Top 10 Bloggers Are Sharing Their Income Reports – December 2016


There are stories about bloggers making six figure incomes and it is but natural to be curious about who is making how much and what the sources of income are. In this post we will cover few such bloggers who are making a decent amount of money online and also go behind the scenes to see who is running the show and what his website parameters are. The details of latest income reports will also be listed.

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The format followed is introduction of the blogger, the vital statistics of his blog and the earnings report.
While concluding the post we will analyze the data and present some interesting facts, which we hope will be immensely beneficial for any blogger who wants to earn his living online.

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  • Pat Flynn:
  • Matthew Woodward:
  • Harsh Agrawal:
  • Johnny from
  • Justin from
  • Michelle from
  • Alexa at
  • Earlier Months Income Report for Top Bloggers
  • Lindsay and Bjork:




  1. Pat Flynn:


Pat Flynn –  – earned a total of $115,041.12 in the month of June 2016. This blog is owned by Pat Flynn. The details of income and its breakdown will follow later but let us first find out who is Pat Flynn. Here is Pat’s version on his blog: –

“I’m a 30 year old dude from Southern California who makes a living on the internet. I consider myself the luckiest person on Earth.

I didn’t win the lottery, I don’t drive a fancy car, and I’m not a millionaire. What I do have is a beautiful wife, two amazing children, a loving family, awesome friends, and a line of work that allows me to spend most of my time with them.

Pat writes around 5 -10 posts per month along with podcasts, webinars, interviews of other bloggers who’ve carved their own niche in online markets and is a popular speaker in global events. Before taking on full time blogging, Pat was working as a Job Captain in an architecture firm. The first thing you notice about Pat is his open-ness, he hides nothing. You can read more about how his journey into online domain began and what did it take to earn his first dollar online on his blog –”

Vital Statistics:

Following are the vital parameters of Pat’s blog Please note that Pat owns multiple niche websites and they all contribute to his online income.

Alexa Traffic Rank         18096
Alexa Traffic Rank in India: 6325
Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 4788
Domain Authority (DA):  77/100
No of pages indexed in Google:  2580
Twitter Followers: 133K
Facebook Likes: 137,328
Pat Flynn in Google + Circles: 29892
Email Subscribers: 143,000


He offers the most comprehensive guide available on how to Publish, Market, and automate your own killer eBook.

Over 75,000 people have enjoyed this eBook the Smart Way and receive a weekly newsletter with exclusive online business and blogging tips.

Earnings Report:

Month: June 2016
Total Income: $115,041.12
Total Expenses: $33,326.84

Income Breakdown:

Affiliate Earnings: $72,881.03

AWeber -1,845.26  ( Best email marketing service providers in 2016)

Bluehost – 38,280.00  ( 5 Reasons to Choose Blue host for Web Hosting ) Product Sales: $2,312.10 $1623.89 $922.94
iPhone Applications: $431.57 $579.42
eBook Sales for ‘Let Go‘: $132.14
Book Sales for ‘Will It Fly?‘: $8899.99
AskPat Podcast Sponsorship: $4,137.74
SPI Podcast Sponsorship: $8,267.00
Smart Podcast Player: $13,119.60

2.Michelle From MakingSenseOfCents.Com

michelleMichelle covers personal finance and lifestyle tips on his blog. He also received a lot of mentions and awards from notable blogs like Ready for Zero, BadCredit etc. If you are looking for personal finance tips from a guy who knows about it, this blog is for you.

Few statistics of the blog:

Alexa Traffic Rank: 62997
Twitter Followers: 12.6K
Facebook Likes: 14315
Google + Circles: 634

Breakout of June 2016 income – $68,440.23:

Affiliate income – $52,280.23 total:
Bluehost (check out my tutorial on how to start a blog) – $36,270.00
Survey companies – $11,714.75
MOTIF Investing – $1,104
Ebates – $1,000 (estimate as this is a tiered affiliate program)
Izea/SponsoredTweets – $480.33
Credible – $450
$5 Meal Plan – $209.40
Digit – $155.00
How To Work From Home Selling On Amazon FBA – $110.50
Beautiful Dawn Designs – $93.25
Building A Framework – $90.00
Mystery shopping – $35.00
Miscellaneous affiliates – $568.00 (smaller affiliate earnings from numerous companies)
Michelle earned $68,440.23 in business income in the month of June 2016.

