IObit apptoto Review 2108 – Best appointment reminder Software

IObit Apptoto can optimize your scheduling process, report on no-shows, and send automated appointment reminders. IObit Launch  Best appointment reminder Software IObit apptoto.


Top 5 Benefits of IObit Apptoto


1. Fewer No-Shows & Last-Minute Cancellations
2. Customizable Reminders Help Clients Plan Ahead
3. Automated Messaging Saves Time & Resources
4. Better Customer Service with Fewer Touchpoints



IObit Coupon 2018 | Get 30 % Flat OFF on all PRO


Iobit All product 


1.IObit malware fighter 6 pro

IObit Malware Fighter 6 PRO DOWNLOAD

IObit Malware Fighter 6 PRO (1 год / 1 ПК) – Русский




DOWNLOAD – Portuguese ONLY



DOWNLOAD – español* ONLY 

2.IObit Uninstaller 8


IObit Uninstaller 8 PRO DOWNLOAD



DOWNLOAD – Portuguese ONLY



DOWNLOAD – español* ONLY 


3.Advanced SystemCare 11 Pro


Advanced SystemCare 11 Pro Download



DOWNLOAD – Portuguese ONLY



DOWNLOAD – español* ONLY


4.Driver Booster 6 PRO


Driver Booster 6 PRO Download



DOWNLOAD – Portuguese ONLY



DOWNLOAD – español* ONLY

5.MacBooster 7


Download MacBooster 7 Standard

Download MacBooster 7 Premium

Download MacBooster 7 Lite


6.IObit Smart Defrag 6 pro





DOWNLOAD – Portuguese ONLY




7.IOTransfer 3


Download IOTransfer 3 PRO (Lifetime / 3 PCs)

IOTransfer 3 PRO (14 Months / 1 PC)

IOTransfer 3 PRO for Windows (1 Year/ 1 PC)


IObit provides consumers with innovative system utilities and security software for superior PC performance and security. With more than 100 awards and 250 million downloads worldwide, IObit is a recognized industry leader in PC optimization and security software

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A)  Top data recovery tools

B) Top Malware Software

C) Top Antivirus software

D) Top  Business & Finance software

E)  Top Professional multimedia tools.

f) Top backup Software

g) Top Forex trading software

H) Top video editing suite

I) Top language learning app

J) Top Web Form Builder

K) Top audio editing suite


A) Top data recovery tools



1.Genie – Upto 40 % off

Sr No software Value Coupon code
1 Genie Timeline Home 10 39.5 $ BTS70 Visit
2 Genie Timeline Home 10 – 2 Pack 59.5 $ BTS70 Visit
3 Genie Timeline Home 10 – 5 Pack 99.5 $ BTS70 Visit
4 Genie Timeline Pro 10 59.95 $ BTS70 Visit
5 Genie Timeline Pro 10 – 3 Pack 89.5 $ BTS70 Visit
6 Genie Timeline Pro 10 – 5 Pack 149.5 $ BTS70 Visit
7 Genie Timeline Server 10 250 $ BTS70 Visit
8 G Cloud app  23.88 $ GC50 Visit


2.Stellar Data Recovery

Sr No software Value Coupon code
1 Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery- Home 59.99 $ BTS2018 Visit
2 Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Tech 199 $ ED0D6FC874 Visit
3 Stellar Phoenix Window Backup Recovery 149 $ 77A0902DC7 Visit
4 Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional 99 $ 3BA2D3C8FF Visit
5 Premium Bundle Windows

(Video Repair+Photo Recovery+JPEG Repair)

99.99 $ 44971BAEB3 Visit
6 Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

Professional (Windows)

59.99 $ 04FC515C75 Visit


2.Others Data Recovery


Sr No software Value Coupon code Site
1 Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac 89.95 $ 4F85837865 Visit
2 Cisdem DataRecovery for Mac 49.99 $ BF7F894392 Visit
3 Wondershare Data Recovery 49.95 $ CF8D9B035D Visit
4 Cisdem DataRecovery 3 – Single License 49.99 $ 88AE7A21BE Visit
5 Aiseesoft Data Recovery 49.95 $ 29443824DA Visit
Easy Drive Data Recovery Personal License
59 $ 26932E1B3D Visit
7 Erelive Data Recovery for Mac 1 Year 29.99 $ 5B435BF773 Visit
8 Erelive Data Recovery for Windows 1 Year 29.99 $ 7CB2086678 Visit

