Top 10 Free Tools Find Who Unfollowed on Instagram

If you’ve got been using Instagram for a short time and you’ve got to accumulate an honest number of followers, you would possibly be anxious about who has unfollowed you up-to-date time. You would possibly want to understand for any number of reasons, both personal and professional, and there are tools to see for unfollowers automatically.


Checking Manually With Instagram


Just as you are doing not automatically get notifications on Facebook or Twitter when someone “unfriends” or “unfollows” you on these social media platforms.

You furthermore may don’t get notified when someone chooses to unfollow you on Instagram.

While it’s going to be convenient if Instagram offered how to see this within most mobile apps itself, this feature is currently not supported.



Here 10 Free Tools about Who unfollowed on instagram


1.Followers & Unfollowers



Followers & Unfollowers

allows you to see insights on your Instagram profile. you’ll easily unfollow 50 people that don’t follow you back. you’ll even white list (starred) people so that they don’t get unfollowed.

It also gives you insight into people that are mutual followers, people whom you’re not following, and even the recent unfollowers of your Instagram profile.

With multiple account logins, you’ll easily switch between different Instagram accounts.



  • Don’t Follow Me Back – people that don’t follow you back on Instagram.
  • Mutual – Mutual followers, people you follow and that they follow you back.
  • Follow Back – People you’re not following on Instagram.
  •  I follow – All people you’re following on Instagram
  • Recent Unfollowers – people that unfollowed you latterly.
  • Starred – Long continue a person from the list of individuals you follow to feature them to your favorite list
  • Mass unfollow – Unfollow up to 50 people with one action.

2.FollowMeter – Unfollowers Analytics for Instagram




FollowMeter is that the easiest method to manage your Instagram account.

Our powerful analytics allow you to access deep insights into your Instagram account, monitor your unfollowers, follower growth, story views, and posts performance.



  • Track unfollowers.
  •  Detect who isn’t following you back.
  • See who views your stories foremost.
  •  See who viewed your stories but isn’t a lover (For public accounts).
  •  See your top likers.
  •  See your secret admirers.
  •  Discover who your ghost followers are.
  •  Track who blocked your account.
  •  See which posts got the most engagement.
  •  Track your accounts engagement with our “Activity Meter”
  •  Add your account to our discover section to urge more exposure.


3.Unfollow Users



Unfollow users for Instagram may be a simple Instagram Manager tool that determines users who don’t follow you back on Instagram.

You’ll not only track non-followers but also unfollow one user or unfollow multiple users at a time. this is often the simplest growth manager tool for Instagram growth and a requirement have for all Instagram users.

you’ll Instafollow other Instagram users.



  • Simple UI to trace non-followers
  • Unfollow one user
  • Unfollow multiple users by tapping multiple times



4. Follower Analyzer for Instagram


Found some interesting profiles on Instagram? got to know who always liked and commented on their post, etc? this is often the app for you. ‘

This app you, not only you’ll get more insight into your profile, but it can also unlock many secrets of your friends. Leave no stone unturned. catch on now!




  • View who unfollowed you on Instagram and who isn’t following you back, track new followers, view fans, and more
  • View follower/followers who NEVER or ALWAYS liked your 


5.Unfollowers 4 Instagram – Check who unfollowed you



Now you’ll list all the users that do not follow you back easily. Unfollowers for Instagram is that the app to research your Instagram account and verify easily who’s not following you back.



  • Connect two accounts simultaneously
  • Check who stopped following you latterly
  • See the accounts you follow but don’t follow you back
  • See who follows you but you do not follow them
  • See who follows you and you follow them (friends)



6. nFollowers – Unfollowers Tracker (PC)


They don’t allow you to know when somebody unfollows you on Instagram. Now you’ll see which friends removed you from their Insta following list.




  • Checking Instagram followers to follows dashboard for your social account
  • Checking who doesn’t follow you back in response
  • Tracking new subscribers


7.UnFollow: for Instagram



If you’ve asked yourself this question quite once, then UnFollowers on Instagram is that the app for you.

Followers on Instagram keeps track of all of your followers. It can show you who UnFollowed you, allowing you to quickly unfollow them back.




  • Track New UnFollowers
  • Track New Followers
  • Track Followers you don’t Follow Back
  • Track Users you Follow that Don’t Follow You


8. Followers Track for Instagram



Your all-in-one Reports for Instagram tracking your Instagram Followers & Likes. Track your unfollowers and new followers in real-time with this install tracker. Get a comprehensive analysis of your Instagram account and engagement of whose liking what photo or video.



  • Get Followers Insight
  • How many new followers+ you’ve got?
  • How many new unfollowers do you have?
  • Who blocked you? Who is a ghost follower?
  • How many likes did you get?
  • Who commented?
  • Which post get the most likes and comments? Which video gets the most views?
  • Who you would possibly have an interest in?
  • Who you liked but not following?
  • Who tagged you?
  • Who has unfollowed you?
  • Unfollow anyone that’s not following you using the unfollow for Instagram, Unfollowing with an easy tap.



9.FollowMeter for Instagram



Track followers, unfollowers, story viewers on Instagram.

FollowMeter is that the fastest and most accurate thanks to analyzing your account.

Our powerful reports tracker allows you to access deep insights into your Instagram account, monitor your follower growth, story views, and post’s performance.



  • Track unfollowers.
  • Detect who isn’t following you back.
  • See who views your stories foremost.
  • See who viewed your stories but isn’t a lover (For public accounts).
  • See your top likers.
  • See your secret admirers.
  • Discover who your ghost followers are.
  • Track who blocked your account.
  • See which posts got the foremost engagement.
  • Track your accounts engagement with our “Activity Meter”




10.Glowinsta (PC)



Seeing your following numbers dropping and not having the ability to try to do something are often mentally exhausting.

it might be hard and time-consuming to look for who unfollowed you by hand, and even then if you’ve got an outsized number of followers, you’ll not be ready to roll in the hay in the least. you’ll fill their void once you Buy Instagram Followers.

However, this is often why GlowInsta again presents you with another free and handy tool to use on PC and mobile, Who Unfollowed Me on the Instagram website.




Enjoy It !


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