How to Send An Image/Text As Hyperlink in WhatsApp ?


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over one billion active users. And like most messaging apps, WhatsApp also has a feature that lets you send images and text as hyperlinks. In this article, we’ll show you how to do it!


What is WhatsApp Hyperlink?

WhatsApp Hyperlink is an easy way to send a hyperlink in WhatsApp. When you want to send a hyperlink in WhatsApp, all you need to do is select the text or image you want to include as a hyperlink and tap on the “Hyperlink” button. After that, you will be able to enter the destination address where the hyperlink will take you.


Send An Image/Text As Hyperlink in WhatsApp


In this small post, I would like to share with you a little yet very helpful tip. This tip is useful for website owners, webmasters, bloggers, and normal visitors also on send image hyperlink WhatsApp.


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As you recognize nowadays many of us use their smartphones and tablets to browse the web, and once they see something interesting and need to share it with their friends & families, they need to travel through a lot of hassle by getting to the menu then clicking on the share then choosing WhatsApp then send the link to your friend.

Wouldn’t it’s an honest idea if they only click on a link and it sends the message or links straight to their WhatsApp?
Well, I feel almost everyone will just like the idea.


So let us see the code and make it work then send the image hyperlink to WhatsApp.

<a href=”whatsapp://send?text=“>Whatsapp this page</a>

  • Copy the code above (from <a to /a>) and paste it into your site.
  • Select the person you want to send the link to, from the contact list.
  • You will see a link like this (Whatsapp this page).
  • That’s it you are done. Now if someone visits your page on a mobile device and clicks on “Whatsapp this page” and then select the person. They will see “” in their WhatsApp ready to be shared.



This will work on mobile and desktop.


Instead of the link if you write something for example (<a href=”whatsapp://send?text=This is testing message.”>Send the message</a>) then if someone clicks on “Send the message” they will see “This is testing message.” in their WhatsApp ready to be shared.


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