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Long Tail Pro (LTP) is THE keyword research tool of choice for many online business and niche site guys, myself included.

LTP was developed by Spencer Haws and his team to solve a need in the marketplace for people looking to find long tail keywords with low competition.

With keyword research being the number one thing you must perform if you want to make some serious money online with niche sites and various other online businesses, using Long Tail Pro can cut down the amount of time and effort required finding these diamonds in the rough, by literally finding them for you.

 How does it work?

LTP takes the Google Keyword Tool data and presents it in a slick, easy to use interface. What’s more, the software removed the need to assess the competition manually by calculating the competition of keywords in the Search Engines. This feature alone has saved me 100’s of hours trawling the Google search results looking at competing websites.

Long Tail Pro (LTP) is my tool of choice when it comes to finding those money making keywords to build niche sites around. I have used the software to help find keywords to for my niche site that earns over $1,000 per month.

Who Is Long Tail Pro for?

  • Anyone who is struggling with keyword research and needs.
  • If you have limited time, then this software can boost you ahead to where you are ready to start making money.
  • Newbies and Pros alike, anyone can use this tool and benefit from it.
  • Market Samurai affectionados that want a quicker tool, with a modern interface.

Ask any SEO expert how he/she is making money.

Ask any niche blogging expert how he/she is making money.

You might get exactly same answers from all of them, “I am good in keyword research.”

Before proceeding further give me answer of two simple questions.

Would you love to write for next 6 months without targeting the audience?

Would you love to write article on topics which no one is searching on Google?

I did this for first year.

Yes.. I did.

Many newbie bloggers ping me daily, asking same question repetitively, “I am not able to drive traffic from search engines on my blog.”

In 100% of the cases I give them link of this article on keyword research. In that article I have explained very basic steps which you can perform to find profitable keywords (which people are searching on Google) to drive tons of visitors on your blog.

I consider this as a science.

Because finding easy to rank high search volume using Google keyword planner is itself a great quality.

Let’s clear one doubt first..

Many newbie bloggers always go to Google keyword planner and find keyword showing LOW COMPETITION.

Like this this screenshot.


This competition has no relation with the toughness of keyword to rank in Google.

This is the competition for the advertisers… i.e if you want to place you ads in Google for this particular keyword then you will have to see this much competition to occupy the first place in Google ads.


In this case, top advertiser paid more money as compared to both the advertisers, so he is on the first position in Google now.

Note: This is the screenshot of paid ads.

So that high, low, medium competition has no relation with your keyword when you are targeting them as a publisher.

So next time make sure that you are not doing this mistake.

So what Long Tail Pro 3 can do here?

I have already written one article where I shared my tactics to do keyword research, a method which as a newbie you can apply to find easy to rank keywords.

I know how hard it is to find keywords which can really make money and bring a lot of traffic on blog. As a newbie we all start our journey by writing any article, soon we learn the tactics and start choosing keywords for our headline very carefully.

But finding keywords which people are searching (having very less competition) is really a pain in the ass.

So I thought about giving Long Tail Pro a try.

In Long Tail Pro 3.0 Review, I am going to share how LTP is helping me to find keywords and how I am able to find keywords having $100+ CPC.


How to start with Long Tail Pro?

Step 1: Make your campaign

You can make unlimited campaigns using Long Tail Pro 3.0. ?

Click on + button and it will ask for the campaign name.

In campaign you can decide the country for which you want to perform the keyword research.


Step 2: Add your keywords.


You can add 10 keywords at a time to check the competition.

Step 3: Click on generate keywords.

Isn’t this very simple?

It will start fetching the keyword and you will be able to see the CPC and number of searches in the window.

You will see the results like this.


You can sort the results as per CPC of number of searches.

Here comes the real game. ?

By clicking on any keyword I can see more details which is the most important reason to use Long Tail Pro.

When you will click on the keyword it is going to ask for the Moz API key which you can get here.

At the back-end it is going to use Moz for the calculation so you can simply integrate the API key and do all the calculation here in the software itself.


Here it’s going to compare your keyword with top 10 competitors and calculate the keyword competitiveness according to that.

It will check:

  1. If the main keyword is in the title.
  2. Page rank of that URL.
  3. Moz rank of that URL.
  4. Domain age.
  5. Domain authority.
  6. Page authority
  7. Juice page link

and other important factors which helps in ranking.

I always select the keywords having keyword competitiveness less than 40. So the keyword I shown above the perfectly targeted keyword.

You can use Filters while searching.


I always prefer to use this feature.

Using filters you can check keywords having the number of words which you specify in the software.

I always keep it 3 to 7 for finding easy to rank long tail keywords. ?

You can use favorite feature

if you find any good keyword which is very easy to rank then you can favorite that keyword for the future use.

I have few keyword which I am looking forward to work on.


Here are few $100+ CPC keyword I found using this software.

$1= 60 INR


See keyword competitiveness is just 22, 24 and 36 for those keywords.

So this software is going to show you goldmine of keywords. ?

How much does this software costs?

You will have to pay $97/lifetime $27 for getting the basic features + $27/month for getting advanced features.

$70 Discount will be automatically applied.

Note: In basic version you cannot check the keyword competitiveness.

But for Blogging Cage readers I have arranged special discount which is going to cost you $27 only.


Special Note: This is going to become one of the best investment in your online career.

You can mail me at if you face any issue while using this software.


Long Tail Pro
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