How to Signup for Godaddy Affiliate & Start Making Money


Godaddy is a well know name in web hosting world, it is worlds largest ICANN-accredited registrar. Godaddy regularly unveil their latest discount offers, deals for their customers which make it first preference for registering their domain and web hosting for customers.

Godaddy claim that they have registered more than 59 million domain names which makes Godaddy as a prime choice for bloggers who want to just start making money with this Godaddy Affiliate program.

Godaddy’s Affiliate program is simply a Domain & Web Hosting Affiliate Programs which enable you to earn money from them by selling their web hosting services.

The more you promote their hosting services on your blog or website , the more you’ll get money.

In this post I will be show you how you can signup (Create an account) for Godaddy Affiliate program and How you can start making money. So brash up yourself for this money making tour…

I want to show you my personal experience with Godaddy affiliate program, When I was started making money with this affiliate program I had no idea about how to use it, how to increase my earning and whatever. But now I’m very zealous to say about my experiences in front of you guys. I made approx. $ 2,500 from this amazing affiliate program. 

So just learn all about Godaddy affiliate program and earn handsome money. Now Its your turn…

To start making money for this program you have to create an affiliate account or we can say Signup for Godaddy affiliate program. Its very simple to Signup for Go daddy affiliate, just follow my mentioned steps.

Unfortunately, right now Go daddy has no its own affiliate program, they shut down their program few years back and now use Commission Junction (CJ) and Zanox for managing their affiliates. You have to signup on these affiliate platforms for Godaddy affiliate.


They both are great affiliate platform for GoDaddy and from both you can easily manage you commission and sales. But I personally suggest CJ form Godaddy affiliate program, because it has great functions and features for you. CJ enable you to easily search Godaddy products and deals from their search tab which helps you to choosing great and demanding offers from godaddy for your affiliate sale.

That’s why here in this post will show Commission Junction for godaddy affiliate

How to Signup for Godaddy Affiliate

Follow these steps perfectly:

Step 1. Go to and click on Publisher button on navigation tab, just on top right side of the web page…


Step 2. After step 1 you will see like this, on the bottom of the web page, and the click on FREE PUBLISHER SIGN-UP.


Step 3. After clicking on step 2 a new tab will open like this, its a signup form web page, just fill all the information correctly.


After this step a confirmation mail will be send by cj to you mention or registered e-mail ID, just open your e-mail account and click on the confirmation link  and now your cj for godaddy affiliate account is verified.

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Now you can get use godaddy products and sale them by placing them on your blog or website, its so simple…

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