Top 10 way to increase YouTube view | Increase YouTube like and YouTube subscriber


This time every one want to work with YouTube and want to earn money from YouTube , YouTube has been change rule and regulation of monetisation / As per rule

“You can apply for monetisation at any time. To be reviewed, all channels need at least 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. This requirement allows us to properly evaluate new channels and helps protect the creator community.”

What are the advantages if you Buy YouTube Views?

More YouTube views can spread your products or services quickly and easily through promotional videos. The comments contained in the media responses will help business owners to develop more concise marketing techniques.
If you buy YouTube views, it will instantly boost up your career and your marketing goals.
A great number of YouTube views is an ultimate way to get online exposure instantly and make the videos go viral. Through its innovative features, it provides a new dimension to spread your business news to the worldwide audiences. The more YouTube views you get, the more traffic gets directed towards your site that ultimately increases the revenue and credibility.


As per this idea you can enable monetisation of YouTube , hence lets start to  Top 10 way to increase YouTube view:-



Rank     software Value  Advantage  Site


1 Audiencegain 40 $ on per 

5000 View

  • High Retention View
  • All Views From Real Users
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Good Customer Support
  • Gained organic Likes
  • Saw Results in 24 Hours
2 Mediamister 35 $ on per 

5000 View

  • High Retention View
  • All Views From Real Users
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Target Country Focus
  • Good Customer Support
  • Likes and Shares Available
  • Saw Results in 24 Hours
3 Bestsocialplan (Best) 20 $ on per 

5000 View

  • High Retention View
  • All Views From Real Users
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Replacement Guarantee
  • Saw Results in 12 Hours
4 Coincrack 25 $ on per 

5000 View

  • High Retention View
  • All Views From Real Users
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Target Country Focus
  • Good Customer Support
  • Likes and Shares Available
  • Saw Results in 24 Hours
5 Tweetangels 59.99 $ on per 

15000 View

  • High Retention View
  • All Views From Real Users
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Good Customer Support
  • Likes and Shares Available
  • Saw Results in 24 Hours
35 $ on per 

5000 View

  • High Retention View
  • All Views From Real Users
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Target Country Focus
  • Good Customer Support
  • Likes and Shares Available
  • Saw Results in 24 Hours
7 Themarketingheaven 35 $ on per 

5000 View

  • High Retention View
  • All Views From Real Users
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Target Country Focus
  • Good Customer Support
  • Likes and Shares Available
  • Saw Results in 24 Hours
8 Thesocialmarketeers 22 $ on per 

5000 View

  • Mix Retention View
  • All Views From Real Users
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Target Country Focus
  • Saw Results in 24 Hours
9 500views 35 $ on per 

5000 View

  • High Retention View
  • All Views From Real Users
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Target Country Focus
  • Good Customer Support
  • Likes and Shares Available
  • Saw Results in 24 Hours
10 qqtube 10 $ on per 

5000 View

  • Low Retention View
  • All Views From Real Users
  • Target Country Focus
  • Good Customer Support
  • Saw Results in 24 Hours


When Should You Buy Views?

Buying views (responsibly) is a great way to give your YouTube videos a nice kickstart in a lot of different aspects. From boosting your social proof, to attracting more viewers and ranking better on search results. However, it rarely increases your subscriber-base or leads to sales or conversions directly.

Iolo Phoenix 360 review & Discount 2018 | The Ultimate Protection & Maintenance Software


I am sharing my personal experience regarding this software to help you determine if it is the best program for your digital life.


60% Off iolo’s Core Titles *Halloween Deal*,



Discounted Price
Coupon Code
Iolo Phoenix 360
$79.95$31.98/60% OFF
System Mechanic 18
$49.95$19.98/60% OFF
System Mechanic  18 Pro
$69.95$27.98/60% OFF



What is Phoenix 360?

I had not heard about this program before. I went on the research mode to find out more about this program before purchase. I thought it is simple antivirus program but I found out that Phoenix 360 is a comprehensive security, privacy, and optimization package that helps protect, safeguard, simplify and speed up your digital life.


In a nutshell, below are some of Phoenix 360 new and advanced features.:-

  • Anti-browser tracking and online privacy protection
  • Secure password encryption & management
  • VB100-certified antivirus protection
  • On-demand malware detection and removal
  • Military-grade hard drive wiping technology
  • Award-winning PC optimization
  • Advanced file recovery software .

