It seems Google is once again experimenting with a card-based SERP for desktop, where each result is placed in its own separated box like you would normally see on a mobile search.

This is the search for an album review I recently published.


These cards appear all the way down the page


Assuming this may just be a one-off, or specific to ‘reviews’, I then searched for my very favourite query


All the results are ‘carded’ once again, with News results given their own specific area.

I also tried a local search for ‘london steak restaurants’


Not only are the results in card-form, but Google is showing a local three-pack here, rather than the two-pack its been experimenting with recently.

There are a few interesting things to note in this experiment.

  • The number of results (11 plus News results) on the new layout is exactly the same as the ’standard’ layout.
  • The snippet width is significantly longer on the card-based SERP. There are roughly 20 extra characters here than on the standard width.
  • On mobile there’s grey shading between the cards to add further delineation, this is missing on the desktop version.
  • After a flurry of searches, I am no longer being served the new look SERP


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