3. Matthew Woodward: MatthewWoodWard.Co.Uk

Matthew WoodwardIntroduction:

Matthew Woodward is an Internet marketing blog that helps people to learn SEO, increase their traffic and sales.

If you are struggling to make money blogging, is the right place for you to get started as Matthew provides some real insights on getting your websites rank in the top Google search results and he also shares working ways to make money from your blogs. He generally write posts every week although he doesn’t have any consistent posting schedule, but his posts are usually very detailed with a lots of snapshots.

Alexa Traffic Rank: 22249
Alexa Traffic Rank in India: 4418
Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 2213
Domain Authority (DA): 54/100
No of pages indexed in Google: 2150
Twitter Followers: 11.8K
Facebook Likes: 20144
Matthew Woodward in Google + Circles: 17177

His blog also achieved great awards including

HubSpot Top 5 Internet Marketing Blog March 2015
UK Blog Awards 2014 Digital & Technology Highly Commended
Affiliate Summit Best Affiliate Blog 2013
Technorati Top 100 Business Blog July 2013
The Best Of Search Engine Journal 2012
ProBlogger One To Watch 2013
Unbounce Top 75 Internet Marketing Blogs
Matthew WoodWard 26 years old who lives in the north west of the UK, he’s also a full-time blogger.

Here’s his income report for the month of July 2016:

99CentArticles – $17.19
ActiveCampaign – $1.80
Ahrefs – $509.17 (case study)
Aweber – $133.20 (tutorial)
Blog Advertising – $816.41 (Advertise)
Blue Chip Backlinks – $50.00
Bluehost – $65.00 (discount coupon)
BuyProxies – $42.00
BuzzBundle – $157.71 (review)
BuzzStream – $5.70
CheapWindowsVPS – $1.00 (discount coupon)
CMS Commander – $9.60
Drip Revolution – $155.70 (discount coupon)
FCS Networker – $220.18 (discount coupon)
FreshDrop – $18.08
GetResponse – $10.96 (review)
GSA Captcha Breaker – $261.05 (review / discount coupon)
GSA Search Engine Ranker – $195.24 (review / discount coupon)
HQ Biz In A Box – $13.80
Indexification – $3.59 (case study)
JustHost – $240.00 (start a blog / discount coupon)
Kontent Machine – $624.45 (review)
LeadPages – $62.40
LinkEmperor – $258.79 (review)
LongTailPro – $1,209.66 (review / discount coupon)
Magic Submitter – $1.79
ManageWP – $18.00
MyThemeShop – $79.10 (review)
OneHourIndexing – $401.96 (case study)
PandaBot – $68.25 (case study)
PowerupHosting – $23.99 (discount coupon)
PrivateInternetAccess – $78.00
ProxyHub – $7.22 (discount coupon)
Rank Tracker – $56.14
Raven Tools – $0.17 (case study)
S2Member – $44.50 (case study / discount coupon)
SEMRush – $27.98 (review)
SENuke – $44.10 (tutorial)
SEO Content Machine – $40.51 (discount coupon)
SEO Dominators Club – $29.98 (discount coupon)
SEO Powersuite – $128.02 (review)
SERocket – $360.90 (tutorial / discount coupon)
SERP Book – $18.72
SERPed – $1,438.06 (review)
Social Locker Pro – $12.96
SociSynd – $92.54
Spin Rewriter – $48.50
SumoMe – $183.00 (case study)
TheBestSpinner – $358.00 (tutorial / discount coupon)
ThirstyAffiliates – $12.60 (discount coupon)
ThriveThemes – $203.35
Traffic Planet Hosting – $210.00 (case study)
TweetAttacksPro – $26.80 (case study / discount coupon)
Ultimate Demon – $270.44 (review / discount coupon)
URLProfiler – $324.33 (discount coupon)
VideoMakerFX – $120.90 (case study)
View2Be – $1.35
WordAI – $127.34

Total earnings for the month of June 2016: $19,357

4.Harsh Agrawal: Shoutmeloud.Com


Harsh Agrawal – is a blog owned by Engineer turned professional blogger from India Harsh Agrawal. earned a total of $29,659 in the month of June 2016. was started in 2008 and over these years it has grown into one of the largest and most popular internet marketing blog. Harsh loves computer and technology, he successfully converted his passion into a full time lucrative residual income stream.