My Decision

After considering for a while, I decided to buy Phoenix 360 to try some of its new and enhanced features. I bought the software from the official website.

I took advantages of numerous Iolo coupons to save some money on my purchase. Make sure to check some of the software’s active coupons at the starting of my Phoenix 360 review.


Ease of installation

I easily installed Phoenix 360 on my client’s computer desktop. When I clicked on the setup, it asked me to uninstall the previous antivirus program. I then followed the remaining installation instructions which were simple and straightforward.


Ease of use

After finishing the installation, I clicked on the Phoenix 360 icon and selected the option to scan the computer. Since the computer had several files, it took me around 2 hours to complete the scan. The software program started a little bit slow but with time it ran very fast.

One of the things I liked about Phoenix 360 is that wide range of easy to use PC cleanup, optimization and security tools.


These include:

System Mechanic Pro: This is a complete Windows tuneup suite whose aim is to improve online privacy and PC performance. This tool achieves this goal by removing junk files, wiping out browser cookies and repairing broken registry entries. The tool also features optimization tools for internet connection and hard drives, as well as a file eraser.

Privacy Guardian: This is a complete online safety tool whose function is to protect you against trackers who might be tracking your online footprints.

ByePass: This is a secure password manager and generator tool. This tool integrates securely with your internet browser ensuring encrypted storage of your text notes and credit card details.

Malware Killer: This is a security tool that detects and blocks known threats, and also removes existing malware and viruses.

Conclusion from my experience

From my experience, I honestly say that Phoenix 360 is a very good product.
The software helped me solve a problem that was causing my client’s computer to freeze regularly. I have also installed this software program on my laptop and I can confess that my laptop runs faster than before. This program also protects me from potential threads by notifying whether a certain link is safe or unsafe to click.

Driver Booster 6 PRO Review – Keep Your Device Drivers and Game Free Download

Driver Booster 6 pro , from IObit, promises an easier solution with its most advanced driver update technology by acting as an all-in-one command center. All of your drivers are listed in the app’s interface, making it a super easy process to update drivers. Downloading and installing drivers with this driver updater is a cinch and often takes just minutes (or less).




Driver Booster 6 PRO Download

Features –

Less Device Errors & More Stable PC
Don’t know why your computer freezes or encounters Blue Screen of Death frequently? It is advisable to check your drivers, and let Driver Booster help you. It can identify driver problems automatically every time you launch it, and quickly update over 1,000,000 outdated, missing & incorrect PC drivers.



Driver Booster 6 PRO (1 YEAR, 3 PCs)- Exclusive Premium Download



No Stuck but Faster Download Process

With an advanced driver compression algorithm, a driver package in Driver Booster would be at least 30% smaller than its original size, which can greatly reduce download time. Also Driver Booster allows downloading and installing drivers during system idle time.

Better Performance While Gaming

It’s quite annoyed when loading your game and it gets stuck at certain percentage. To let users enjoy smooth and fast game experience, Driver Booster not only helps improve graphics & audio quality with related PC drivers, but also can detect & update various game components with just one-click.

Double Insurance for a Safer PC

To ensure the safety of users’ computer, Driver Booster only provides qualified WHQL drivers. Also to make a double insurance, Driver Booster can automatically backs up a previous copy and create a system restore point before updating.




DOWNLOAD – Portuguese ONLY



DOWNLOAD – español* ONLY



Driver Booster Pros & Cons

As you can probably already tell by the size of the Pro section below, there’s little not to like about Driver Booster:



  • Automatically scan & identify outdated, missing & faulty drivers
    Larger database to update more outdated & rare drivers
    Priority to update game components for better gaming
    Installs quickly
    Lists updated drivers as well as outdated ones
    Supports batch driver downloads and installs
    Can automatically create a restore point before a driver is updated
    Able to ignore a device so no updates are shown
    Includes an option to remove installation data after an update so the hard drive can remain free of clutter
    Can automatically scan for new updates on a daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis
    Option to only show drivers that pass WHQL testing
    Downloads are performed from directly inside the program and not through a browser
    No limit on the number of drivers that can be downloaded and updated
    Can uninstall and roll back drivers



  • Must have an internet connection even to properly scan for driver updates



Huge Discount on Top most software till October 2018 | Upto 70 % Discount

Get huge discount on your favorite software :-


A)  Top data recovery tools

B) Top Malware Software

C) Top Antivirus software

D) Top  Business & Finance software

E)  Top Professional multimedia tools.

