Fotojet Review – A perfect online & offline photo editor and collage maker

Fotojet – What is it?

Fotojet is an online photo editor cum collage maker. The best part of this application is you need not install it either on your phone or on your PC/laptop. You can upload the images to their website, make the changes you would want to do, and then you can download the final product.

The application has multi-faceted nature to it. It is a perfect free all-in-one online tool for editing your photos, graphics designing, and collage making. That makes it a great software for almost all your needs. The web app can help you create masterpieces out of your images and shots. You can apply several filters, focus, and effects to your images.

What makes Fotojet Collage makers?

Well, Fotojet is not only a collage maker, but it is also a combination of different functionalities rolled into one. It comes with a simple-to-use interface. The software is quite easy to learn. The web app comes with several tools. The tools will pop up as soon as you select an option to edit.

The tool is made of several components –

Collage Maker

As is evident from the name itself, Collage Maker lets you create photo collages. Creating collages is quite easy. You just need to choose the basic layouts and make the changes as you would want to. The app also offers you advanced layouts with photo backgrounds.


You can easily add images to the list of and upload them to the site quite easily. You can choose the images saved on your computer, or upload them from Facebook as well. You can drag and drop the files to make your collages.
The collage maker option offers you several preset options to choose from. The Collage Maker option can be used to create flyers, posters, and cards.

Photo Editor
The Photo Editor is the best option with FotoJet. You can play around with your pics. It offers you several borders and effects to try out.

FotoJet offers you the basic editing options like crop, resize, and sharpen. The application also offers you advanced editing options like overlays, clipArt, and Text among others. In fact, FotoJet is best suited for the people who do not have any experience in photo editing.

Graphic Designer
The Make A Design part is what makes FotoJet a complete package as long as your images are concerned. You need not be an expert designer to be able to use the application and design your e-cards or brochures.

FotoJet comes with preset options to choose from. The technique involved is simple – just drag and drop your photos into the design you have chosen. Change the text and colours as per your requirements. You have thousands of templates you can choose from.
The web app offers you options fonts, stock photos, and other effects. The application has been designed as a tool for the people who have no professional experience of working with design software. The easy to use and understand tools would be extremely helpful in creating masterpieces that would put experts to shame.

Some fabulous  features that make it a great option

Well, you might have come to find that FotoJet is a complete solution for all your needs in graphical design, editing and collage making. Here are a few features that make it a perfect option.

  • The service is completely free to use
  • The software offers hundreds of thousands of basic and professional templates to choose from.
  • Easy to Learn functionality makes it best suited for you even without any background knowledge of graphic designing.
  • The Web app offers you an easy to use collage generator. This would be helpful in creating professional quality collages.
  • The application is completely integrated with social media sites.
  • Drag and drop feature what makes it the easy to use application.

The app developed by PearlMountain Technologies comes with innovative features that have been thoughtful enough. We would rate it as one of the excellent options to choose, because of its simplicity and easy learning curve.
FotoJet can be used as a perfect tool for all your requirements in graphics, image editing, and other functionalities. Check the image below to find all the possibilities that you can use FotoJet for.

The Final Thoughts

Photo Jet is more than a simple photo editor, with it you can make collages numbers, mark favorite formats, edit photos, place text without downloading the application and especially share everything you believe in this software on facebook and other social networks for this reason I recommend it.
We would definitely recommend FotoJet to our readers given its simplicity and all-round functionality. The instinctive nature of the software makes it a tool you can go for.

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