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Your provider of Quality, Affordable & Valued Risk Benefits!

MEMA Affiliate Marketing, is an Authorized Financial Services Juristic Representative.

Our Aim is to source and provide a basket of quality, affordable and valued risk benefits and services to all South Africans to secure themselves and their families against unforeseen financial expenses associated with specific risk events.

Solutions that work!

We offer an on-the-go mobile friendly application with tools to help you monitor, manage and grow your business efficiently and effectively.

These tools include:

1. Training modules (videos and webinars)

2. Invite a friend feature (email and MMS)

3. Real time reporting

4. Communications

We offer a 14 day risk free, no obligation trial period to evaluate our application


Over the past 3.5 years, invaluable Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and feedback have been gathered and scrutinized to determine whether the current applied business logic is conducive to ensure sustainability and growth for all role-players.

Although we try to be everything for everyone, the results revealed that the current logic is not conducive, since it’s not sufficiently promoting social capitalism and our development culture.

The 2017 changes have been carefully considered and not only does it swing towards benefiting those members who embrace the same culture to serve others and apply the “help yourself by helping others” methodology.


1.  New Software:

We understand the importance to have access to tools and real-time information in order for us to monitor and manage our teams to grow our MEMA home-based-business effectively and efficiently.

We are delighted to announce that we will be launching our new software on 1 January 2017. It will be accessible through our new HTML 5 mobile application and newly designed responsive website.

The following, on-the-go (mobile friendly), features will be available:

  • “Invite-a-friend” feature.
  • Paperless applications.
  • Flexible and convenient “Pay-your-installment” solutions.
  • Real time key performance indicators( KPI’s) e.g. reports and graphs related to your business.
  • Integrated social media and business communication tools.


2. Scrapped: Development fee:

The “Development Fee” has been scrapped.
The last deduction will be on 15 January 2017 for the December 2016 earnings.


3. Decrease of “Registration Fee”:

The upfront and once-off registration fee drops with R20 to R100.

The registration fee consists of 2 parts, and does not include the funeral subscription:

  • Part 1: Activation Fee of R50.
  • Part 2: Annual Membership Fee of R50.

The payment of the activation fee is ONLY payable by Connecta members who partake in the Connect@MEMA Affiliate Business Program and NOT applicable to customers who subscribed to the Funeral cover only.


4. Once-off “Marketing Fee” – New Incentive:

Since the annual membership fee is not an earn-able product, the direct Connecta will receive 50% of the Registration fee in the form of a once-off marketing fee, for each of the Affiliates he/she personally invited on his/her 1st level and who paid their respective “Registration Fees”.


5. Funeral cover price Increases:

The new minimum and monthly premium increases with R20 to R100.

The new price list for 2017:



6. Scrapped: Family benefit for NEW Connecta applicants:

Reviewing the above 2017 price list, one will see the absence of the Family Cover benefit.

New Connecta members will only have the option to subscribe to a SINGLE funeral cover option when signing up. Depending on the entry age, the maximum cover is R10 000.

Members may however CONVERT to the standard Family cover after 3 consecutive payments, OR do so when such member cover is AUTOMATICALLY due to be upgraded as a result of his/her income

Members who are due for an upgrade, will be notified via the automated notification system. Such members who opt to convert their cover to a Family benefit must do so via email, fax and or conveniently do-it-themselves when they log into their back-office.

The above rule is not applicable to members who are not subscribing to the Connect@MEMA Affiliate Business Program.


7. Scrapped: Diamond Executive and Diamond Director Status:

Diamond Executive and Diamond Director Statuses are being replaced by “Eagle” status.

8. New: Eagle status:

The New and Top Connecta status will be known as: “Eagle

We have run comparisons and current members who are qualifying for “EAGLE” status will almost immediately unlock a higher income of 50%.

