Find the reason of increasing indexed pages in Google search console

1. Geographic Targeting highlight

Google. Sadly this will likewise bring down your rankings on the other Google Country variants. So this implies you may have the capacity to support your rankings on Google yet you can really hurt your outcomes on Google and Google.

So don’t utilize this element unless your site targets just on individuals from a particular nation.

2. Sitemap Submission

Google permits you to submit through the Console a rundown of sitemaps and this will accelerate radically the indexing of your site. Despite the fact that this is an extraordinary element for the majority of the website admins, in few cases it can bring about two noteworthy issues.

The main issue is that occasionally the XML sitemaps show up on Search Results, so in the event that you don’t need your rivals to have the capacity to see them ensure you gzip them and present the .gz form on Google. Additionally clearly you shouldn’t name the documents “sitemap.xml” or add their URLs on your robots.txt record.

3. Setting the Crawl Rate

Google gives you the capacity to setup how quick or moderate you need Googlebot to creep your site. This won’t just influence the creep rate additionally the quantity of pages that get ordered each day. On the off chance that you conclude that you need to change the default setting and set a custom slither rate recall that a high creep rate can expend the majority of the data transfer capacity of your server and make a huge burden on it while a low slither rate will decrease the freshness and the quantity of crept pages.

4. Crawler Access

On the Crawler Access Tab, Google gives you the chance to see which parts of your site are permitted to be slithered by Google. Likewise it gives you the chance to Generate a robots.txt record and demand a URL Removal. These elements are intense devices in the hands of experienced clients, by and by a misconfiguration can prompt cataclysmic results influencing vigorously the SEO battle of the site. Along these lines it is profoundly prescribed not to piece any parts of your site unless you have a justifiable reason purpose behind doing it and you know precisely what you are doing.

5. Parameter taking care of

In the wake of creeping both your Website and the outside connections that indicate your pages, Google presents to you the most mainstream URL parameters that are gone to your pages. In the Parameter Handling console Google permits you to choose whether a specific parameter ought to be “Overlooked”, “Not Ignored” or “Let Google choose”.

This is the reason it is exceedingly prescribed to give Google a chance to choose how to handle every parameter, unless you are totally certain what a specific param is about and whether it ought to be evacuated or kept up. To wrap things up, I advise you this console is not the right approach to manage copy content. It is very prescribed to work with your inside connection structure, utilize 301s and Canonical URLs before attempting to disregard or piece specific parameters.

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