Kernel Windows Data Recovery – Home License

49 D12E0BEFAD Visit
10 4Videosoft iOS Data Recovery for Mac 39 $ 0593A755BB Visit


B) Top Malware Software


1. IObit 


Sr No software VALUE Coupon code Site
1 IObit Malware Fighter 6 PRO/1 PC) 29.95 $ 36FD38412C Visit
2 IObit Malware Fighter 6 PRO/3 PC)   39.95 $ 963F1916A6 Visit
3 Smart Defrag 6 PRO/1 PC) 19.99 E6A6AAAB57 Visit
4 Smart Defrag 6 PRO/3 PC) 29.99 $ 7592158E3E Visit
5  Driver Booster 6 PRO/1 PC) 22.95 $ E366F2B625 Visit
6 Driver Booster 5 PRO/1 PC) 24.95 $ 0C7F1EF08A Visit
7 IOTransfer 3 PRO  (12 Months / 1 PC) 21.99 $ 5C5AB776AC Visit
8 IOTransfer 3 PRO (Lifetime / 3 PC) 29.95 $ BC44B0186D Visit
9 MacBooster 7 Lite (1 Mac) 39.95 $ 2C2F57A3A5 Visit
10 MacBooster 7 Standard (3 Macs)   59.95 $ D4E8E69F67 Visit


C) Top Antivirus software


1.Bitdefender – Upto 50 % off


Sr No software Value Coupon code Visit
1 Total Security 2019 89.99 $
2 Internet Security 2019 59.99 $ BTS2019AVANGATE Visit
3 Antivirus Plus 2019 39.99 $ BTS2019AVANGATE Visit
4 Family Pack 2019 89.99 $ BTS2019AVANGATE Visit
5 Antivirus for Mac 2019 89.99 $ BTS2019AVANGATE Visit



D) Top  Business & Finance software


1.Edraw Max – All-in-one diagram software for flowchart, org chart and more.


Sr No software Value Coupon code Site
1 Edraw Max Lifetime License 245.00 USD
0E7C0B616F Visit
2 Edraw Max Perpetual License 179.00 USD BFFDDFE3CC Visit


Edraw Max Subscription License

Edraw Max Renew + Upgrades

99.00 USD

69.00 USD





2. 123FormBuilder    –Build efficient online forms


Sr No software Value Coupon code Site
1 123FormBuilder Platinum Plan — yearly subscription $449.90 09F5B4DCA1 Visit
2 123FormBuilder Gold Plan — yearly subscription $249.90 826C0FEAD8 Visit
3 123FormBuilder Professional Plan — yearly subscription $849.90 5F5EEF1881 Visit


3.ESF Database Migration Toolkit – 


The software will automatically migrate all table structures, data, schemas(Oracle, SQL Server 2000 or higher, PostgreSQL), LOBs(Large Text/Binary Objects), primary/foreign keys, indexes, auto-increment(serial), comments and default values and more.


Sr No               software    Value Coupon code Site
1 ESF Database Migration Toolkit –Professional Edition

– Single User License

299 USD
3320A64A00 Visit
2 ESF Database Migration Toolkit –

Professional Edition – 2 Licenses Pack

508 USD 7C93A212DD Visit





ESF Database Migration Toolkit –

Professional Edition – 5 Licenses Pack


ESF Database Migration Toolkit –

Professional Edition – 10 Licenses Pack

972 USD




1749 USD













G. Top Forex trading software



Sr No software Value Coupon code Site
1 Forex Robotron Basic Package 299 $ 584707D3B3 Visit
2 Forex Robotron Standard Package 499 $ 618EB50BD8 Visit
3 Forex Robotron Premium Package 999 $ 52102C6A32 Visit
4 FXStabilizer EUR 265 $ 684451FC54 Visit
5 FXSecret Premium Plan 645 $ 0AC04277FF Visit
FXSecret Luxury Plan
975 $ 56C00311A9 Visit
7 WallStreet Forex Robot 2 Evolution 237 $ 41D372CBA8 Visit
8 WallStreet Forex Robot Full License 449 $ AF506B0A0C Visit

Forex Earth Robot all pair

199 $ E1CAB14937 Visit
10 Forex Trend Detector 187 $ EB1492A495 Visit
11 Forex Freedom System Robot 197 $ DFE00ED1D7 Visit
Forex Freedom System Manual
147 $ 80332AD2ED Visit
13 Drive Forex Metals 1 License 1000 $ 6443FAEC3C Visit
14 Volatility Factor EA + Forex Trend Detector 374 $ 2F55FFC453 Visit

Forex Diamond EA + Forex Trend Detector

374 $ F5F1E82F6B Visit
16 Riello Forex Expert Advisor 349 $ 65677A841A Visit

GSA search engine ranker Review with Discount 2018

GSA Search Engine Ranker you will never have to care about backlinks ever again. The software builds backlinks for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unlike other SEO tools, it doesn’t require a database of prescreened websites to leave backlinks. After your project is configured, GSA SER will automatically locates new websites for you, registers accounts and submit your content/links without any intervention on your end.