To qualify for Eagle status, the following 4 conditions are required and are based on the ability to work with your own team and be able to convert them mostly into Gold members:

  •   7 or more paid Connecta members on level 1
  •   3 or more “Gold” Connecta members on level 1
  •   9 or more “Gold” Connecta members on level 2
  •   18 or more “Silver” Connecta members on level 3

The single and ground-breaking benefit of achieving Eagle status, is the INCOME OPTIMIZER:

Features of the income optimizer:

The income of a Connecta member is optimized by virtue of dynamically calculating which of the 10 qualifying levels yield the highest value of paid contributions of Connecta members in your team and then optimize the income by applying the distribution of percentages appropriately from high to low.

Example: Let’s say you have the most paid members on level 7. By default, that should also then be the level with the highest contribution value. With the current 2016 model, you would earn about R7.20 for each paid Connecta. With the new model you will earn R15. The second highest contribution level will receive R13, the third highest R11 and so forth.

The following table is an indication of the spread of percentages across the 10 earn-able levels:

 Value of all contributions per level  % / level
Highest level 15%
Second highest 13%
Third highest 11%
Fourth highest 9%
Fifth highest 7%
Sixth highest 6%
Seventh highes 5%
Eight highest 4%
Ninth highes 3%
Lowest Level 2%


9. New: Recalculation of downline Remuneration and Status achievement:

# of Paid Connecta members on Level 1: 1 2 3 4 5+ 7 or more Paid Connecta members, PLUS Eagle qualification as per Change 8 above.
Connecta Status: Bronze Silver Gold   Platinum Diamond Eagle
# of Earnable Levels: 4 5 6 7 8 10
% payable on Level 1: 50% on 1st Connecta 50% on 2nd Connecta 40% per Connecta (including 1st and2nd Connecta) 30% per Connecta (including 1st, 2nd and3rd Connecta) 20% per Connecta. (irrespective of  status achieved) Optimized between 2% & 15%
% payable on other Qualifying Levels: 4% 5% 6% 7% 8% Optimized between 2% & 15%


10. New: Credit shortfall for Bronze Connecta Members:

MEMA will credit a Bronze Connecta member when such member’s income is short of R10 or less to reach break-even point.

11. Scrapped: 3rd Person give-away:

When you achieve Gold Status (3 paid Connecta members on your 1st level) you will earn 40% (R40 on R100 premium) on each of the Connecta members.

12. Scrapped: Level 1 loss of income:

Connecta members will not lose any remuneration on any paid Connecta members on his/her level 1, irrespective his/her Connecta status.



MEMA will ONLY debit a member’s bank account when all 3 of the following conditions are true:

  • A member has paid his/her once-off upfront Registration Fee (R100).
  • When the completed and signed application form has been received by MEMA.
  • When the monthly calculated earnings of a Connecta member are less than his/her monthly required installment.


14. New: 28 days Communication system:

New Connecta members will receive an Email and SMS every 7 days after such member accepted an invitation in order to notify such member of his responsibilities to complete his application, pay his registration fee and work towards achieving “Break-even” point.


15. Scrapped: 28 day “Break-even” rule:

Due to the lack of understanding and numerous requests, the current 28 day break-even rule will be replaced by the “Minimum Income” break-even rule and “10 Day fair payment” policy.


16. New: “Minimum Income” break-even rule:

A member will have to ensure that his income is equal or greater than his monthly installment to achieve Break-even point and avoid a debit-order in future

The most simple way of achieving break-even point is to achieve and maintain the “SILVER Connecta” Status ( 2 PAID Connecta members who paid in the same month as you did, on your level 1)


17. NEW: 10 Day fair payment policy:

This rule has nothing to do with a grace period to sign members in.

Between 40-50% of all new member registrations are received during the last 10 days of the month, off whom 60% choose to pay for their monthly product/subscription fees on the 1st working day of the following month (in the likely event that they did not achieved Silver Connecta status).

Such members have little or no time to invite and get their 2 Connecta members signed up and paid before the cut of date (the last working day of the month) to avoid a debit order payment which can potentially occur within days after such member paid his/her upfront activation fee.

