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Block someone on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn you can create a series of interesting personal and professional contacts. However, if you want to block someone on LinkedIn to prevent them from seeing your profile, sending you messages or endorsing your skills, then that’s you can do quickly and easily.

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The first thing you must do to block someone on LinkedIn is to log into your account and search for the profile of the person concerned.

Once you’re on their profile, hover your cursor over the arrow pointing downwards. This arrow is found next to the “Send a message” option, highlighted in blue, as shown in the screenshot.


When you position the cursor over this arrow a menu with different options appears. The last one in the list offers you the option to “Block or Report” this person. You must select it in order to block this contact on LinkedIn.


Next, a pop-up will appear in the middle of the screen offering you the following two options to choose from: either to block or to report this person. LinkedIn also provides a series of explanations so that you understand what will happen when you select one of these options.

If you want to block someone on LinkedIn, choose the first option, as shown in the accompanying picture.


If you want to block someone on LinkedIn, you should keep in mind that you cannot carry out the following activities:

  • You can no longer access their LinkedIn profile, and the person concerned won’t be able to see yours either.
  • You cannot send the person any messages, and they can’t send you any either.
  • You will both cease to be connected on your network.
  • Any endorsements and/or recommendations that you had from this contact will be removed from your LinkedIn profile.

These are aspects to consider when learning how to block someone on LinkedIn:

  • When you block someone, that person will not be informed that they have been blocked.
  • Anonymous users may continue to see your LinkedIn profile: there is still no way to block these users from accessing your data.
  • Blocking someone on LinkedIn can only be done from a desktop PC; it’s not yet possible to carry out this operation from a mobile device or tablet.

If you prefer, instead of blocking someone on LinkedIn you can delete them from your list of contacts.

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