How to Delete Hotmail Account 2017 Permanently?

Closing your Microsoft or email account

Close account

If you are thinking to delete Hotmail account, think twice because you will not be able to use any Microsoft products and services anymore after termination of your account. However it will take 60 days for complete deletion of your Hotmail account and if you wish to login back, use same login credentials and login to Hotmail account. If you still want to deactivate Hotmail account, please don’t forget to cancel all the subscriptions you have made and check all the services and emails so you don’t leave anything behind which may be important for you in future. The things you need to check could be files in OneDrive, purchased stuff on Xbox, emails in or and much more. We suggest you to inform your friends, families and relevant people who communicate with you via Hotmail that you are deleting your account and let them know how to reach you.

Steps to Delete Hotmail Account Permanently

Step 1: Visit this page in your web browser, sign-in to your Microsoft account that you would like to close.

Close account step1

Step 2: On the left-pane of Microsoft Account Overview page, click on Security & password to move to the account verification page.

Close account step2

Step 3: Here, you need to verify that the account that you’re trying to close or access sensitive info. To do so, simply select your contact number or alternative email address from the drop-down menu that you had provided while creating your account and then enter the code when you receive it.

Close Microsoft account step3

Step 4: Under Close your account section, click on Close my account link to proceed to the next step.

Close Microsoft account step5

Close Microsoft outlook hotmail account step6

Step 5: Finally, click select a reason why you’re closing your Microsoft or account, and then click Mark account for closure. That’s it!

t closure & click on ‘Mark account for closure‘ and it’s done.

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