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Roles and Characteristics of Cloud Computing

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Roles and BoundariesThe upcoming sections cover introductory topic areas pertaining to the fundamental models used to categorize and define clouds and their most common service offerings, along with definitions of organizational roles and the specific set of characteristics that collectively distinguish a cloud.

Organizations and humans can assume different types of pre-defi ned roles depending on how they relate to and/or interact with a cloud and its hosted IT resources. Each of the upcoming roles participates and carries out responsibilities in relation to cloud-based activity. The following sections defi ne these roles and identify their main interactions.

This section covers the following topics:


  1.     Cloud Provider
  2.     Cloud Consumer
  3.     Cloud Service Owner
  4.     Cloud Resource Administrator
  5.     Additional Resources
  6.     Organizational Boundaries
  7.     Trust Boundaries

Cloud Characteristics

An IT environment requires a specific set of characteristics to enable the remote provisioning of scalable and measured IT resources in an effective manner. These characteristics need to exist to a meaningful extent for the IT environment to be considered an effective cloud.


The following six specific characteristics are common to the majority of cloud environments:

  1.     On-Demand Usage
  2.     Ubiquitous Access
  3.     Multi-tenancy (Resourcing Pooling)
  4.     Elasticity (and Scalability)
  5.     Measured Usage
  6.     Resiliency
Cloud providers and cloud consumers can assess these characteristics individually and collectively to measure the value offering of a given cloud platform. Although cloud-based services and IT resources will inherit and exhibit individual characteristics to varying extents, usually the greater the degree to which they are supported and utilized, the greater the resulting value proposition.


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