Members, who are affected by this, feel they are making a double payment and that they are treated unfairly.

To give them relieve, we are giving members a fair payment option when they start, hence the “10 Day fair payment” policy.

The fair payment policy rule imply that if a member makes his/her upfront registration payment within 10 days of his/her selected/chosen debit date, then such payment will be applied to the month on which the first available debit date occurs.

This means a member may join and pay at the end of January, but only be credited in February.


Lets look at some examples:

Example 1: A member pays his/her upfront registration fee on 20 January. The member selected that MEMA debit his bank account on the 1st of every month until such member manage to achieve “Silver Connecta” status. The payment will be allocated for January due to the fact that there are 11 or more days before 1 February.

Example 2: A member pays his/her upfront registration fee on 21 January. The member selected that MEMA debit his bank account on the 1st of every month until such member manage to achieve “Silver Connecta” status. The payment will be allocated for February due to the fact that there are 10 or less days before 1 February.

Example 3: A member pays his/her upfront registration fee on 25 January. The member selected that MEMA debit his bank account on the 15th of every month until such member manage to achieve “Silver Connecta” status. The payment will be allocated for January due to the fact that there are 11 or more days before 15 February.

Example 4: A member pays his/her upfront registration fee on 31 January. The member selected that MEMA debit his bank account on the 15th of every month until such member manage to achieve “Silver Connecta” status. The payment will be allocated for January due to the fact that there are 11 or more days before 15 February.


NB Note: MEMA will continue to monitor a member’s team progress. In the likely event that a member, as per example 2 above, does manage to sign up and get 2 members to pay before 31 January whom have not been affected by the “10 Days fair payment” policy rule themselves, pull such payment of the member back from February to January and make the Connecta earn his/her “Silver Connecta” status.



18. New: Online Application Forms:

Any member with access to the internet and whose email address has been validated by an opt-in method, will be able to complete and digitally submit his/her application online.

A copy of the digitally signed application form will be available for such member in his/her back-office, in PDF format.


19. New: Manual Application Forms:

Due to compliance reasons, the amended 2017 applications forms for members who don’t have access to the internet will not be made available to download.

The official application booklet, which consist of 10 carbonated business application forms, will be available to be ordered online via the MEMA website from January 2017.


20. New: 14 Day “Invite-a-friend” rule:

Members will be able to invite their affiliates via our new “Invite-a-friend” feature, via SMS or email.

Invited Affiliates will be “reserved” for 14 days to the Connecta who did the invite.

If the invited affiliate does not accept the invitation within 14 days, then such affiliate may be invited by another Connecta and the same 14 day rule will apply to the new Connecta.


21. New: 14 Day Registration rule:

When an Affiliate accepts the invitation he/she received via SMS or email, such affiliate has 14 days to sign-up online or manually complete and submit his/her application form to MEMA head office.

Failure will result in the deactivation of the invitation and the Affiliate will have to be invited again.


22. New: 14 Day Payment rule:

Affiliates have 14 days to pay their upfront registration fee after submitting their signed application form to obtain access to all the functionalities and tools available in their back office to monitor, manage and grow their business.

For sake of convenience, various payment solutions will be available which include, but are not limited to: EasyPay outlets, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), voucher purchase (this method will be explained on a later stage) and cash deposit.

Failure to make payment within the 14 days will result in the account being put on hold for another 7 days after which the membership will be terminated and the Affiliate be restricted to be invited again for 30 days.


23. New: Monthly Gold status lucky draw:

The lucky draw is not applicable to “Bronze and Silver” Connecta members.

MEMA is giving away 5 X R1000 cash prizes to 5 lucky Gold or higher Connecta status members who have at least 4 “Silver” Connectas on their 2nd level.

The draw will take place on the last working day before the 15th of every month.

The first draw will be on Friday 14 February 2017 for January 2017.

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