Sr No software  TRIAL Download
Coupon code Visit Site
1 GSA Search Engine Ranker Download B600B2ED2E Visit
2 GSA Captcha Breaker Download B9B42F113C Visit

GSA Proxy Scrape










GSA SER or GSA Search Engine ranker, you can now build quality and strong backlinks and have your site ranked on the first page of search results with no need to break the bank

Rank your Website


Everyone can improve their website ranking with our software. As long as you have the SEO strategy, we have the tool. Your mind and creativity is the only limit. Run as many projects simultaneously as you want and let GSA Search Engine Ranker handle the rest.


Review your Backlinks


Keep track of your created backlinks – create statistics, re-verify or update created links with fresh metrics. You can even have the software remove previously created links automatically (login, edit and remove posting).


Backlink Statistics

Review your backlink profile in diagrams and charts. Use these tools to keep track of your overall SEO strategy.


Define Your Project

Once you choose the platforms you want to place links on, you are able to fill in important data for your project such as anchor texts, keywords, descriptions and more. Once done, you are almost ready to start.


Project Options


Each project can be configured to meet your backlinking needs. From custom CAPTCHA service setup to the behavior of link placement, you have full control – always.


Project Filters

Choosing the right SEO strategy is very important and that’s why we included many quality filters that allow the software to leave backlinks on websites that are actually worth it. Filters allow you to define the countries where links can be placed, the language the site should have or what ranking it has to be in.



Article Content Manager


Content is king and you can define all of your content needs with the article manager. Choose the option to let the program search the web for articles or use other external tools like GSA Content Generator to generate the content for you.

Spinner Setup

Many spinning services are integrated (APIs required) as well as an included internal spinner which can be used to make your content more unique.

E-Mail Setup


Import ready-made emails and let the program create accounts with them, verify links and start posting. All you have to do is set up a new email and even that can be automated.



Top 10 video editing and creating Software in 2018

Sr No software Download Mac
Download Window Review & Discont
1 Wondershare Filmora Download Download Visit
2 Movavi Download Download Visit
3 CyberLink Download Download Visit
4 Corel VideoStudio Download Download Visit
5 Tipard Download Download Visit
6 WinXdvd Download Download Visit
7 Aiseesoft Download Download Visit
8 Aimersoft Download Download Visit
9 Stellar Phoenix Video Download Download Visit
10 Allavsoft


Download Visit



Video editing software enables users to edit and modify video files digitally. With video editing software, users can manipulate and arrange video files to create new works. Video editing software can also provide tools for video correction and effects, audio editing and effects, color correction, graphics, and more.


1.Wondershare Filmora



Usually only professionals have access to all the features and effects you can use every day with Filmora. Use the simple drag and drop interface to make editing a snap! Transform your video into a piece of art!

it is a very well structured and structured program with simple and quality functions, the best of all is that the program is very easy to use, we can edit a video and create another in twenty minutes and with an excellent professional finishit has what it takes to carry out professional quality projects and create very eye-catching videosThe light interface is ok but the flat style of the UI brings along other issues like no depth in the controls.




Movavi Video Editor, you can create spectacular videos, even if you don’t have any movie-making experience! Our video editing software has no complicated settings, just intuitive drag-and-drop controls.Stable software for recording any screen on the laptop or the server.

Can record my screen and then do editing in the same software package. You can crop video, do simple editing. You can record audio with different sample rate (up to 44100).

You can use video codec H264 for encoding recording video in real time. You can use Open GL acceleration for faster video encoding.You can do zoom in-out, you can apply slow motion.

There are about 80 simple different transitions between video clips. You can save some of your settings in the project file and then continue your work, and do less work when do same with another video.Do not have many tunes for video recordings in the settings. Software does not have batch options for applying to several files.






CyberLink PowerDirector is the best video editing software for 2018. It is packed with features and tools that allow you to create stunning videos and movies. So, you do not have to learn a lot about editing to use this software as the video editing software includes all the instructions you will need to use it.CyberLink is compatible with almost all types of audio and video file formats, and it provides you with tons of audio and video tracks for your projects. The software is easy to use. You won’t have to worry about learning the features. It assists you all the way.



Allows you to trim video clips quickly
You can add Audio files easily
Have the option to use still images
It has the tools to reduce shakiness of footages
You have the option of community supports of this software
It helps you create professional movies
It combines video & audio clips, effects, & transitions
What We Did not Like about CyberLink PowerDirector


The number of resources your PC has will determine how well the software performs


4.Corel VideoStudio


Corel is one of the world’s top software companies providing some of  the industry’s best-known graphics, productivity and digital media products. Boasting the most comprehensive portfolio of innovative software, we’ve built a reputation for delivering solutions that are easy to learn and use, helping people achieve new levels of creativity and productivity. The industry has responded with hundreds of awards for innovation, design and value.


