Since 2009, we here at nRelate have been recommending content to readers across the web. To date, we have provided billions of recommendations across more than 100,000 sites. With a scrappy and passionate team, we’ve built a platform that reaches more than 500 million people monthly.

We have built a valuable service, but the time has come to shift how we use what we have built. With our support, nRelate’s parent company, IAC, has decided the best way forward for us is not to continue to compete in the marketplace, but instead focus our efforts within IAC’s reference-style content properties. By the end of this year, we will discontinue the nRelate business and apply nRelate’s assets to IAC’s reference content portfolio to provide engaging content recommendation experiences for the millions of readers who visit these websites. Simply put, nRelate, the entity that provides recommendations to sites across the web, will no longer be a stand-alone business. Instead, our parent company has proactively opted to internalize our assets for competitive advantage, with the belief this strategy ultimately represents a bigger opportunity than our current path – a difficult decision, but one that makes a lot of sense, and one we both agree with.

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There are way too many people to thank, but we do want to give special recognition to the following: the publishers and advertisers who have been loyal customers and partners. We want to thank you all for being non-conformists. We understand that there are many options available in the content recommendation space, and appreciate you using and valuing our product. We regret that we won’t be able to support you any longer.

Additionally, we want to thank IAC for giving us the opportunity to grow, as well as our core team and the many contributors from, Ask Partner Network and the broader IAC family. You have supported us, kept us in check, worked until sunrise many a night/morning. You have made us better leaders. Together, we have built software of real value and you should be proud of that. We all made something special here and for that we will always be grateful and proud.

Now that we are shifting into solely being consumers of content as opposed to providers of content recommendations going forward, we hope to see the marketplace focus less on short-term revenues and more on providing a better reader experience. Ideally, companies in the space will aspire to what we tried to accomplish here at nRelate: more transparency to both publishers and readers about the ads that support the business. In the end, we wish for better quality content recommendations across the web, and for this space to be one we all can feel good to have been a part of.

First, let us look at an example where the popular posts are displayed in the top of posts.


Displaying popular content on top of post

You can easily change the presentation and move the popular posts to the bottom of the page.


Displaying popular content Polaroid style at the bottom of the post

Now, let us discover the awesome features of this plugin. Like all nRelate plugins, Most Popular comes with an nRelate dashboard and its own settings page.


nRelate Most Popular Settings Area

It also includes Layout Settings for configuring general display settings of the plugin like default display location and style.


Layout Settings

In the Thumbnails Gallery, you can choose a preset design for your display or even create one of your own. You can also get the StyleSheet for each design and manually insert it into your CSS code or post.


Thumbnails Gallery with Sample Style Settings

nRelate Most Popular plugin is a highly customizable plugin that analyzes and highlights your popular content in a natural yet unobtrusive way for easy discovery. It doesn’t take too much attention away from the posts but it only takes enough fraction of that attention in order to signal to the reader about other content that are worthy of their notice. The designs of the display are in image or text or a combination of both so you can have one or the other option in choosing a display.  What I also love about this plugin is its preview feature which lets you take a peek at the unfinished design before you save the changes. Shortcodes again make customization easy so it’s a convenient plugin to place anywhere in a page or post. All in all, a good plugin for easy display of popular content.


Most Popular Posts

The nRelate Most Popular plugin adds a widget, which uses viewing stats to display most popular posts over a specific time period. I’ve chosen to use this to display 4 of the most popular posts from the last week, displayed on the sidebar. You also add this to the end of posts in addition to related content. The options page is similar to Related Content, so you should have no problem figuring it out.

If you have problems getting the automatic widgets to work, PHP functions are provided to manually add to your template files – I applaud the developers for including this!

How To Install Nrelate Plugin On WordPress

It’s really easy to install this related content plugin on a WordPress blog. Here’s a step by step procedure on how to install Nrelate content plugin on WordPress.

Step 1: Go to your plugins section in your WordPress Admin panel and Click Add New. Make search for Nrelate plugin and the very first result will be Nrelate Related Content Plugin.

Step 2: Install it and activate it in to your plugins directory.

Step 3: Access the Nrelate plugin settings section from WordPress left menu section towards bottom. Here is a screenshot showing Nrelate plugin settings section.

Nrelate Plugin Related Content Settings Option

Step 4: From this page, you can decide how to show up related content section on your blog using Nrelate plugin. You can make decisions like you want to show thumbnails in related content section or not, thumbnail size you want to use and the maximum number of posts you want to show in the related content section on your blog etc.

Once you are finished with the adjustments you want to make into Nrelate plugin settings, just relax and let Nrelate analyse your blog contents. This plugin will start delivering related contents on your blog within 2 hours after installation.

You can download the latest version of the Nrelate plugin from Wordpress plugins directory if you are interested in uploading this plugin via a FTP client on your blog.

Nrelate Plugin Features List

Nrelate related content WordPress plugin has too many features that most WordPress lovers like; Here are few notable features of this plugin.

  • The biggest benefit I see of this related content plugin is that it makes our related post section much more impressive and should result in better engagement metrics on our blogs.
  • As discussed above, your blog performance will not degrade after using Nrelate plugin. You should even experience faster loading blog if you are moving from YARPP plugin.
  • With the help of the [Nrelate-related] shortcode, you can show related content anywhere in our blog posts and can even customize it to great extent like showing it in left, right and its width etc.
  • You can even make money showing advertisements in the related content section on your blog by joining here.
  • Nrelate Related content plugin not only works on English language website but also supports Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish languages.
  • Thumbnails or text, you decide which way you want to show your related posts under each post. That’s so easy to do using Nrelate related content plugin.
  • You can also show ads on your websites using this plugin. Your ads will be shown similar to the content that is shown at the end of your posts so that you can earn some extra money with your website traffic.
  • Nrelate related content plugin does’t slow down your website speed as all of the processing and analyzing runs on their servers, so there will be no burden at your end.

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