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Anstrex Alternative will assist you to know perspective over the entire advertising landscape and provides you a replacement level of understanding and awareness about what’s happening, right right right right down to the granular level.

You can even follow your competitors’ campaigns to urge which landing pages they’re using during which GEOs, what their sales page copy seems like, and even assess the standard of their products and customer service.

In short, they provide you the advantage to research every aspect of your competitors’ strategy, so you’ll find your comparable strategy and beat them at their own game with Anstrex Alternative.
You can borrow ideas, see what’s working future and what’s trending immediately, all of which may be wont to create your unique campaigns that establish your unique position within the marketplace.

This ability to reverse engineer competitor campaigns could even be a shortcut to success and should even assist you to urge new offers and elegant opportunities you’ll not have thought of yourself.

You’ll be ready to study what quite content your competition is posting, what links are getting used, and thus the way well the audience engages with differing kinds of content on the ad and find Anstrex Alternative.



Here Best Anstrex Alternative :- 









49$, 99$, 149$..

A total of fifty million ads
Advertising data crawling in 20 countries
Add the newest 10K ads a day

  • Filter By Ad Positions
    Complete visibility
  • Data Of many Ads From 15+ Countries
  • Narrow Down Your Searches
  • Bookmark the simplest Ads
  • Powerful Search Algorithm
  • Engagement Oriented Details
  • Combination of Videos and Image Ads
  • GEO-targeted
    Call to Action Based Sorting




Adplexity may be a tool dedicated to viewing competitors’ Facebook ads. And, Adsplexity divides Facebook ads into 6 categories. They are: desktop, mobile, native, push, e-commerce, and carriers.

AdPlexity eCommerce isn’t a Facebook Ads Spy Tool within the strict sense of the work because it only focuses on eCommerce ads for Facebook.


99 $/m
The Advertising Research tool allows you to trace competitors’ online advertising, supplying you with access to thousands of ad copy examples from your competitors and industry leaders. you’ll see the foremost used calls to action, emotional triggers and brand mentions and tweak your own ad copy supported these insights
  • See samples of live ads
  • Assess the PPC competitive landscape
  • Discover new PPC rivals
  • View keywords in multiple languages






299 $/m

All advertisers, sites, networks and categories
Search for top ads by keyword
Easily identify affiliate campaigns
Filter by country, data range and more
Track recent advertiser, site and network activity




You will find more native ad networks than any spy tool. These include all the main global players also as region specific niche networks.

Millions of ads from many thousands of advertisers and publishers are going to be available at your disposable.

Filter ads quickly by using various filters like Ad-network, Category, Country, Device, Affiliate Network, Tracking Tools etc. Sort the ads by popularity, duration, dates etc.



149 $/m
Detailed statistics for every ads within the sort of diagrams and graphs, and therefore the connection between site and network Widget ID within the table form.
Find new trend products and bundles
See the particular trend of impressions for the chosen period for selected countries and devices
Analyze the competitors of your niche and their activity
Collect data to make an efficient campaign or improve the prevailing one and make profitable bundles supported the received data
Download Landings and Ads in one click

7.Native Ad Buzz

47 $/m
Launch with a bang by using the products, ad text, images and methods that are working online immediately .
Share and learn from other successful internet marketers within the NAB members only mastermind forum.
Condense many hours of tiresome research and analysis to a couple of easy minutes.
Create a library of your favourite ads and campaigns so you’ll quickly reference them later.


249 $

Adbeat may be a competitor social media traffic analysis tool. Adbeat monitors competitors’ advertising strategies to point out users the best-flowing Facebook ads in each domain.

Adbeat is more intelligent and data-oriented. With Adbeat, you’ll better understand your competitors.


99 $

Agorapulse may be a simple but effective social media management software that helps you manage content and increase engagement on Facebook. the most functions of Agorapulse are: publishing content, analyzing data, audience management, and engagement calculations.
Over 23,000 social media managers use our tool daily.

Whether you wish to schedule, reschedule, queue, or bulk upload your posts, we’ve many options to fill your content calendar.

Easily find, filter, and manage your comments, mentions, ad comments, and other important messages.



10. BigSpy

99 $
BigSpy channels:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • AdMob
  • Yahoo

Analysis of advertising data in 40 countries
Crawl creatives in 76 languages

For each page of BigSpy, BigSpy analyzes the advertising time, performance, landing page, characteristics of the audience, and other advertising factors.



The Ad Spy tools assist you in building win-win strategies by spying in your competitor’s shoes. They not only assist you in peeping in their general winning activities of your rival but assist you with:


  • The approach they instigate while targeting their audience regardless of any constraints
  • Attractive discounts and offers they throw to draw in would-be customers
  • Quite videos, images, and thus the link they share to form an impression on customers mind
  • The thought on the number of times they post, when and what they post
  • Synopsis of the customer’s reactions to their post.
  • In-depth analysis of tools employed by them for targeting their customers
  • Understanding of their targeted customers


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