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Klenty may be a Sales Engagement Platform that helps sales teams automate outreach and communication with prospects at scale, thereby resulting in more converted opportunities.

It has more than 1000 customers from across the planet who use the platform to interact with their customers with personalized email conversations and shut more deals.



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Klenty may be a tool that automates the mechanical and repetitive parts of the top of the sales funnel activities like executing targeted outreach campaigns, following up, tracking engagement metrics, etc – to assist sales teams to focus more on meaningful activities like building relationships, finding solutions and shutting deals.

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Why Klenty is best Sales Automation Tools



Powerful Features

  • Prospecting made super easy
  • Importing & managing prospects made it super easy
  • Import prospects from any source
  • – CSV, google sheets, CRM
  • Unlimited Custom Fields and Tags for every prospect
  • Duplicate Detection and Collision Detection to manage prospects

Better email cadence features (Includes Calls)

  • Fully customizable follow-ups with cadences. Start/Pause cadence at any point.
  • Reply Detection ensures that the cadence is stopped on receiving a reply
  • Automatically track bounces, auto-replies, out-of-office replies, etc.
  • Filters to look at prospects who have Replied/ Bounced/ Unsubscribed/ Completed Cadence etc
  • Use A/B Testing to separate test multiple messages, subject lines, and call-to-action items.
  • Add Tasks & Calls as a neighborhood of your workflow

Native CRM integration & other integrations

  • Transfer prospects between Klenty and your CRM effortlessly
  • Build detailed workflows together with your CRM using Triggers and Actions
  • Start/ stop cadences right from inside your CRM. Sync email opens, clicks and replies
  • Don’t see your favorite CRM, our Zapier integration can solve that
  • Get real-time notifications of email opens, clicks replies

Powerful dashboards & Reports

  • An activity dashboard to access the daily performance and a live feed with tracking data
  • Cadence level reports supplying insights about the individual Cadence performance
  • Team reports will show how the team members are performing


Powerful Email Campaigns


  • Klenty’s cadence functionality that powers all of your email campaigns are provided with all the needed leading-edge features, designed to form your sales team win.
  • you’ll send emails in a thread, specify delivery windows for every step of the e-mail sequence, throttle daily email limits.
  • A/B test templates, black list domains, and email ids use unlimited placeholders and custom fields and specify holiday calendars.
  • You furthermore may have replied and bounce detection, prioritize different types of emails, and you’ll add a mixture of emails/calls/ tasks to your cadences.

Great Email Deliverability

  • Email deliverability is that the foundation on which the success of your email campaigns depends. all of your efforts to form a purchase depending upon your emails having the ability to land in your prospect’s inbox.
  • This is why Klenty has built a variety of features that are designed to supply you with superior email deliverability including
  • Variable/random intervals between emails
  • Custom domains for tracking


Native and Tight CRM integrations


  • Klenty offers tight integration capabilities with CRMs like Pipedrive, Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, and Freshsales. you’ve got the power to import, export, set up several automated workflows, sync email opens, etc all from within a tool.
  • Your sales team is going to be ready to found out automated workflows with the CRM during a single click which can save the sales team tons of your time.


Superior Feature Set


  • At Klenty we are constantly releasing new features that are geared towards making your sales teams get more done.
  • The sales team gets a lot of productive boosters and real-time insights because of features like
  • Ability to Import Prospects via Google sheets
  • Gmail Plugin with inbuilt template library that works from within your inbox
  • Ability to derive insights on follow-up with forwarding Email Detection
  • Keep a track of all prospect activities with Template Reports
  • Keep a track of all clicks, page visits, etc on the website with Website Tracking
  • Klenty allows you to send up to 700 emails


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