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taboola discovery

In past few years Taboola becomes a big Ad company with thousands of premium publishers around Globe, Taboola is basically PPC ad network which pays publishers when anyone click on their Ads, Taboola serve native ads below content & in sidebar of content based websites.

taboola ads

As Taboola get fame very soon, publishers want to know more about Taboola ad network so they also start working with them, here is our review of Taboola which will tell you each and everything about this company.

Taboola Account Approval

At this time Taboola is only working with large publishers having more than 5Lac Pageviews/Month, which means small publisher can not join them, you can contact them to know more about approval and signup process through contact form at their website.

Taboola only approves content based sites, other types of sites can also not join this network.


Taboola Ads

You can create ad widgets in account section if you account got approval, four type of ad formats are supported by Taboola which are:

  1. Related Content widget
  2. In Content Ad
  3. Link Widget
  4. Sidebar widget

Taboola ads on site

You can customise the look & feel of ads from colours to layout, number of ad links and title of your widget from already present templates.

Ads are served through JavaScript code. You can also block specific ads from showing on your site.

Update: Taboola do not provide customization for most of the accounts, they will create Ad unit themselves for your site and will send you code in email.


Performance Reporting

Taboola do not have good reporting system, analytics are once updated every 24 hours which make it harder for publisher to do A/B testing. But rest of things are okay, you can see CTR and number of ad clicks by Time in reports section.


Taboola is good alternative to AdSense but it doesn’t mean that it can beat AdSense, these native ad networks got fame just because of their high CTR, you can get maximum of 0.15 $/click which is still more than other Adsense alternatives. You can get maximum CTR from Taboola as ads are sexy & attractive so you can expect more than 15% CTR which is four times higher than normal AdSense CTR that’s mean you can expect a handsome amount of income from Taboola.

Support for Publishers/Advertisers

taboola support


All publishers /Advertisers on Taboola ad network are provided with a high level of support through email, users can solve their issues in minutes, also advertisers have phone support option.


About Payments

Taboola pays on 45 net basis through Chechque, EFT transfer and Payoneer, payments are never delayed or scamed.


Taboola For Advertisers

Its provide excellent platform for advertisers to drive conversions in less cost, you can completely track ROI and customize compagins with excellent support, also you have big oppertunity to advertise on world top sites where advertising matters.

taboola advertiser benefit

How much successful Taboola is?

Taboola is successful native advertising network, they beated all native advertising networks which started their work long before taboola like Outbrain. Taboola becomes world’s leading content discovery platform, serving 200 Billions recommendations to over 550 Million unique visitors each month on the web’s most innovative publisher sites, including NBC, The Weather Channel, USA Today,  The Atlantic and Fox Sports.

brands working with taboola

Why Taboola is so successful?

Taboola started their work with large publishers like Buisness insider, NBC, USA Today & Weather channel which increased the trust of advertiser and publishers on this network, also it is paying pretty good to publishers and bringing maximum result for advertisers in low cost.

Below is Quick chart to learn more about Taboola.

  1. Best Native advertising Network of the time.
  2. Excellent Support.
  3. Good CTR
  4. 100% Fill Rate
  5. Complete contorl over Ads
  6. Easy Customization
  7. On time payments, no hasseles
  1. Not available for small publishers.
  2. Average CPC
  3. Adult ads mostly
  4. Limited Ad formats
  5. Less Targeted Ad
  6. Simple Reporting


  1. Simple to use
  2. Awesome Support
  3. Maximum ROI
  4. Complete control
  1. Less Targeted Ads
  2. Only for big advertisers

Hope this clears, if you have any experience using Taboola than must share your reviews about this network in the comment box, also you can share your thoughts regarding native advertising. Thanks for reading, keep visiting this blog for more awesome reviews.

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