14-Jun-2003
6              Bebo                           AOL                 $850,000,000                     13-Mar-2008
7              Tell Me                      Microsoft        $800,000,000                     14-Mar-2007
8             Club Penguin             Disney            $700,000,000                      1-Aug-2007
9             Right Media               Yahoo!           $680,000,000                     29-Apr-2007
10           Real Media 24/7         WPP             $649,000,000                     17-May-2007
11            Postini                        Google           $625,000,000                      16-Nov-2006
12           MySpace                    News Corp     $580,000,000                     18-Jul-2005
13          Adult Friend Finder     Penthouse Media Group     $500,000,000     11-Dec-2007
14         Mezi Media                ValueClick       $352,000,000                    16-Jul-2007
15          Zimbra                         Yahoo!           $350,000,000                     17-Sep-2007
16         Business                      R.H. Donnelley     $345,000,000              26-Jul-2007
17         Blue Lithium               Yahoo!            $300,000,000                    4-Sep-2007
18         Audible                         Amazon        $300,000,000                     31-Jan-2008
19         Last FM                        CBS                 $280,000,000                     30-May-2007
20         Tacoda                         AOL               $275,000,000                       24-Jul-2007
21         How Stuff Works         Discovery     $250,000,000                    15-Oct-2007
22        Photo Bucket               Fox Interactive     $250,000,000            30-May-2007
23        Hitwise                         Experian       $240,000,000                     19-Apr-2007
24        Sidestep                        Kayak            $200,000,000                     20-Dec-2007
25       Fandango                     Comcast         $200,000,000                     11-Apr-2007
26       Web Dialogs                 IBM                $161,000,000                       22-Aug-2007
27       Havok                            Intel                 $110,000,000                       14-Sep-2007
28      Ugo                                Hearst              $100,000,000                      24-Jul-2007
29      Feedburner                  Google            $100,000,000                      23-May-2007
30      iStock Photo               Getty Images, Inc.     $50,000,000            9-Feb-2006


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