How to Get Driving Directions on MapQuest ?

Maps are a perfect way to navigate your way around a new area, but sometimes you just need some driving directions. MapQuest has been providing directions for over two decades now, and their software is still one of the most popular options out there. In this article, we’ll show you how to get driving directions on MapQuest using their map interface.

Open the MapQuest app

Tap the Directions button
Type in the address of your destination
Tap the blue search button on the right side of the screen
Select Get Driving Directions
Tap on the red line that appears to get started



Get Driving Directions on MapQuest


Step 1


Click the blue Get Directions button on the left-hand side of the screen to navigate to the Directions page.

Step 2


Enter the departure point of your trip in the A text box. This can be an address, a landmark, or a business name. 

If you don’t have the address of the business, just type the business name and all locations of that business will populate a search results list, usually starting with the closest, and you can select one from the list. The driving directions icon above the text box should already be selected by default.



Step 3


Enter the destination of your trip in the B text box. As the departure point, this can also be a specific address, a landmark, or a business name.


Step 4


Click Options to select what unit of measure is used to calculate your distance. You can also select a variety of filters to optimize your routes, such as ranking routes by shortest distance, shortest drive time, or avoiding toll stops or seasonal roads.

Step 5


Click the green Get Directions button. This will bring up the Suggested Routes list, showing all possible routes to your destination.

Step 6

Select your desired route. The Suggested Routes section shows approximate travel time based on current traffic. 

The major street you would be taking and the total distance of your trip are also shown here. Use these criteria to help you choose which route you want to take.

Step 7

Scroll down the left-hand sidebar, past the Travel Options, to view the Driving Directions section. 

Directions are listed in a step-by-step format. Look to the right side of the screen for a map of your route and options to print or email the directions.


  • Use MapQuest Gas Calculator to calculate the approximate fuel price for your trip.
  • Create a MapQuest account to access more features including the ability to save maps and bookmark favorite locations.

If you have a navigation app installed on your phone, MapQuest will offer to install it for you. (If you don’t have a navigation app, MapQuest will offer to direct you to download one

.) You can also get driving directions by clicking on the “Get Directions” button on the blog section of our website.

The directions vary depending on what phone you’re using, but generally, you will be prompted to choose a starting point and destination, choose your route type (directions or route planner), and input the starting and ending address.

If you’re using an app like MapQuest or Google Maps, your directions will appear on the screen as you drive. If you’re using a navigation app like Waze, Apple Maps, or Garmin Edge 1030, your directions will be saved in the app for later use.


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