Perfect for all skill levels, learn as you edit and create impressive videos right from the start.
Choose from 1,500+ filters and effects, enjoy multi-camera editing, play with speed
VideoStudio is widely recognized for being easy and packed with features.





Tipard Video Converter Ultimate offers one-stop solution for any media downloading and converting tasks. You can convert any DVD to MP4, DVD to FLV, DVD to MKV, DVD to MOV, DVD to AVI, DVD to WMV and more, convert any 4K Ultra videos (4K H.265/HEVC Video(*.mp4) /4K H.264 FLV Video (*.flv)) to 4K /1080p HD video and other your needed format like MTS, TS, MP4, AVI, MOV, M4V, WMV, MKV, FLV and more. It has the ability to download online videos like YouTube videos/music.


Add external subtitles to video
Support external audio track and multi-audio track
Rotate video and enhance the video quality
Download videos from YouTube and convert them to MP4/MP3
Convert any 4K Ultra HD video, 1080p HD, and SD video





WinX DVD Author can be used in five different ways, and should cover pretty much all of your DVD creation needs.
The program’s primary function is to take a selection of video files (of just one if you prefer) and transform them into a DVD, complete with a menu and subtitles if you like.The second tool is much the same, but rather than burning a DVD, you can instead create VOB files for burning at a later time.

If you choose this route, the third function – VOB compilation – is going to come in handy, as will, the fourth option of burning VOB files and DVD folders to disc.WinX DVD Ripper Platinum lists all titles that it found on the DVD in its interface and highlights the main title on top of that which, at least when it comes to commercial DVDs, holds the main movie or first episode of a TV show.Each title is listed with its playtime, aspect ratio, and audio and subtitle information. You can select one or multiple titles and modify a couple of settings right on the screen.






Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is the perfect companion, which is loved by over 100 million customers throughout the world. It offers you the greatest solutions to convert, download, enhance and edit videos and music in 1000 formats. It is very fast speed to convert my 5 video files over 1GB at the same time.



Very easy-to-use experience
Clean and simple layout
Supports all formats for iPad, iPad 2, new 3rd generation iPad, iPhone and Apple TV
Fast conversions
Supports various video formats
Free upgrade through all your life




Aimersoft video converter allows users to download, edit, convert and play video files on their hard drives or online. This video conversion software has a lot to offer and is one of the best programs. One of the major things that make Aimersoft video converter stand out is that it enables users to convert files to device type and the output formats are several. For instance, if you have an iPhone, you can convert video specifically for your phone.

It supports a variety of devices. Another factor that makes it the best video conversion and editing tool is its added unique features that allow the user to crop videos, add special effects and add subtitles.


Trim your video or extract your favorite scene;
Join multiple video or audio clips into one file;
Rotate vertically oriented video with a single click;
Add image watermarks or text watermarks into videos;
Load external subtitles to your movies
Change video visual effects, adjust brightness, saturation,


9.Stellar Phoenix Video


The Stellar Phoenix brand stands as one of the most reputable IT software brands today thanks to a broad range of data utilities designed to bail users out of tough situations. During this review, we’ll be looking at the company’s data recovery solution, called Data Recovery Pro for PC, and Mac Data Recovery for Mac OS.Stellar Phoenix Video Repair is the world’s best tool for repairing corrupt, broken or damaged MP4, MOV & other video file formats. Phoenix will fix videos that were corrupted during the shoot, when performing file transfer or while editing, converting or processing files.



Stellar Phoenix Video Repair provides the option of Preview of repaired videos before saving them to the location.
Fixes videos shot from phones, drones, digicams & DSLRs
Repairs severely corrupt videos using sample file




Allavsoft is dedicated to become the best and professional Video Downloader and Converter to download and convert all media files to any video or audio format on Mac or Windows.
With Allavsoft, you can download any online movie or music files from various media sharing websites like eHow and etc.With Allavsoft, you can download as well as convert any web video and audio files to any popular video or audio format.
With Allavsoft, you can even convert your local video file to any other video or audio format or convert amount audio formats.

Edraw Max Pro Coupon Codes 2018 – Reviews, Features, Pricing

Edraw Max pro is a multi-purpose illustration software program which I use in creating network diagrams , business presentations , fashion designs ,uml diagrams mind maps,Matrix scheme, workflows ,database flow and so much more, in a professional looking manner.

Edraw’s user interface as it is intuitive and easy to navigate around,it has also got a fast learning curve ,majorly due to the annotations on every symbol on this program ; making it easy for newcomers to the world of process mapping,to have a brief and quick grasp of the basic rules behind the art of mapping processes.



Edraw Max Pro Coupon Codes (All-in-one diagram software for flowchart, org chart and more.)