f) Top backup Software

g) Top Forex trading software

H) Top video editing suite

I) Top language learning app

J) Top Web Form Builder

K) Top audio editing suite


A) Top data recovery tools



1.Genie – Upto 40 % off

Sr No software Value Coupon code
1 Genie Timeline Home 10 39.5 $ BTS70 Visit
2 Genie Timeline Home 10 – 2 Pack 59.5 $ BTS70 Visit
3 Genie Timeline Home 10 – 5 Pack 99.5 $ BTS70 Visit
4 Genie Timeline Pro 10 59.95 $ BTS70 Visit
5 Genie Timeline Pro 10 – 3 Pack 89.5 $ BTS70 Visit
6 Genie Timeline Pro 10 – 5 Pack 149.5 $ BTS70 Visit
7 Genie Timeline Server 10 250 $ BTS70 Visit
8 G Cloud app  23.88 $ GC50 Visit


2.Stellar Data Recovery

Sr No software Value Coupon code
1 Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery- Home 59.99 $ BTS2018 Visit
2 Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Tech 199 $ ED0D6FC874 Visit
3 Stellar Phoenix Window Backup Recovery 149 $ 77A0902DC7 Visit
4 Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional 99 $ 3BA2D3C8FF Visit
5 Premium Bundle Windows

(Video Repair+Photo Recovery+JPEG Repair)

99.99 $ 44971BAEB3 Visit
6 Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

Professional (Windows)

59.99 $ 04FC515C75 Visit


2.Others Data Recovery


Sr No software Value Coupon code Site
1 Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac 89.95 $ 4F85837865 Visit
2 Cisdem DataRecovery for Mac 49.99 $ BF7F894392 Visit
3 Wondershare Data Recovery 49.95 $ CF8D9B035D Visit
4 Cisdem DataRecovery 3 – Single License 49.99 $ 88AE7A21BE Visit
5 Aiseesoft Data Recovery 49.95 $ 29443824DA Visit
Easy Drive Data Recovery Personal License
59 $ 26932E1B3D Visit
7 Erelive Data Recovery for Mac 1 Year 29.99 $ 5B435BF773 Visit
8 Erelive Data Recovery for Windows 1 Year 29.99 $ 7CB2086678 Visit

Kernel Windows Data Recovery – Home License

49 D12E0BEFAD Visit
10 4Videosoft iOS Data Recovery for Mac 39 $ 0593A755BB Visit


B) Top Malware Software


1. IObit 


Sr No software VALUE Coupon code Site
1 IObit Malware Fighter 6 PRO/1 PC) 29.95 $ 36FD38412C Visit
2 IObit Malware Fighter 6 PRO/3 PC)   39.95 $ 963F1916A6 Visit
3 Smart Defrag 6 PRO/1 PC) 19.99 E6A6AAAB57 Visit
4 Smart Defrag 6 PRO/3 PC) 29.99 $ 7592158E3E Visit
5  Driver Booster 6 PRO/1 PC) 22.95 $ E366F2B625 Visit
6 Driver Booster 5 PRO/1 PC) 24.95 $ 0C7F1EF08A Visit
7 IOTransfer 3 PRO  (12 Months / 1 PC) 21.99 $ 5C5AB776AC Visit
8 IOTransfer 3 PRO (Lifetime / 3 PC) 29.95 $ BC44B0186D Visit
9 MacBooster 7 Lite (1 Mac) 39.95 $ 2C2F57A3A5 Visit
10 MacBooster 7 Standard (3 Macs)   59.95 $ D4E8E69F67 Visit


C) Top Antivirus software


1.Bitdefender – Upto 50 % off


Sr No software Value Coupon code Visit
1 Total Security 2019 89.99 $
2 Internet Security 2019 59.99 $ BTS2019AVANGATE Visit
3 Antivirus Plus 2019 39.99 $ BTS2019AVANGATE Visit
4 Family Pack 2019 89.99 $ BTS2019AVANGATE Visit
5 Antivirus for Mac 2019 89.99 $ BTS2019AVANGATE Visit



D) Top  Business & Finance software


1.Edraw Max – All-in-one diagram software for flowchart, org chart and more.


