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Kaspersky Review 2018 | Kaspersky Total Security Free Activation Codes

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Kaspersky Review 2018


Kaspersky Total Security has always been a reputable antivirus brand. All of the products that it offers its users provide them with great protection against the many threats that they can easily encounter online. But we know how users can often be hesitant when it comes to choosing a particular antivirus product. Today we are reviewing Kaspersky Total Security 2018 with all of its features, upsides and downsides.


Security Features


Kaspersky Total Security comes with a lot of security features that make the use of a device that much more convenient for all of its users. Here, we reviewed each feature along with their upsides and downsides, given that there were any.


1.Safe Money


When you are making online transactions, you need to know that your credentials are safe. Safe Money feature offered by Kaspersky Total Security ensures that a protected browser is open while you make these sensitive transactions on your computer. You can even use this feature for online shopping and banking.


2.Password Manager


This feature stores all of your passwords and login information in a safe place so that you may access them whenever you need to, from within your web browsers. This feature is compatible with Windows, OS X, Android as well as iOS. All you need to do is create an account with My Kaspersky Portal in order to access this feature. The downside however is that you have to manually download this feature onto your device from the main interface.


Privacy Protection


For all those times you want to use a private browser, this feature has you covered. Along with a Private Browser, you also get webcam access feature that will alert you if someone is trying to access your webcam in your computer.


Parental Control

This feature can be used to set a limit to how much time your child spends using the computer online. You can only enable a few apps and games your child is allowed to use and lock the rests. You can even block instant messaging on the device.


Protection For All Devices


You can connect all the devices protected by Kaspersky Total Security to your My Kaspersky Portal and monitor all of them remotely with this feature.


Software Updater And Cleaner


Software Updater automatically updates and fixes any bugs on your device whereas the Software Cleaner cleans the apps that you may not use at all on your device or the apps that you may have downloaded by mistake.

Data Encryption

This feature lets you encrypt all of your files using the AES-256 encryption.


Trusted Applications Mode

When this mode is enabled, you will be disabling the access of any app that isn’t in the Kaspersky Security Network database.


Cloud Protection

With loud protection, you can either connect or disconnect your computer to Kaspersky’s Security Network in order to protect yourself from malicious malware.


On-Screen Keyboard


This feature provides added security against keylogging hacks.


Vulnerability Scan


Kaspersky’s vulnerability scan finds any and all files on your computer that may pose some kind of security threat to your data.


Kaspersky Rescue Disk

This is a free downloadable tool that you can install on your device from Kaspersky’s official website. This is for computers that are so heavily infected with malwares that they cannot boot up the Windows.


Among other notable features are.


Browser Configuration
Privacy Cleaner
File Shredder
Unused Data Cleaner
Microsoft Windows Troubleshooting
Secure Connection (VPN)


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