Sr No software Value Coupon code Site
1 Edraw Max Lifetime License 245.00 USD
0E7C0B616F Visit
2 Edraw Max Perpetual License 179.00 USD BFFDDFE3CC Visit


Edraw Max Subscription License

Edraw Max Renew + Upgrades

99.00 USD

69.00 USD






One Diagram Tool for All Purposes


1.Office Efficiency

I. Flowchart


Flowchart Maker is a cross-platform flowchart design program which is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux systems. It offers a drag-and-drop interface and a large variety of built-in symbols for flowchart, data flow diagram, BPMN and work flow diagram design. No matter you are a novice or a professional, you can deal with it at first sight and make marvelous flowcharts with only a few mouse clicks.


II.Organizational Chart


OrgCharting helps create professional-looking and data-interactive organizational charts. Easily facilitates strategic planning and workforce management.



III.Chart and Graph


Chart maker provides a super easy method to make column, bar, pie, line, area, scatter, spider and gauges charts. It contains built-in chart templates which can be easily edited through button clicking. Data import is also available. It makes data visualization extraordinarily easy and visually engaging.


IV.Mind Map

Edraw Mind Map software helps create presentation-looking mind maps on Mac, Windows and Linux. It lets you add shapes and lay out the whole diagram automatically, with no drawing skills needed. You will love its powerful drawing features, together with thousands of built-in clip arts which you can use to decorate your mind maps for free.

2.Project Management

I.Gantt Chart


Create a Gantt chart on Mac to manage activities and schedule tasks with our smart Gantt chart tool. Super user-friendly, it has been considered as a popular Gantt chart alternative to Microsoft Visio. Ready to publish to PDF/Word/PNG/SVG/Html to share with others.



Easy to create a professional-look timelines, history, schedules, timetables and PERT diagram. Edraw Max can be applied as an easy vector timeline software with rich examples and templates. It has the tools to make it easy to create a professional-looking timelines, history, schedules, timetables and PERT diagram. Free Timeline is simple yet very powerful – it allows entry of both events and time periods; it scales automatically; it color-codes collapsible timeline groups; it also supports links and images. It can export to PDF, PowerPoint, Word and Graphics.


MacBooster 7 Review & Discount 2018 | Clean Mac Malware and Speed Up Mac


MacBooster 7 is an easy to use application that contains the necessary tools for maintaining and speeding up your Mac. With just a few clicks you can scan your Mac, free up RAM space, find and fix security issues and remove unused files, resulting in an optimized and faster system.


MacBooster 7 Discount



Sr No software version Coupon code Site

MacBooster 7 Premium with

Advanced Network Care PRO

All 2B6529B875 Visit

MacBooster 7 Standard with

Advanced Network Care PRO

All 292DFCC124 Visit

MacBooster 7 Lite with

Advanced Network Care PRO

All 27E6F6BCA1 Visit

MacBooster 7 Premium (5 Macs)

All 53CA62B2F7 Visit


MacBooster 7 Standard (3 Macs)

MacBooster 7 Lite (1 Mac)

All D4E8E69F67





The App Uninstaller will help you get rid of any unwanted apps or leftover files, while the Duplicates and Large files cleaning feature will get rid of any unnecessary files, leaving you with more hard drive space.


Download MacBooster 7 Standard


Your one-stop Mac maintenance tool to clean up 20 types of junk files and remove Mac malware and virus to protect your Mac, Besides, MacBooster 7 also can optimize Mac hard disk, fix disk permission issues and clean Mac memory which will help boost your Mac to the peak performance.


Download MacBooster 7 Premium

Full Security Protection

keep your Mac away from all potential threat, like virus, spyware, malware, adware


Deep System Cleanup

Remove all kinds of junk files to free up more space for your Mac


Excellent Performance Boost

Drive your Mac to peak performance by fixing Mac disk permission issues


Five Star Service

Knowledgeable representatives available to help through free call and email response


Boost your Mac to peak performance

Mac gets slower and slower due to Mac disk issues. MacBooster 7 can optimize Mac hard disk and fix disk permission issues. Make sure your disk will always be the excellent status and boost your Mac to peak performance.


Remove Malware and Virus

With greatly expanded virus and malware database, MacBooster 7 is the best anti-malware to keep your Mac away from virus, phishing attacks, spyware, malware, and all kinds of online threats while feeling safe about your personal data.


Clean and Protect Your Privacy

The Internet is something of a security minefield which is easy to get in trouble. The enhanced protection will clear the malicious tracking data to better protect your privacy and password for all kinds of accounts, leaving no rooms for all threats.


Memory Clean to Speed Up Mac

Mac can slow down as more stuff is running in the system and the RAM is cluttering up. By using MacBooster 7 Memory Clean App, you can choose to close those apps taking up the memory and free up inactive memory for other tasks.




