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How Much gmail Provide Limits ? How to get an extra 10GB of Google Drive space for free

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Gmail has certain limits in place. For instance, the maximum size of file attachments that you can include in an email message is 25 MB while the total storage limit for a free Gmail account is 15 GB. Similarly, Google also limits the number of email messages that you can send through your Gmail account in a day.

Of course, more is always better, especially when you don’t have to pay for it. And Google is now offering exactly that, though there are a couple small catches.From now through Sept. 26, you have the opportunity to score an extra 10GB of Google Drive space, no extra charge.

The requirement: Install the new Quickoffice app for Android or iOS–which, incidentally, is also now free. Then sign into your Google account via that app. Presto! You get another 10GB of gratis storage.

What’s the catch? First, it won’t appear right away; Google says to look for the space increase “in the next few weeks.” Second, this isn’t a permanent bump, though it is a lengthy one: you get the freebie for the next two years.

By 3 Way Can Control to decrease data of gmail

1. Empty Trash & Delete SpamMessages that have been labelled as spam or trash for more than 30 days are deleted automatically. However, when you are in urgent need for space, be sure to delete these emails first. Both labels provide a little link above the list of emails that allows you to delete all messages immediately.2. Find Messages With Attachments

The next best way to free up space, is to locate emails with large attachments. To do this, simply type the operator has:attachment in the search field. Clicking the little arrow in the search field will open up additional filter options.

3. Find & Delete Emails in Bulk

Gmail is my online email archive and personally, I don’t want to delete most of the emails with attachments. However, there are lots of emails without attachments that I really don’t want to keep forever, such as newsletters, notifications, adverts, and other stuff that ended up in my archive at some point. So how about getting rid of these space wasters first?

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