Sr No software Value Coupon code Site
1 Edraw Max Lifetime License 245.00 USD
0E7C0B616F Visit
2 Edraw Max Perpetual License 179.00 USD BFFDDFE3CC Visit


Edraw Max Subscription License

Edraw Max Renew + Upgrades

99.00 USD

69.00 USD





2. 123FormBuilder    –Build efficient online forms


Sr No software Value Coupon code Site
1 123FormBuilder Platinum Plan — yearly subscription $449.90 09F5B4DCA1 Visit
2 123FormBuilder Gold Plan — yearly subscription $249.90 826C0FEAD8 Visit
3 123FormBuilder Professional Plan — yearly subscription $849.90 5F5EEF1881 Visit


3.ESF Database Migration Toolkit – 


The software will automatically migrate all table structures, data, schemas(Oracle, SQL Server 2000 or higher, PostgreSQL), LOBs(Large Text/Binary Objects), primary/foreign keys, indexes, auto-increment(serial), comments and default values and more.


Sr No               software    Value Coupon code Site
1 ESF Database Migration Toolkit –Professional Edition

– Single User License

299 USD
3320A64A00 Visit
2 ESF Database Migration Toolkit –

Professional Edition – 2 Licenses Pack

508 USD 7C93A212DD Visit





ESF Database Migration Toolkit –

Professional Edition – 5 Licenses Pack


ESF Database Migration Toolkit –

Professional Edition – 10 Licenses Pack

972 USD




1749 USD













G. Top Forex trading software



Sr No software Value Coupon code Site
1 Forex Robotron Basic Package 299 $ 584707D3B3 Visit
2 Forex Robotron Standard Package 499 $ 618EB50BD8 Visit
3 Forex Robotron Premium Package 999 $ 52102C6A32 Visit
4 FXStabilizer EUR 265 $ 684451FC54 Visit
5 FXSecret Premium Plan 645 $ 0AC04277FF Visit
FXSecret Luxury Plan
975 $ 56C00311A9 Visit
7 WallStreet Forex Robot 2 Evolution 237 $ 41D372CBA8 Visit
8 WallStreet Forex Robot Full License 449 $ AF506B0A0C Visit

Forex Earth Robot all pair

199 $ E1CAB14937 Visit
10 Forex Trend Detector 187 $ EB1492A495 Visit
11 Forex Freedom System Robot 197 $ DFE00ED1D7 Visit
Forex Freedom System Manual
147 $ 80332AD2ED Visit
13 Drive Forex Metals 1 License 1000 $ 6443FAEC3C Visit
14 Volatility Factor EA + Forex Trend Detector 374 $ 2F55FFC453 Visit

Forex Diamond EA + Forex Trend Detector

374 $ F5F1E82F6B Visit
16 Riello Forex Expert Advisor 349 $ 65677A841A Visit

MTrendAds Network Review 2017 – Top 10 CPA Network

TrendAds Network is an exclusive CPA (Cost-Per-Action) Network

MTrendAds Network is an exclusive CPA (Cost-Per-Action) Network that allows Affiliates to better monetize their online traffic through performance based marketing. We works around the clock to bring our clients the highest ROI on their campaigns.

Our exclusive Advertiser relationships provide our CPA Affiliates with direct access to top converting offers for any country and any device.

Our publishers earn higher overall revenue because our advertisers are willing to pay more for performance based conversions like sales and leads rather than just clicks.

No matter the traffic type, we allow our publishers to monetize their traffic more efficiently.

Earn more from your games, apps or websites

MTrendAds Network is an exclusive CPA (Cost-Per-Action) Network that allows Affiliates to better monetize their online traffic through performance based marketing.
Our exclusive Advertiser relationships provide our CPA Affiliates with direct access to top converting offers for any country and any device.
Our publishers earn higher overall revenue because our advertisers are willing to pay more for performance based conversions like sales and leads rather than just clicks.
No matter the traffic type, we allow our publishers to monetize their traffic more efficiently.

Some of our benefits
Offers: Global Reach, Monetize Any Country

Top Payouts From Our Direct Advertiser Relationships + International Campaigns Spanning Over 100 Countries

Tracking: Powerful Dashboard

Take advantage of our powerful analytics to track your earnings.
View Earnings Per Click (EPC), Click-Through Rate (CTR), Conversion Rate (CR),…

Payout: Guaranteed on-time payments

Payments are sent via Bitcoin,PayPal, Wire Transfer, Check. We PAY Net-30 .With quality traffic, you will be moved to bi-weekly or weekly payments. Our Bi-weekly threshold is $500+ per week, and our weekly threshold is $1,000+ per week.