Wide range of functionality and instruments in one solution.
User-friendly and highly intuitive interface.
Powerful security settings and activity monitoring in real time.
High performance, speed, and reliability of service.
In-depth search and thorough cleaning of file duplicates.
User control over file removal.


Brief textual description of provided functionality.
Duplication of the built-in Mac OS optimization tools.
No free trial version at the moment.



Download MacBooster 7 Lite


HMA! Pro VPN Review: An easy-to-use internet privacy tool


HMA Pro (HMA is short for Hide My Ass) Advantages of VPN’s are predominantly used to remotely connect people to localized computer networks, the underlying security advantages in the form of encryption can be used to provide online security and privacy services. Consumers and businesses connect to HMA’s worldwide VPN servers to tunnel their internet connections through HMA’s servers to achieve increased security and privacy



Visit 1 Month HMA! Pro VPN 11 $


Visit 12 Month HMA! Pro VPN




If you’ve never used a VPN before the basic idea is that you route all your PC’s Internet traffic through a third-party server. This lets you spoof your real location with a virtual one, as well as secure your web browsing habits from prying eyes such as a nosy Internet service provider (ISP) or a hacker looking for victims on public Wi-Fi.


Main reason for use:


  • Internet security: Customers connect to the service to encrypt their internet connection; this encryption prevents hackers and network snoops from being able to intercept their sensitive internet traffic. This is commonly used for open Wi–Fi networks.


  • Censorship: Similar to a web proxy,  VPN’s are far more flexible compared to a web proxy as they tunnel the entire internet connection and not just your web browser traffic. As a result, there are never any rendering issues because there is no parsing of HMTL/JS, and all content will function as it should do (e.g. Flash). Speed will also be faster.


  • Anonymity and Privacy: In like manner to a web proxy, the VPN service is also a hit for customers who wish to gain a measure of anonymity on the internet and also protect their identity and privacy. However, unlike a web proxy, the VPN service affects all applications on your computer, not just your web browser. This, therefore, enables users to protect their entire internet connection and not just their web browser traffic.


  • Technical: HMA utilizes various VPN technologies such as OpenVPN (UDP/TCP), PPTP and L2TP/IPSec. Each VPN server has a set number of IP addresses; each time a customer connects to one of HMA’s VPN servers, they are assigned a sheared IP address. HMA does not NAT customer connections, meaning the total amount of simultaneous connections they can support is.



  • Simple, easy-to-use design
  • Connections focus on speed
  • One-click approach gets you online as quickly as possible


  • Fewer options for power users
  • Smartphone-like user interface doesn’t quite suit desktop computers
  • Certainly not the least-expensive VPN service available





Driver Booster 5 PRO Review & discount – Keep Your Device Drivers and Game


Driver Booster , from IObit, promises an easier solution with its most advanced driver update technology by acting as an all-in-one command center. All of your drivers are listed in the app’s interface, making it a super easy process to update drivers. Downloading and installing drivers with this driver updater is a cinch and often takes just minutes (or less).



Driver Booster 5 PRO Discount Coupon code


Sr No software version Coupon code Site
1 Driver Booster 5 PRO/1 PC) English 0C7F1EF08A Visit
2 Driver Booster 5 PRO/3 PC) English 9C88983F62 Visit
3 Driver Booster 5 PRO/3 PC) Spanish 5D953EEDBB Visit
4 Driver Booster 5 PRO/3 PC) Portuguese 992FEFC280 Visit
5 Driver Booster 5 PRO/3 PC) Italiano 8B81CBC8AB Visit
6 Driver Booster 5 PRO/3 PC) Deutsch 5000AD5279 Visit
7 Driver Booster 5 PRO/3 PC) Français 6BF35AE3DE Visit
8 Driver Booster 5 PRO/3PC) Nederlands 10345DFF34 Visit
9 Driver Booster 5 PRO/3PC) Russian 8943EBFADC Visit
10 Driver Booster 5 PRO/1PC)


CD96EE11CF Visit





Driver Booster 5 PRO Download

Features –

Less Device Errors & More Stable PC
Don’t know why your computer freezes or encounters Blue Screen of Death frequently? It is advisable to check your drivers, and let Driver Booster help you. It can identify driver problems automatically every time you launch it, and quickly update over 1,000,000 outdated, missing & incorrect PC drivers.



Driver Booster 5 PRO (1 YEAR, 3 PCs)- Exclusive Premium  Download



No Stuck but Faster Download Process

With an advanced driver compression algorithm, a driver package in Driver Booster would be at least 30% smaller than its original size, which can greatly reduce download time. Also Driver Booster allows downloading and installing drivers during system idle time.

