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AdSpy is that the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads in the world. Using our unparalleled array of knowledge and innovative search functionality, uncovering the ads that you simply got to see becomes an easy task.


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Comprehensive data from social media sites put you on top of things of the fastest developing advertising platforms on the web. Global coverage allows you to assess the world’s trends without compromise.



Exhaustive search and filter features will uncover the ads that you simply and your company got to realize , and therefore the simple interface will assist you discover them with ease.


AdSpy Pricing :-


AdSpy offer virtually unlimited usage for just $149 per month




AdSpy Benefits


  • Discover compelling new campaigns
  • Save a fortune on testing campaigns
  • Uncover thriving new products
  • Monitor the competition’s brands
  • Scout for the simplest markets globally
  • Browse ads by what’s most vital



AdSpy offers the foremost search options of any Ad Intelligence Tool, so you’ll find the info you would like , how you would like . Search within the usual way: ad text, URL, page name.


Search true data from user reactions in advert comments. Be as rigorous as you would like to: search or filter by an affiliate network, affiliate ID, Offer ID, landing page technologies – whatever helps you discover the knowledge you’ll work with.

Uncover the Ads you would like to ascertain in one place, with one tool. AdSpy is that the only Ad Intelligence Tool available that comes with top social media data. confirm that you simply aren’t ignoring a platform where you’ll thrive, that others often ignore.



See what hasn’t worked, and what has: ensure your success on these competitive platforms by building on what you recognize will strike a chord with the buyer .

Leave no stone unturned: our ever-expanding collection of ads gives your campaign the best foundation for fulfillment. AdSpy is predicated upon one among the foremost substantial databases of ads you’ll find: 90.5 million+ ads, 88 different languages, across 203 countries.

Controlling the fast, intelligent interface, you’ll glide through vast amounts of knowledge until you’ve got exactly what your campaign needs.



ADSPY Features


Enhanced Basic Search


The features you expect – enhanced. Search by the text within the ad, the advertiser’s name, the amount of likes it’s , the sort of media it uses, etc. Sort the results with clever filters- when was the ad last seen? How do users react? Which ad is that the longest running? AdSpy is as powerful as you would like to form it.


Search Through Comments


With our comment search, social media users are labelling ads for you. Search through ad comments with the keywords you think that are important: monitor competitors’ brands, your own brands, or see what’s had positive or feedback .


Accurate Demographics



Using its unrivaled network of contributors, AdSpy can accurately assess who a billboard is trying to focus on supporting their location, gender, and age range. Your competitors could also be dominating in regions and across markets, you haven’t yet considered: AdSpy can show you all of them.


Calling Affiliates


As affiliates ourselves, we’ve built the tool that we would like to use. you’ll find ads by an affiliate network, or look for specific affiliates and offers. have you ever just been given an excellent offer by your network? Search via the Offer ID and see how others are promoting it. AdSpy also bypasses cloakers to make sure you’ve got flawless information straight from the landing pages.


Big Data


AdSpy simply has the most important pool of knowledge available to you. If a hot product is beginning and drop shippers got to know, you’ll make certain that AdSpy knows already.


Rapid Interface

It’s no small task to look through many records in seconds. Fast servers, efficient programming, clear interfaces, and well-presented data ensure that nothing can slow your research.



AdSpy $50 Off Discount

Discount Code :- MYCODE


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