Support: Expect the highest level of support

24 Hour Support – 7 Days a Week!

Explore our tools for publishers
Content Locker
  • The Content Locker is a proven solution for monetizing nearly all types of web content & traffic.
  • The Content Locker will fully “take over” the page and require the user to complete a brief action from our advertisers such as a download, email submit, short survey in order to continue.
  • You profit each time the user participates in an advertiser’s offer.
  • Upon completion, the page will restore normal access or redirect to another URL of your choice with our automatic real-time tracking.
  • Our Content Locker Panel allows you to customize appearance, theme settings and advanced behavior settings: set the redirect URL, user access time, number of offers displayed and much more!
Link Locker
  • Our link locker allows you to lock any urls so that a user must complete an incentive offer in order to gain access to the said link.
  • This type of advertising has a proven track record for monetizing your link/file sites.



Full Campaign API for Easy Integration with your own scripts.

Real Time Tracking

Get access to your stats whenever you want in real time.
Get full data

Full Postback Service with Postback Tester

DMSAffiliates Reviews 2018 – Top Affiliate Marketing Forum

DMSAffiliates is a leading affiliate network, with the highest paying offers of the entire world!

We are the highest paying affiliate network of the world! With offers upto $800 per conversion!

DMSAffiliates is a leading affiliate network. We have the highest paying offers of the entire world! With payouts upto $800 per conversion. Our advertisers pay YOU for a specific action. For example: if someone registers on a website you can get upto $20. If they deposit money you can get upto $800!

We are also known for our excellent support. The owner of DMSAffiliates used to be an affiliate for over 4 years. We will personally help you improve your conversion rate!

Our Services

As an affiliate network, we will provide outstanding services! We listed a few of our services below, do you want to experience all of our top services? Register now!


Highest Converting

Our network has the highest converting offers and landingpages of the entire world!


Highest Paying

We will make sure you are getting the highest possible payouts! If the payout is higher somewhere else, let us know!


Best Design

We will make sure the landingpage has the best possible design, to maximize conversion rates!



Real Time Reporting

Our dashboard is 100% realtime, we will make sure you get to see your conversions as soon as possible!


24/7 Support

There will always be someone available who will answer your questions or give you personal assistance!


Mobile Responsive

Our landing pages are 100% responsive, so we can maximize your profits!

Our Reputation

We are a highly reputable Affiliate Network, DMSAffiliates was founded in early 2016, and expanded insanely fast! We are always helping our valued advertisers and affiliates!


1000+                      400+        25000000+             100+

PAYMENTS DONE                LIVE OFFERS              TOTAL PAID                HAPPY AFFILIATES

Revi Media Advertising Reviews 2018

ReviMedia is a performance marketing company specialized in lead generation. We provide our clients with comprehensive solutions to successfully achieve their sales acquisition goals.

Solutions for Your Customer Acquisition Needs

We generate high-quality leads and calls across a wide range of verticals driven by our proprietary platform, PX. Which boasts sophisticated lead scoring algorithms delivering only qualified prospects, allowing your sales team to be more effective. We internalize your objectives and deliver results.


Get real-time data leads through our sophisticated owned & operated web properties.


Get high intent prospects who are interested to talk to you about your product or service.


Get access to over 40 million records of verified and qualified data.

Designed for Affiliates
Exclusive and Partner Campaigns
Our web properties and campaigns are exclusive. We also offer our affiliates top partner campaigns across a wide range of verticals both in the US and internationally.
Quick and Competitive Payouts
Our exclusively owned and operated properties allow our affiliates to get some of the highest payouts on the market. We have fast and flexible payout options, including weekly NET 7.
Powerful Reporting and Analytics
PX, our powerful SaaS platform, built-in house, allows our affiliates to manage their campaigns, view real-time stats, quality scoring, and lead-insight reporting.
Variety of Promotion Methods
We offer many solutions for our affiliates. We create white labels, iframe, and host and post integration options to support any integration that our affiliate partners want.

Get the highest commission for your traffic.

We have fast payment terms and offer a variety of payment options to different levels of affiliates. We work with the best and our payouts reflect that. Talk to one of our Affiliate Managers.

Owned and Operated Premium Brands

We have generated over 40 million leads and calls to date through our owned and operated web properties. Our sites are attracting millions of customers every month. We have full control over the process which allows us to quickly measure and optimize our campaigns guaranteeing you receive only high intent prospects.

