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Connectin may be a bundled professional networking software that permits you to urge started together with your own online social networking website or app.

The software can easily be customized for other business verticals like professional networks, social networks, etc. you’ll contact us for custom development inquiries.


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ConnectIn Features :-


Networking Software for Professionals

ConnectIn, a social networking software by NCrypted, enables you to make your social networking website.

With the emergence of business networking software and therefore the incontrovertible fact that it’s enlarging progressively day by day, the power to increase the network potentially has become predominant.

ConnectIn lets professionals and businesses showcase their talent and services on their page, taking one step further to their business inducement.





ConnectIn may be a modishly designed software that permits you to urge started together with your social networking software, getting to take a serious breakthrough in building a knowledgeable social networking website. ConnectIn has been specifically designed with the stellar technology working mechanism, which allows you to instigate a social networking software almost like LinkedIn, a cross-disciplinary website for business connections and professionals to realize work goals.


How does Social Networking Software work?


The basic idea behind ConnectIn is to permit people (classmates, college-mates, former colleagues) to remain connected. But the thought of connection here is diversified – at one point in your life, you would possibly get to grasp the contacts and build up a foundation in your network which will draw a path for a replacement job.

So, your networking software is often wont to create your community for professionals. It comes with a neighborhood dedicated to ‘Hiring and Jobs’ which makes it different from other networking software within the market.

The users can post different job requirements as per their preferences and that they can get varied suggestions for jobs, groups, and corporations supported by their data. With ConnectIn, our clients also can offer their users the power to shop for Adhoc InMails on their professional networking websites.

If any user wants to shop for additional InMails, he/she would be required to enter a quantity and supported the quantity of per InMail price, he/she would need to pay accordingly using this social networking software.

The demand for professional networking websites is growing

Recently the social professional network market has seen entries of several startups that would reasonably be called ‘LinkedIn for X’. Doximity, for instance, that recently announced a 50 million dollar funding, maybe a professional network for doctors, and claims to possess over 40% of all US doctors on board. Sermo is another social network for doctors that also claims to tackle the ‘medical’ crowdsourcing problem.

Healthtap, another networking site for professional doctors revolves around online consultation with virtual care available, wherein the user can ask an issue to a doctor and have interaction within the community. None of those can exactly be called LinkedIn clones though most resonate with the ideology of a social professional network on which LinkedIn is predicated.

There is a social professional network for the military built by people with previous military experience, RallyPoint, which arguably be called ‘LinkedIn for Military’. This networking startup has raised 5.3 million dollars and isn’t the sole one during this niche networking segment.

Hirepurpose is another such social network site for veterans. then there’s a social networking site for school kids, Piazza, that has raised over 8 million dollars. this is often a segment where LinkedIn has struggled to enter for years. So, finding such niche segments can become elemental within the success of your startup. The entrance of those vertical startups during this segment is often evidence of the necessity of the market.

Naturally so, ConnectIn is often used as a base product and customized to satisfy any ‘LinkedIn for X’ requirement you’ll have. Connect today to debate.




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