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Whitespark is an online tool that specializes in improving businesses’ local search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. This program finds valuable citation opportunities and searches for customer testimonial and review prospects, which are invaluable for increasing local traffic for your website.



Essential Rank Tracking Updates:

  • Competitor Comparison
  • Visibility Score
  • New Rankings Overview
  • Keyword Trend Line
  • Improved Date Range Selector
  • Refreshed Ranking Report

Competitor Comparison

Keep a close eye on how your top competitors are performing in search results for the same keywords. Compare your performance to theirs across all ranking types (organic, local, local finder, and maps), and identify areas for improvement.

Simply edit your campaign by adding the business name and domain you wish to track, and the Local Rank Tracker will pull the results for your competition across your designated campaign keywords.

Rankings Overview

We’ve added a new rankings overview section to help you see how your campaign is doing at a glance. Quickly check on your progress, get your visibility score, see the number of increased and decreased keyword, and a breakdown of your ranking positions.

Rankings at a Glance

See a quick breakdown of your current ranking positions for the selected end date and ranking type. Know how many keywords are showing up and see which keywords are not ranking.

Visibility Score

Rankings are in constant fluctuation, and some rankings are far more valuable than others (ie. higher rankings in top positions), so it’s important to get a more reliable metric for overall online visibility when it comes to rank tracking campaigns.

The visibility score is calculated based on click through rate estimates of ranking positions across all keywords in a campaign. A score is assigned to each ranking value and visibility is determined by the total combined score. Higher rankings provide more visibility and are scored higher.


  • Progress – Gauge your overall campaign progress for each ranking type with this metric. Calculated by taking (Increased Keywords – Decreased Keywords)/ Total Keywords
  • Total Keywords – This is the total number of keywords you are tracking for your entire campaign.
  • Ranking – The number of keywords in your campaign that are ranking for the selected date range and ranking type (Google Pack, Google Local Finder, Google Organic, etc).
  • Increased & Decreased – Total number of keywords in your campaign that have had a change in ranking position for the selected ranking type.

Ranking Results Table

We’ve made the ranking results table easier to read and added new calculations to help you measure how well specific keywords are performing over time.

Keyword Trend Line –  See how each keyword in your campaign is trending over your selected time period. Compare your most important keywords against existing SEO campaigns to track your performance or identify opportunities that are about to break into the top results.

Start & End Date – See your rankings based on your selected start and end date in the rankings results table. Choose from displaying Daily, Weekly, or Monthly data in the chart area  above to get a full visual of all the changes over your date ranges.

Average & Median Rank – See each keywords average and median value over the selected period of time. Use this to compare to the current ranking value, and to see if there have been massive fluctuations in position.

Revamped Ranking Report

In addition to all these new features, we’ve also updated the data in ranking report email.

Ranking Summary Chart now includes:

  • Overall progress of rankings for each ranking
  • Total number of keywords in the Top 1-3 and Top 4-10 positions.
  • Most Changed Keyword Summary now includes: Current rank, ranking value reported on your last report date, and overall change in position.


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