According to Harsh:

I’m a normal guy who lives life to the fullest, loves travelling and lives a happy-go-lucky kind of life. I like to talk stuff related to marketing, solopreneurship and art of living. I have network of Blogs under main brand “ShoutDreams” and I blog for passion. Here at ShoutMeLoud, I share tips which I learned over time about blogging and how to earn passive income online. I don’t promise to make you rich overnight, but I could promise that you will be earning handsome income, if you have what it takes to become a blogger. If you have writing skills, a passion for learning, a dream of brining a change, and most important if you want to be your own boss, ShoutMeLoud is the perfect place for you to start.

Harsh writes on diverse topics ranging from blogging tips, how tos, latest technology trends, making money online, linux and also offers wordpress customization services. The frequency of posting on varies between 30-45 posts per month and he is very popular among social networks.

Vital Statistics:

Here are some important facts about

Alexa Traffic Rank: 1854
Alexa Traffic Rank in IN: 199
Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 2960
Domain Authority (DA): 50/100
No of pages indexed in Google: 6950
Twitter Followers: 10.2K
Facebook Likes: 53136 in Google + Circles: 688,394
Feedburner Readers: 5484
Email Subscribers: 327,000

Earnings Report:

Month: June 2016
Total Income: $29,659
Income Breakdown:

Google Adsense: $466.19
Direct Ad sales: $2,000
Affiliate Marketing Income: $23,535.81
Affiliate Marketing eBook: $267.84
Clickbank: $456
GetResponse: $0
ShareAsale: $1,000
Elegant Themes: $534
WordPress Themes Affiliate Income: $652.89
Infolinks ad program: $90.97
WordPress Services: $587

5.Johnny From JohnnyFd.Com

johnnyJohnny is a digital nomad who shares his blog journey by travelling around the world. He also has a podcast where he shares how you can travel around the world and start living on your own terms.

Few statistics of the blog:

Alexa Traffic Rank: 156,170
Twitter Followers: 1556
Facebook Likes: 2532
Google + Circles: 318
Income report for June 2016:

Profit from Affiliate Commissions: $14,110.94
Profit from Book Sales: $257.13
Total Profit from Udemy: $1,611.47
Profit from Dropshipping: $1,972.44
Profit from Affiliate course: $1,257.05
Johnny’s total profit for the month of June 2016 is $19,299.02


6.Justin From SoOverThis.Com

Justin is a personal finance blogger who bought this blog originally from Andrea in 2013. Since then, he decided to expand the blog with his experiences in finance. He shares every mistake he made while working as a finance guy.

Few statistics of the blog:

Alexa Traffic Rank: 641,288
Twitter Followers: NA
Facebook Likes: 403
Google + Circles: NA
Income report for June 2016:

Advertising sales: $22312
Expenses: $2810
AdSense/Clickable Ads: $488
Total net income for June 2016: $20,022 (after all the expenses)



7. Alexa At SingleMomsIncome.Com

AlexaAlexa mainly writes about how anyone can make money online from various sources such as job boards, blogging, writing, marketing etc.

She always frequently writes about finance tips along with her struggles and successes with it.If you are a new blogger and searching for a one stop blog for making money online, check out her blog.

Few statistics of the blog:

Alexa Traffic Rank: 148,649
Twitter Followers: 2529
Facebook Likes: 5273
Google + Circles: 257
Income report for June 2016:

Freelance (Writing & Virtual Assistant Work) – $1,425.00
Blogging Ad Networks – $3,077.16
Blogging Affiliate Income – $3,466.16
Sponsored Posts: $0
Total online income for Alexa for the month of June 2016 is $7,986.32.

