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Tapgerine is an ad tech company with primary focus on the global app ecosystem and provides data-driven solutions for advertising and monetization. By using the proprietary technology, we can implement clients media strategies and engage users across all channels and devices. We offer only the best ads with data analytics and machine learning algorithms.

The firm has been working in the domain of mobile advertisements and has been helping its affiliate achieve better success through mobile ads. Achieving better performance through monetizing and turning mobile traffic towards a specific platform is the most important goal of the company. The corporation specializes in mobile trafficking and provides better results to its customers through it. The affiliates and advertisers both have been gaining better increments through this platform.

The platform provides two thousand plus active campaigns to work with. Their offers have been actively approached by four thousand plus active mobile publishers of this platform. Not only this the platform has the record of six million plus app downloads per year, which is one of the best for any affiliate corporation. It is basically a tech ad company that has been focusing on the app development area and provides the best ad-driven solutions in the domain of advertising and monetizing too.

This platform provides one of the unique features to its customers and provides the best results in this domain for all types of customers. They provide many features in their affiliate program which are very unique and one of the best in this business.

Tap Gerine Affiliate Program

The Affiliate program of this Corp is based on the models of CPA and CPI. These models provide many benefits to its customers. The advertisers shall only provide payments when an action is made to sell a product. This rule is beneficial for both advertisers and affiliates because when an affiliate sells a product through an ad it adds to its commission, and this results in an increase of revenue for the advertisers too.

How does TapGerine work

The affiliate program of the Corporation is actively producing better results for all its customers. It has some unique features in it that help in acquiring better results in the long run.

  • The plan some advanced technology that keeps on updating with time.
  • The top quality affiliates and advertisers are available in the database that makes working with them easier.
  • The firm has a variety of ad units.
  • The model of CPA on which this whole plan is based is the best.
  • The corporation provides a 24/7 support service to its customers that helps its affiliates in solving many issues easily.
  • They provide two thousand plus active campaigns for its affiliates to work with.
  • The plan provides the highest payout rate to its affiliates and provides bonuses based on performance.

TapGerine Joining Process

The joining process of the firm is very basic and easy. In order to gain access to the registration process, you need to gain access to the official website. The site provides an online form to be filled by the customer himself. The form includes all the details from the name of the client to all the details of the business they are involved in. An affiliate is provided free admission to the site upon acceptance of the application. In order to save the firm and their customers in future from any scam or fraud, the corporation double checks all the application sent to their database. Not only as an affiliate the site also provides jobs to other technical staff.

TapGerine Payment method

The firm has kept its options open for the customers. They provide the options of PayPal, wire transfers, check, ACH options and E-payments. All these options are kept open so that the firm can quickly hire people and provide them with their payments. The corporation provides its affiliates payments on the monthly and weekly basis. The minimum amount the company accepts from its advertisers is $100. They promise to provide high payouts to their affiliates and promise to increase the revenues of their advertisers.

TapGerine Customer Care Services

The contacting service of the firm is very quick and helpful. They provide you access to their account managers that help in producing all kinds of solutions for your business. Their innovative ideas and quick solution methods have made them one of the helpful affiliate company in the market. In order to contact the customer support service, the site provides an online form to be filled and submitted to the company. The support service is very quick and responsive and is very helpful. They provide answers in a very short time and helps even with major issues.

TapGerine Scam or Legit

The major question about the company is whether it can be trusted with your valuable money or not. The firm has been around for the last seven years. It has hired some relevant affiliates, advertisers, and developers in this short time. They have been incorporating huge success in producing the best mobile ad development. They have been working with some branded names in the online marketing platform and have been providing on-time payments to its customers since its birth. When we combine all these aspects we receive a verdict that this corporation has been working as a legitimate establishment since its birth. It has not and we pray may not be involved in kind of fraud and scam. They themselves condemn involvement in any kind of fraud and scam. All these prove that the firm is a legal one working for the betterment of its customers. Even the reviews on the internet can be read that prove that this brand is working with proper legitimacy and will continue to do so.

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