Top 10 SpyFu Alternative for All Your SEO Needs In 2021

When you are planning on SEO for your own business or for a client’s website, you’ll need some great SpyFu Alternative tools.

If you are facing budget pronlem , you’ll certainly buy the simplest and budget SEO tools the web has got to offer, Here you’ll find top SpyFu Alternative SEO tools alternative.

Here Top Alternative of SpyFu :-


SpyFU alternative

Name Price URL
SEMRush 119 $ GO
KWFinder 29 $ GO
Long trail Pro 37 $ GO
MOZ Pro 99 $ GO
HitTail 39 $ GO
WordTracker 27 $ GO 17 $ GO
iSpionage  29 $ GO
Market Samurai  176 $ GO
Ahrefs 99 $ GO



Here TOP 10 SpyFu Alternative description :-


1. SEMrush


SEMRush is an internet advertising device this is know-how how your internet site is working, additionally due to the fact the area of interest the place competes in. From search engine optimization to PPC, this device can be a must have for every person inside the advertising world, the amount of information and information right here is so vital on the way to discern out what is nice.

This is frequently attending to be an intensive manual the manner to take complete benefit of SEMRush, which must with any luck set you at the right route of promoting your internet site.

This is my preferred tools on search engine optimization.



Positive side:


  • Complete key-word studies device that offers get admission to to key phrases of your competition.
  • SEMrush to live song of your key-word scores on Google, Bing & Yahoo
  • Find the right key phrases for search engine optimization and PPC campaigns
  • Gather word suits and associated key phrases
  • Explore multinational and multilingual environments


Negative side:

  • It has unfastened trial model however after which you want to pay for the top class plan.




KWFinder is an intuitive key-word studies device layout advanced via way of means of Mangools.

it is a nicely-favored opportunity to different alternatives at the marketplace, like Moz and Long Tail Pro, due to its robust specialise in simplicity and its capacity to assist discover and examine lengthy tail key phrases which can be smooth to rank for.

While KWFinder is Mangools’ flagship product, the business enterprise has extended their suite of search engine optimization equipment to encompass SERPWatcher (rank tracker), SERPChecker (Google competitor analyzer), LinkMiner (one way link analyzer), and SiteProfiler (internet site analyzer).



There are three keyword research options:

  1. Suggestions
  2. Autocomplete
  3. Questions.

Positive side:

  • It is fast and show the google ranking sites for Your Keywords.
  • KWFinder keyword difficulty is one of the most accurate on the market.
  • KWFinder calculates the difficulty for keywords you plan to optimize for.

Negative side:

  • This tool upgrade as these keywords are very less for research.



3.Long trail Pro


Long Tail Pro, due to the fact the call suggests, is an search engine optimization device a good way to help you discover lengthy-tail key phrases which you clearly can goal in your internet site.

But that’s now no longer it. It additionally facilitates you song your scores and discover the content material advertising method of your competition.

It is at severa metrics to investigate the lengthy-tail key phrases, like rating trouble, seek volume, or even the rate of each key-word. the only element approximately this device is that it’s super-smooth to apply, and you will research it with minimum effort.



Positive side:

  • Rank monitoring capacity
  • In-intensity evaluation of competition
  • Affordable pricing for beginners
  • Flexible pricing plans for businesses of all sizes
  • Keyword search for more than one places and languages


Negative side:

  • Need to manually enter relevant keywords for rank tracking
  • Seed keyword limits might be higher
  • Manual keyword limits might be higher




The SEO toolset that’s got it all: keyword research, link building, site audits, and page optimization insights, in one.


Positive side:


  • Moz is a device that is simple to method for a newbie
  • Moz places our lots of truly first-rate content material.
  • Naturally they may be first-rate at guiding you via the method of getting to know
  • Moz, at the same time as instructing you in fashionable search engine optimization principals
  • Powerhouse search engine optimization with All the Bells and Whistles


Negative side:

  • Moz has a way of sinking their teeth into you with the data they collect.


5. HitTail


HitTail is that the most effective lengthy tail key-word device that generates key-word guidelines via way of means of studying your present internet site visitors.

