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Introduction to Outbrain

These days you often hear the phrase “content is king” however this soundbite leaves out the rest of the equation. Content is king because good content increases your chances of generating high-volume traffic. We all need traffic because in the economic system of Internet, traffic can be monetized. Either directly by advertising or converting visitors into paying clients. The question is then how do you get traffic to your content. Basically you have two choices; you can pay for it or use “free” methods to drive it to your site, i.e. promoting your content using social media.

When I was approached by Outbrain a traffic sourcing service I decided to give them a go to see how it compared with my usual “free methods” in terms of result and ease of use.

How does Outbrain work?

Outbrain provides two innovative tools to help engage your website visitors and amplify your reach. The article recommendations on the website which appear below each blog post are part of the Outbrain Engage service. Outbrain Engage works on the basis that people who are reading articles are already in “content consumption” mode and therefore are ripe for suggestions about other targeted articles to read that reflect their interests. Therefore, by presenting visitors with options that match their interests they become more willing to engage and will stay longer on your website.

Outbrain Engage uses a complex series of algorithms to understand your audiences browsing habits. Consequently, Outbrain is able to recommend personalized links based on each individual’s content preference. Outbrain Engage works via a simple to install widget that integrates seamlessly with the look and feel of your website and generates the thumbnail link for each recommended article that you can see below posts on

The other service offered by Outbrain is called Amplify and this does what it says, i.e. it amplifies your reach by display your content on leading, high trafficked site across the web, such as CNN, Fox News and Mashable. Outbrain has over 4 billion page views and over 70,000 publisher sites. It is the only marketing tool designed to draw readers from one piece of content to another; aka yours. You decide which articles you wish to promote; there is also the option to use an RSS feed so that new articles are automatically included.

As a paid source of traffic to your website, Outbrain Amplify works best for people with both good quality articles and a large amount of content. Outbrain uses a Cost Per Click system to determine the prominence and reach of your content across their network of publishers. You have complete control over your budget because you decide how much you are willing to pay for people to view your content by setting a CPC and a daily budget. You can start as low as 10 cents per click; although Outbrain recommends starting at around 15 cents and then lowering it over time once your content becomes more popular. This ensures that you get more click for your daily budget whilst maintaining your reach so that you get the best ROI.

If you can’t quite get to grips with how this works – it took me a while to understand it; Outbrain provide a personal account manager to support you. Outbrain is an extremely friendly customer focussed company. I’ve found their support to be amazing. Natalie Chan who has been working with us; has been very hands on and proactive in terms of helping identify the sorts of content that would work well on major sites and lowering our CPC.


The Outbrain dashboard provides a number of different analytics to assess your campaign e.g. to gauge how users are interacting with the content on your site via the widget and if you’re using the Amplify option; where your content is being displayed and what are your most popular articles.

This is the screen capture of our dashboard for the month to date (August/Sept 2012). “Impressions” are the number of times your content is displayed on the Outbrain network and “clicks” are how many people have clicked the link to view the content.

Outbrain Stats for Socialable August/September 2016

Our verdict:

Outbrain is easy to use. Once it is set up there is very little management required. Using the RSS feeds means that your content is automatically updated and you can then check how well it is doing and which titles have the best responses so you can adapt. It is great to see your content on really major sites. For example we have regularly been featured on Mashable. Guest blogging on Mashable has long been an ambition of mine; the information provided by Outbrain is a way of demonstrating to publishers that your content will be of interest to their readers.

Our analytics show a marked increase in both the number of visitors to our site and the time spent on the site.   We’ve used the Engage widget to reference our content. Whilst it is possible to use a plugin to show readers other posts; the beauty of the Engage widget is that by basing the suggestions on the visitors interest (assessed using their browsing behaviour data rather than topic related suggestions) the reader is more likely to click on another article. This is been borne out by our analytics.

Overall Outbrain provides a cost effective method of generating traffic that complements our other strategies. Therefore, if you regularly produce fresh, good quality content, Outbrain is definitely worth considering as a method to generate additional traffic to your website.  You can visit their website by clicking here.

Outbrain Use Cases and Deployment Scope

We use Outbrain for content amplification. Outbrain is used by our search team to increase traffic to website blogs.


  • Outbrain is on a CPC model, so they are great if you want people to visit your article rather than just see an ad.
  • Outbrain is good at helping create article titles for advertising purposes.


  • The Outbrain platform was not user friendly in my opinion.
  • Reporting was difficult. Many of the reports I needed, needed to be pulled by a rep.


We have shown that Outbrain increases traffic to the website and in turn can increase conversions.
Outbrain’s reporting is not as robust as Taboola‘s. I have also seen better conversion results through Taboola. Though I believe it depends on the vertical you are advertising for.
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