How To Block Someone Skype Contact

Skype is for voice calling and video calling over the internet, you can also use Skype for instant messaging.

First method

    1. Launch Skype and sign in with your Skype username and password.


    1. Locate the contact you wish to block on the left-hand panel of the Skype home menu by moving your cursor over that contact name. Right click on the name of that person.
    2. From the submenu that appears, click on the ‘Block this person’ option.


    1. A new box will pop up; you can also choose to remove that particular person from your contacts. Click on ‘Block’ to confirm.


Second method:

While the above process is the simplest way, an alternate way to block a contact is to use the:

    1. ‘Tools’ tab and select on the ‘Options’.


  1. Click on ‘Privacy’ from the lists found on the left, and adjust your privacy settings accordingly.


When you return to your contact list, you can see the Skype activity cloud turn red, which can be found beside the name of that blocked contact.

Other things you need to know:

  1. When you block a contact on Skype, the contact does not get any notification that they have been blocked.
  2. The blocked contact cannot send you files, instant messages, or call you.

You can also remove the blocked contact on your list since there is a ‘Remove from Contacts’ option that is available as well. In case you have chosen to let the blocked contact remain on your list and you wish to unblock the contact at any time in the future, you can simply follow the steps of the second method, and choose the ‘Unblock this person’ option.

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