Better Performance While Gaming

It’s quite annoyed when loading your game and it gets stuck at certain percentage. To let users enjoy smooth and fast game experience, Driver Booster not only helps improve graphics & audio quality with related PC drivers, but also can detect & update various game components with just one-click.

Double Insurance for a Safer PC

To ensure the safety of users’ computer, Driver Booster only provides qualified WHQL drivers. Also to make a double insurance, Driver Booster can automatically backs up a previous copy and create a system restore point before updating.




DOWNLOAD – Portuguese ONLY



DOWNLOAD – español* ONLY



Driver Booster Pros & Cons

As you can probably already tell by the size of the Pro section below, there’s little not to like about Driver Booster:



  • Automatically scan & identify outdated, missing & faulty drivers
    Larger database to update more outdated & rare drivers
    Priority to update game components for better gaming
    Installs quickly
    Lists updated drivers as well as outdated ones
    Supports batch driver downloads and installs
    Can automatically create a restore point before a driver is updated
    Able to ignore a device so no updates are shown
    Includes an option to remove installation data after an update so the hard drive can remain free of clutter
    Can automatically scan for new updates on a daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis
    Option to only show drivers that pass WHQL testing
    Downloads are performed from directly inside the program and not through a browser
    No limit on the number of drivers that can be downloaded and updated
    Can uninstall and roll back drivers



  • Must have an internet connection even to properly scan for driver updates



IObit Coupon 2018 | Get 30 % Flat  OFF on all PRO

IOTransfer 3 Review & discount 2018 – Ultimate iPhone Manager and Video Downloader

IOTransfer 3 breaks the boundary of transferring data between iPhone and PCs, and gives users a better experience to access their devices at ease. It’s a great program for iPhone, iPad or iPad owners to completely handle their devices and iOS contents.

IOTransfer 3 PRO Coupon code


Sr No software version Coupon code Site
1 IOTransfer 3 PRO 3 PRO (14 Months / 1 PC) All 0ADA620027 Visit
2 IOTransfer 3 PRO 3 PRO (12 Months / 1 PC) All 5C5AB776AC Visit
3 IOTransfer 3 PRO 3 PRO (Lifetime / 3 PC) All BC44B0186D Visit


Download IOTransfer 3 PRO (Lifetime / 3 PCs)

IOTransfer 3 PRO (14 Months / 1 PC)

IOTransfer 3 PRO for Windows (1 Year/ 1 PC)


IOTransfer 3 is the latest program from IOTransfer Studio that allows users shift their files around from various devices to keep everything available, whether you are using an iPhone, an iPad or a personal computer.

Overall, this is a great program for iPhone, iPad or iPod owners who are looking for an easier way to transfer data between their devices and Windows computers. It is very easy to use and features a minimalistic, intuitive interface.



  • Transfer iOS Files within Only 1 Click.
  • Download Online Videos from More than 20 Mainstream sites.
  • Over 20 formats are supported for Conversion
  • Transfer iOS data over Wi-Fi.
  • Clear iPhone cache, cookies, and junk files.



Free Online Video Downloading


Look up your favorite videos on popular online services like YouTube, freely download them with IOTransfer 3 VideoDownload function. Directly save videos and movies to iPhone And iPad and enjoy them wherever you go.

Easy Video Converter

IOTransfer video converter ensures the easiest way to convert videos to other audio or video formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, MP3 and more. Simply and rapidly convert and transfer videos to your iPhone, iPad, iPod and PC. Enjoy videos in the highest quality.

AirTrans – Wireless Transfer

This time, you can completely get rid of USB cable and iTunes. IOTransfer AirTrans allows you to wirelessly transfer music, photos, videos and etc. between iPhone, iPad and computer via WiFi. Easily and safely manage, backup and bulk-delete files in local WiFi network.

Easy & Safe Clean

Are you always running out of space on your iPhone and iPad? IOTransfer 3 quickly scan your iPhone or iPad to remove useless files from your device to free up more space and memory.


IOTransfer 3 PRO for Windows


The control is that you can do everything that comes to mind, including viewing data such as pictures, audio and video clips, as well as the possibility of cleaning your iPhone or iPad through the program.


How to control the iPhone through Windows by IOTransfer 3

In addition to the data transfer feature, you can transfer files from iPhone to computer and also transfer files from computer to iPhone very quickly and easily.

How to control the iPhone through Windows by IOTransfer 3

A feature of IOTransfer 3 is that it allows you to download videos from social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Twitter, Ingest, and more.




Download IOTransfer 3 PRO (Lifetime / 3 PCs)

IOTransfer 3 PRO (14 Months / 1 PC)

IOTransfer 3 PRO for Windows (1 Year/ 1 PC)



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Top 5 Database tool for development Software in 2018

Software development is the process of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components.

