Top 10 Long Tail Pro Alternative for All Your SEO Needs In 2021

When you are working on SEO for your own business or for a client’s website, you will need some great SEO tools. If you have the budget, you can certainly pay for the best SEO tools the Internet has to offer, Here you can find top SEO tools alternative.


Long trail Pro alternative

Name Price URL
SEMRush (Best)
99 $ GO
KWFinder 29 $ GO
SpyFu 27 $ GO
HitTail  39 $ GO
WordTracker Keyword Tool  69 $ GO  17 $ GO
Keywordrevealer 27 $ GO
MOZ  Pro 99 $ GO
iSpionage  29 $ GO
Market Samurai   176 $ GO


Here Find Top 10 Entry




SEMrush may be a top paid tool for doing keyword research and competitor analysis. If you’re blogging for a short time , you already know the importance of driving more traffic from search engines to your websites.


Positive side:

  • Complete keyword research tool that gives access to keywords of your competitors.
  • SEMrush to stay track of your keyword rankings on Google, Bing & Yahoo
  • Find the proper keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Gather phrase matches and related keywords
  • Explore multinational and multilingual environments


Negative side:

  • It has free trial version but then you would like to buy the premium plan.





KWFinder may be a keyword research tool to seek out you loads of long-tail keywords with high search volume and low SEO difficulty. It’s very easy to use, with a user-friendly interface, and most significantly , with metrics to supply a moment help to your SEO efforts.

There are three keyword research options:

  • Suggestions
  • Autocomplete
  • Questions.

Positive side:

  • It is fast and show the google ranking sites for Your Keywords.
  • KWFinder keyword difficulty is one among the foremost accurate on the market.
  • KWFinder calculates the problem for keywords you propose to optimize for.


Negative side:

  • This tool upgrade as these keywords are very less for research.




SpyFu is one among the more feature rich tools, offering SEO and PPC spy tool options along side their own keyword research tool and Adwords software.


Positive side:

  • SpyFu exposes the search marketing secret formula of your most successful competitors.
  • Search for any domain and see every place they’ve shown abreast of Google: every keyword they’ve bought on Adwords, every organic rank, and each ad variation within the last 6 years.
  • When you get a SpyFu membership, you’ll crack the codes of thousands of online companies that hold the time-tested secrets of creating money.
  • Fast-track a PPC campaign using the very keywords and landing pages that make money, and steer beyond the dead ends so you don’t waste a dime.


4. HitTail

HitTail is that the only long tail keyword tool that generates keyword suggestions by analyzing your existing website traffic. It provides you with very specific long tail keywords that are relevant to your audience.

HitTail works within the background, constantly supplying you with new keyword ideas, while you’ll specialise in other stuff.


Positive side:

  • Long tail keywords are easier to rank for Consistently grow organic traffic coming to your website.
  • Improve traffic quality and increase conversion rates.
  • Search for keyword ideas supported your entered term or phrase.
  • Unique within the industry, this feature provides you with highly relevant long tail keywords by analyzing your website’s existing organic search traffic.


Negative side:

  • Limited Scope
  • Not the simplest Free Plan

5.WordTracker Keyword Tool


With WordTracker Keyword Tool free keyword research tool, you’ll reveal 1000s of long tail keywords with Google, Wordtracker, YouTube and Amazon keyword data beat one tool. Save your keyword lists, filter them within the tool and find the keywords you would like for each page beat one place.


Positive side:

  • Oldest keyword research tool,
  • Provides accurate keyword results,competition metrics
  • It allows you to look individual territories supported your plan.


Negative side:

Lacking some features including keyword ranking in search engines

Keysearch isn’t just a keyword research tool it’s a full fledged SEO powerhouse! supplying you with all the tools you would like to spy on your competitors and track your SEO efforts.


Positive side:

  • Locate Profitable, Long Tail Keywords
  • Keyword Difficulty Scores & In-depth Analysis
  • Track Keywords & Check Backlinks
  • YouTube Competition Research
  • Webpage Audit Analyzer
  • API & White-label Reporting


Negative side:

  • No Ahrefs integration
  • Limited capacity for rank tracker
  • Sometimes keyword analysis won’t load properly


7. Keywordrevealer


Uncover a Goldmine of Keyword Opportunities, Pull accurate keyword-data directly from Google combined with an issue score to seek out the simplest to rank keywords.


Positive side:

  • Find many long tail keyword ideas in seconds with the amazing keyword research tool.
  • Identify keywords with high search volume and low competition, you’ll also check domain availability for every term also .
  • Instantly reveal the ranking difficulty and metrics for many keywords
  • Apply the simplest keyword terms to your SEO strategy & start ranking on page one


Negative side:

  • The competition score of keywords revealer is usually lower

8. MOZ

The SEO toolset that’s got it all: keyword research, link building, site audits, and page optimization insights, in one.


Positive side:

  • Moz may be a tool that’s easy to approach for a newbie
  • Moz puts our tons of really great content. Naturally they’re great at guiding you thru the method of learning Moz, while educating you generally SEO principals , Powerhouse SEO with All the Bells and Whistles


Negative side:

  • Moz features a way of sinking their teeth into you with the info they collect.


9. iSpionage

As someone who looks at thousands of landing pages monthly , iSpionage has become my most treasured resource for landing page discovery. As a competitive intelligence tool it’s an excellent thanks to keep up of what others do


Positive side:

  • Very Solid PPC / Competitive Research & Planning Tool Excellent.
  • Allows us to spot industry specific keywords, both mainstream and long-tail, and customize performance campaigns around that iSpionage is easy-to-use and provides accurate, up-to-date competitive intelligence


Negative side:

  • Sometimes there’s missing data and missing competitors
  • It’s a service that takes data readily available through other mediums and re-purposes iT.


10.Market Samurai

Market Samurai is software for your Mac or PC that streamlines all critical program marketing tasks, puts complete market intelligence at your finger-tips, takes away uncertainty, and provides you focus, direction and confidence in your internet marketing.


Positive side:

  • Market Samurai can assist you identify monetizing options, like well sold products or articles
  • Market Samurai can assist you organise your content from several blogs from only one window
  • It allows you to simply organize your keyword research campaigns and it allows you to seek out filters to the keywords that you’re checking out
  • Analyzing keywords is one among the most reasons for several to use the tool. All data is really pulled from Google AdWords, but the analysis and filtering options make Market Samurai quite bit more user friendly.


Negative side:

  • Market Samurai doesn’t use Black hat SEO techniques.
  • Market Samurai doesn’t create trillions of backlinks


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