It affords you with very unique lengthy tail key phrases which can be applicable in your audience.

HitTail works inside the background, continuously offering you with new key-word thoughts, at the same time as you will specialize in different stuff.



Positive side:


  • Long tail key phrases are less difficult to rank for Consistently develop natural visitors coming in your internet site.
  • Improve visitors exceptional and growth conversion rates.
  • Unique inside the enterprise, this selection affords you with pretty applicable lengthy tail key phrases via way of means of studying your internet site’s present natural seek visitors.


Negative side:

  • Limited Scope
  • Not The Best Free Plan


6.WordTracker Keyword Tool



With WordTracker Keyword Tool unfastened key-word studies device, you will display thousands of lengthy tail key phrases with Google, Wordtracker, YouTube and Amazon key-word facts beat one device.

Save your key-word lists, clear out out them inside the device and discover the key phrases you would love for every web page beat one place.



Positive side:

  • Oldest keyword research tool,
  • Provides correct key-word results,opposition metrics
  • It permits you to go looking individual territories primarily based totally for your plan.


Negative side:

  • Lacking some features including keyword ranking in search engines


Keysearch isn’t always only a key-word studies device it’s a complete fledged search engine optimization powerhouse!

offering you with all of the equipment you would love to undercover agent for your competition and song your search engine optimization efforts.



Positive side:

  • Locate Profitable, Long Tail Keywords
  • Keyword Difficulty Scores & In-intensity Analysis
  • Track Keywords & Check Backlinks
  • YouTube Competition Research
  • Webpage Audit Analyzer
  • API & White-label Reporting


Negative side:

  • No Ahrefs integration
  • Limited capacity for rank tracker
  • Sometimes keyword analysis won’t load properly



8. iSpionage


As a person who appears at heaps of touchdown pages every month, iSpionage has end up my maximum valuable aid for touchdown web page discovery.

As a aggressive intelligence device it’s a first-rate manner to preserve abreast of what others are doing.


Positive side:

  • VVery Solid PPC / Competitive Research & Planning Tool
  • Excellent. Allows us to become aware of enterprise unique key phrases, each mainstream and lengthy-tail, and customise overall performance campaigns round that.
  • iSpionage is simple-to-use and affords correct, updated aggressive intelligence information


Negative side:

  • Sometimes there is missing data and missing competitors
  • It’s a service that takes data readily available through other mediums and re-purposes iT.


9.Market Samurai


Market Samurai is software program in your Mac or PC that streamlines all crucial software advertising tasks, places entire marketplace intelligence at your finger-tips, takes away uncertainty, and affords you focus, path and self assurance to your net advertising.


Positive side:


  • Market Samurai can help you become aware of monetizing alternatives, like nicely offered merchandise or articles
  • Market Samurai can help you organise your content material from numerous blogs from most effective one window
  • It permits you to clearly prepare your key-word studies campaigns and it permits you to searching for out filters to the key phrases which you’re checking out
  • Analyzing key phrases is one some of the maximum motives for numerous to apply the device. All facts is clearly pulled from Google AdWords, however the evaluation and filtering alternatives make Market Samurai pretty bit greater consumer friendly.


Negative side:

  •  Market Samurai does now no longer use Black hat search engine optimization techniques.
  • Market Samurai does not create trillions of backlinks




Ahrefs functions a big crawling setup probably bigger than the other tool). This has many benefits. Crawling is what reveals all of the one-way links and mentions throughout the net that different equipment miss.

The fee of an search engine optimization device is without delay related to the scale of its internet crawling robot. Ahrefs leads the % of equipment we’ve evaluated.


Positive side:


  • Keyword device facilitates you keep song of your scores for numerous key phrases over time
  • Competitive evaluation functions assist you to verify different websites’ nice appearing pages via way of means of one-way links and visitors
Negative side:
  • Organic seek visitors estimates won’t be correct, however that is genuine for maximum search engine optimization equipment
  • Keyword rank tracker updated less frequently than SEMrush


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