Tap Gerine Affiliate Review -Monetize your remnant traffic

Earn more with SuperLink!

Tapgerine is an ad tech company with primary focus on the global app ecosystem and provides data-driven solutions for advertising and monetization. By using the proprietary technology, we can implement clients media strategies and engage users across all channels and devices. We offer only the best ads with data analytics and machine learning algorithms.

The firm has been working in the domain of mobile advertisements and has been helping its affiliate achieve better success through mobile ads. Achieving better performance through monetizing and turning mobile traffic towards a specific platform is the most important goal of the company. The corporation specializes in mobile trafficking and provides better results to its customers through it. The affiliates and advertisers both have been gaining better increments through this platform.

The platform provides two thousand plus active campaigns to work with. Their offers have been actively approached by four thousand plus active mobile publishers of this platform. Not only this the platform has the record of six million plus app downloads per year, which is one of the best for any affiliate corporation. It is basically a tech ad company that has been focusing on the app development area and provides the best ad-driven solutions in the domain of advertising and monetizing too.

This platform provides one of the unique features to its customers and provides the best results in this domain for all types of customers. They provide many features in their affiliate program which are very unique and one of the best in this business.

Tap Gerine Affiliate Program

The Affiliate program of this Corp is based on the models of CPA and CPI. These models provide many benefits to its customers. The advertisers shall only provide payments when an action is made to sell a product. This rule is beneficial for both advertisers and affiliates because when an affiliate sells a product through an ad it adds to its commission, and this results in an increase of revenue for the advertisers too.

How does TapGerine work

The affiliate program of the Corporation is actively producing better results for all its customers. It has some unique features in it that help in acquiring better results in the long run.

  • The plan some advanced technology that keeps on updating with time.
  • The top quality affiliates and advertisers are available in the database that makes working with them easier.
  • The firm has a variety of ad units.
  • The model of CPA on which this whole plan is based is the best.
  • The corporation provides a 24/7 support service to its customers that helps its affiliates in solving many issues easily.
  • They provide two thousand plus active campaigns for its affiliates to work with.
  • The plan provides the highest payout rate to its affiliates and provides bonuses based on performance.

TapGerine Joining Process

The joining process of the firm is very basic and easy. In order to gain access to the registration process, you need to gain access to the official website. The site provides an online form to be filled by the customer himself. The form includes all the details from the name of the client to all the details of the business they are involved in. An affiliate is provided free admission to the site upon acceptance of the application. In order to save the firm and their customers in future from any scam or fraud, the corporation double checks all the application sent to their database. Not only as an affiliate the site also provides jobs to other technical staff.

TapGerine Payment method

The firm has kept its options open for the customers. They provide the options of PayPal, wire transfers, check, ACH options and E-payments. All these options are kept open so that the firm can quickly hire people and provide them with their payments. The corporation provides its affiliates payments on the monthly and weekly basis. The minimum amount the company accepts from its advertisers is $100. They promise to provide high payouts to their affiliates and promise to increase the revenues of their advertisers.

TapGerine Customer Care Services

The contacting service of the firm is very quick and helpful. They provide you access to their account managers that help in producing all kinds of solutions for your business. Their innovative ideas and quick solution methods have made them one of the helpful affiliate company in the market. In order to contact the customer support service, the site provides an online form to be filled and submitted to the company. The support service is very quick and responsive and is very helpful. They provide answers in a very short time and helps even with major issues.

TapGerine Scam or Legit

The major question about the company is whether it can be trusted with your valuable money or not. The firm has been around for the last seven years. It has hired some relevant affiliates, advertisers, and developers in this short time. They have been incorporating huge success in producing the best mobile ad development. They have been working with some branded names in the online marketing platform and have been providing on-time payments to its customers since its birth. When we combine all these aspects we receive a verdict that this corporation has been working as a legitimate establishment since its birth. It has not and we pray may not be involved in kind of fraud and scam. They themselves condemn involvement in any kind of fraud and scam. All these prove that the firm is a legal one working for the betterment of its customers. Even the reviews on the internet can be read that prove that this brand is working with proper legitimacy and will continue to do so.

AffiliateWire CPA Network Reviews -Top CPA Network 2018

AffiliateWire is your performance marketing network for digital products.

With nearly a decade in the digital space, we have served over a billion conversions through the RevenueWire Platform.