8. Lindsay And Bjork: Pinchofyum.Com

Introduction: is a food blog owned by a husband and wife team Lindsay and Bjork. Lindsay is a teacher, pug lover, and dessert eater from Minnesota handles the writing, photography and cooking part while the technicalities and making money is handled by her husband Bjork. Why they are into blogging? Well.. here are the reasons given by Lindsay herself:


Vital Statistics:

Listed below are some important statistics for the blog

Alexa Traffic Rank: 14702
Alexa Traffic Rank in US: 4697
Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 4517
Domain Authority (DA): 63/100
No of pages indexed in Google: 1200
Twitter Followers: 10.5K
Facebook Likes: 56633
Lindsay Ostorm in Google + Circles: 5826
Feedburner Readers: NA
Email Subscribers: NA
Though the exact number of email subscribers and feedburner stats are not available, the team at do offer blogging tips to users who subscribe.

Earnings Report:

Month: March 2016
Income Breakdown:

Tasty Food Photography – $8,572.40
Bluehost – $6,900 (Learn how to install WordPress in 5 Minute)
sovrn – $1,166.11
Elegant Themes – $89.00
Genesis Theme – $315.25
Yellow Hammer Media – $2,603.97
Gourmet Ads – $3,674.31
Amazon Associates – $2,881.45
How to Monetize Your Food Blog eBook – $525.00
Federated Media – $1,600.84
AdThrive – $23,791.85
Sponsored Posts – $2,800.00
Swoop – $3,105.98


9. Ello: Byregina.Com
reginaIntroduction: By Regina is a marketing blog for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. The blog is run by Ello, a female blogger and enthusiastic about her marketing ventures.

She often shares detailed articles on marketing, making money, and frequent guides for beginners to help them build better blogs. Her content is truly unique and adds passion! If you got a minute, skim through her blog and I’m sure you’ll end up subscribing to her newsletter.

Here are the website stats for this blog:

Alexa Traffic Rank: 64,212
Alexa Traffic Rank in US: 18,689
Sites Linking In (according to Alexa) : 404
Domain Authority (DA): 38/100
No of pages indexed in Google: 446
Twitter Followers: 4,595
Facebook Likes: 2,942
By Regina in Google + Circles: 1,159

Blogger income report (for January 2016) breakdown for this blog:

#50 WORKDAYS–ZERO TO BLOG: $5475.00 (a few payments for this new class/program were made in January, but most were made in January)
EPICBLOG –EDITORIAL PLANNER: $3,224.22 (this is sold from
BLUEHOST Affiliate commission: $2,040.00
3-DAY CREATE–The Workbook to Help You Create Your Own Information Product: $1,079.40
The Small Business Manual: $773.30
WordPress Class Registrations: $470.00
How to Start a Business in Texas: $195.00
How to Promote Your Business Online: $120.00
Total: $16,382.91 earning in the month of January 2015

10. Tom Ewer: Leavingworkbehind.Com

Tom Ewer is one of the successful niche blogging example which made $7,556.86 in the month of July 2016. The man behind is Tom Ewer whose aim is to help as many people as possible realize their own dream of quitting their jobs. He himself quit his lucrative job in 2011 to pursue his dream of owning a business. To understand the sense of freedom he achieved from this quote from his blog should be sufficient.

Vital Statistics:

Listed below are some important statistics for the blog

Alexa Traffic Rank: 65,231
Alexa Traffic Rank in US: 32,466
Sites Linking In (according to Alexa) : 515
Google Page Rank: 4
No of pages indexed in Google: 2260
Twitter Followers: 14900
Facebook Likes: 2199
Tom Ewer in Google + Circles: 1831
Feedburner Readers: NA
Email Subscribers: 1000’s
How did Tom get this many email subscribers?
Tom offers the subscribers of his blog a free ebook which gives insight on competition analysis and keyword research guide as posted on

Join thousands of happy subscribers to get exclusive emails and a copy of my free keyword research and competition analysis guide!

Tom has kept the fields in his ebook subscriber form to a minimal level he only has one field – the email one.

Earning report:

Freelance writing:
Income: $7,698.35
Expenditure: $2,037.15
Profit: $5,661.20
Affiliate Marketing (Leaving Work Behind):
Income: $1,555.98
Start a Blog That Matters: $66.54
Market Samurai: $71.52
Westhost: $1,250
Expenditure: $688.56
Profit: $867.42
Information Products:
Income: $1,043
Expenditure: $58.90
Profit: $984.10
Total profit for July 2016: $7,556.86


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