Here You can Find Top 10 Databases & Networks for development Software


1.Jet Profiler for MySQL



Jet Profiler for MySQL is real-time query performance and diagnostics tool for the MySQL database server. Its detailed query information, graphical interface and ease of use makes this a great tool for finding performance bottlenecks in your MySQL databases.




jet profiler the great tool to pinpoint performance problems in my SQL databases let them having problems with the slow database.


Query, table and user performance

Jet Profiler focuses on queries, tables and users. This gives you the information you need in order to quickly fix performance problems in your code, such as most frequent queries, most used tables or the busiest users.

Graphical visualisation

Data is collected, analyzed and displayed in real-time in diagrams, pie charts and tables. The graphical layout allows you to easily drill down and navigate your way through the vital data.

Low overhead

Most of the profiling work is done in the Jet Profiler application, not in the database server. Therefore, the performance hit is normally negligible, around 1%.

User friendly

It supports all MySQL versions. No database server changes are necessary. No agents or separate services are needed. Jet Profiler is a desktop application which runs on your computer. You start it, connect to a server, hit the record button and you can review the results in minutes. Jet Profiler runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.





Powerful, yet easy-to-use, DbSchema helps you design, document and manage databases without having to be a SQL pro. Easily design new tables, generate HTML5 documentation, explore and edit the database data, compare and synchronize the schema over multiple databases, edit and execute SQL, generate random data.




Key Features


Edit tables and columns directly in the diagram. For a better understanding of the schema create multiple layouts (diagrams), with the same or different tables. The layouts will be saved to project file.


Relational Data Browse

Visual data explorer and editor, the tool offers simultaneous views of the data from multiple tables bind by foreign keys or virtual foreign keys. The number of explored tables is unlimited. Data can be edited directly here, filters and sorting can be applied. The editor will be saved to project file and can be reopen.


HTML 5 Documentation

Export the diagram as interactive HTML5 vector image. Moving the mouse over columns and tables in the web browser may read the schema comments. The generated files have a small size and can be open using any browser


Forms & Reports Designer

Create applications or reports which can be executed as JavaFx or Web HTML. The applications may include buttons, input fields and charts. Scripting logic and multiple master-details can be used.


Diagrams for MongoDB

DbSchema ‘discovers’ MongoDb structure by reading random documents. The structure is shown as diagrams. DbSchema included tools for MongoDb: Visual query builder, Query editor, Relational data browse, Random data generator and Data loader.


Random Data Generator

For test purposes you may need to generate random data. Reverse regular expressions, lists and many other configurable generators can be used.





3.ESF Database Migration Toolkit


ESF Database software dramatically cuts the effort, cost, and risk of migrating to/from any of the following database formats: Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, IBM Informix, InterSystems Caché, Teradata, Visual Foxpro, SQLite, FireBird, InterBase, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Paradox, Lotus, dBase, CSV/Text and transfer any ODBC DSN data source to them.




The software will automatically migrate all table structures, data, schemas(Oracle, SQL Server 2000 or higher, PostgreSQL), LOBs(Large Text/Binary Objects), primary/foreign keys, indexes, auto-increment(serial), comments and default values and more.





DbFace is an efficient web development environment that helps you to create chart reports & dashboards applications via web. With the straightforward interface,you do not need to write PHP, HTML, CSS or other frontend/backend code to generate full featured query applications, operation applications, and extensive report dashboard applications.




SQL databases web frontend


DbFace might be the fastest way to build your SQL database frontend, you do not need coding PHP or any front-end HTML, CSS, just follow the robust application builder way to create full features database applications.


All-In-One Data Visualization Software

Tabular report, Pivot tables, Summary Report, Line Chart, Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Column Chart, Number Report, Treemap, Word cloud, Dashboard .

Online Charts & Reports Builder

Build visual charts & reports have never been easier, better looking and simpler.No programming required, Drag & Drop + Scripting, for users and SQL developers.

DIY App Builder

Not only static charts & reports. You can also build applications that accept user’s input. DbFace can do anything that SQL do.




5.Mysql Database Dump


The mysqldump client utility performs logical backups, producing a set of SQL statements that can be executed to reproduce the original database object definitions and table data. It dumps one or more MySQL databases for backup or transfer to another SQL server. The mysqldump command can also generate output in CSV, other delimited text, or XML format.



Performance and Scalability Considerations

mysqldump advantages include the convenience and flexibility of viewing or even editing the output before restoring. You can clone databases for development and DBA work, or produce slight variations of an existing database for testing. It is not intended as a fast or scalable solution for backing up substantial amounts of data. With large data sizes, even if the backup step takes a reasonable time, restoring the data can be very slow because replaying the SQL statements involves disk I/O for insertion, index creation, and so on.

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