  • High Converting International Offers
  • Industry Leading Payouts
  • Weekly Payouts
  • Proprietary Tracking Platform
  • Premium Account Management


Number of Offers : N/A
Commission Type : CPA, CPS, CPL
Minimum Payout : 25
Payment Frequency : Weekly, Bi-Weekly
Payment Method : Paypal, ACH, Cheque, Wire
Referral Commission : 0%
Tracking Software : In-House
Social Pages :      
Contact Number : 250-590-2273


AffiliateWire, a division of RevenueWire, is a comprehensive e-business platform for affiliate marketers and merchants of digital products. For affiliates, we provide high-demand digital products that convert at 3% and higher, up to 75% commission, a top-converting shopping cart with sales tracking and powerful analytics and reporting tools all in one seamless platform.
Digital downloads affiliate marketing is a highly productive business for online marketers. RevenueWire strives to stay at the forefront of this specialized industry by providing marketers with top-converting digital products, an optimized shopping cart, the highest possible commission payouts and the support you need to succeed.

MediaBlam Review 2017 : Online CPM Advertising Network

MediaBlam CPM Ad Network works hard to provide a healthy revenue stream for our publisher partners as well as quality sites for our advertisers to promote their content on.

Our ad serving technology allows our publishers to optimize every single impression they send to us. Using many algorithms we determine the best ad to serve to our publisher sites to both help our publishers earn more revenue from all impressions we sell as well as provide the best possible position for our advertisers to get their brand, service or product seen.

Our ad matching technology works in milliseconds every time an impression is created on our publishers sites, allowing our publishers to benefit from higher revenues and more relevant ads for their audience.

We work with several leading ad exchanges to provide the best possible solutions to our publishers so they can work on creating great content while we work on making them more money for their sites..

With over 2,000+ active publisher sites and over 1,500+ ad campaigns running through our network we look forward to welcoming you on-board soon.

Sign up today for a publisher account and Start Serving Ads TODAY!

Start Serving Quality Ads In Just Minutes….

  • Sign up
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  • Get Ad Code
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Discover More REVENUE, More CONTROL, &
On Time Payments With

So Why Join

  • 100% Ad coverage for all countries
  • Industry high CPM rates
  • Fast & Easy Sign Up
  • Get your website approved today.
  • Monitor earnings in real time
  • On time auto payments each month


Why MediaBlam?

We offer our publishers the ability to earn revenue from every single ad impression their site serves.

Some quick stats: Over 2,000 active publishers, Millions of ad impressions served daily, 1,000+ active ad campaigns.

We are connected to the ad industries largest and best ad exchanges to make sure our publishers are connected to top paying and well-known brands. This helps us to help you earn more from your advertising.

More Reasons to Join Us

  • 1. Global Ad Coverage – 100% Fill Rate

    We Align 100s of ad networks that complete for your ad position, meaning no impression will even go unsold. We Only sell your ad spot to top brand HIGH PAYING advertisers which ensure you get the maximum possible revenue for you sites traffic every time an ad is served on your site!

  • 2. Optimized Technology Stack

    Our state of the art algorithms technology detect the highest paying advertisers that match your sites traffic based on several factors such as country, gender, age and recent browsing interests to display targeted high paying ads to your users which increases your eCPM helping you to easily achieve your sites revenue goals.

  • 3. Low Traffic Requirements

    We understand that webmasters want to start earning money from their sites from day one, that is why we allow all sites from any country to join us. As long as your site is in English and fits our ad serving requirements then you will be accepted into our network. You can then start serving ads on approved sites from day one!

  • 4.Support & Optimization Is Key

    We work closely with all our publishers to make sure they have the best possible ads showing on their sites to increase revenues. We are always here to answer your questions and concerns 24/7 just drop us a message if you need any help or advice.

  • 5. Quality Advertisers

    We only serve ads from high paying quality advertisers to ensure adverts being served on your website meet all quality checks as well as industry standards. We automatically optimize each ad that is served on your site to help your site earn as much revenue as possible, because we stick to the best advertisers means we can demand more revenue for your traffic.

  • 6. Fast Setup

    Simply sign up, then add your site, get your ad code and start earning more revenue today! It really is that fast and easy with Adsbronco we take all the hassle out of ad serving and provide with instant ad codes for approved sites ready to install so you can start serving high quality top paying ads. Get going in as little as 5 minutes from now!

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