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When it comes to making money online, every blogger wants it to be maximum. Along with the standard Adsense Ad units, bloggers now use Native Advertising as options of multiplying the blog revenue by 3-4 times.

With this article, we shall be reviewing the Native Advertising Network Content.Ad.

Content.Ad Review – Native Ads Network


Content.Ad will deliver ads in the form of sponsored posts. They are shown below your articles. They are just like related posts, but from around the web. When it comes to native advertising, there are branded names like Taboola and Outbrain available. But since, they are only available for premium publishers, users look for alternatives. Taboola and outbrain have a minimum requirement of 1 million impressions per day.

But unlike these, Content.Ad does not evealuate websites on the basis of traffic. It just evaluates your content. It’s uniqueness, niche and layout. According to them, top websites on internet use Content.Ad. Their top publishers includes the likes of abc News, Reuters, photobucket, Reader’s digest, 123 greetings, Little things.


Content.Ad review team manually evaluates your website for becoming publisher. Generally the review process takes about 2 days. They will check your website for its content, niche layout, and geographical audience. They however, accept most of the websites.


Content.Ad team generally pays its advertisers on monthly basis. The minimum threshold is $50. Payments are made are processed at the 30th or 31st of next month. That means your June earnings will be in your bank account by 30th or 31st July. Attached below is the screenshot of the payments we received for our blog at GraspTheInFo.

Conent.Ad Payment Proof

Payment methods available includes

  • Local Bank Transfer
  • Check
  • Wire Transfer
  • PayPal

Widget Report

We tested the ads on our blog GraspTheInFo that receives about 1 lakh monthly visits. We have attached the performance of the Widget below.

Content.Ad Widget Report

The normal cost per click for this network was $0.01, which is Ok and comparable to the likes of Taboola and Outbrain. The average eCPM was around $0.25.

Note that though the CPC on the network is less as compared to adsense, yet the CTR is really good. Therefore we were able to double our blog income by using this native advertising platform. Other networks like Tabool, RevContent, and Outbrain offers similar CPC and eCPM.

Types of Ads

Content.Ad allows you to choose between four ratings, G, PG, PG-13 and R Content. PG-13 is the default option. However you may change the default settings and use any as per your choice. The Screenshots below show the nature of these ads.

Content Ad review

Content Ad review

Note that R rating produces best results. And changing the rating to PG- 13, PG, or G may impact your Earnings.

No. of Widgets Allowed

You are free to add any number of widgets as per your choice. The Best working widgets include After Article, In the Sidebar, Mobile Popups and Departure Page.

Mobile Popups and Departure Page Widgets are the best performers and provide eCPM’s of up to $10.

Page Speed

Many people often complain that the page speed is affected because of Ads. But, Content.Ad Ad code is asynchronous. That is it will load without slowing down your page or website.


  • Easily Approved
  • Monthly Payments
  • Multiple Widgets are allowed
  • eCPM is good


  • Ads look a bit awkward
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