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Get 80 % Discount On Iobit Product

1. 2018 IObit Black Friday Special Pack (1 PCs)– Exclusive

Price:- 119.9 & Discount :- 95.91

Discount code :- BFB181023

Includes Free

Advanced SystemCare 12 PRO (1 year/ 1 PCs)- Exclusive
Driver Booster 6 PRO (1 year / 1 PCs)-Exclusive
IObit Malware Fighter 6 PRO (1 year / 1 PCs)- Exclusive

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2. 2018 IObit Black Friday Special Pack (3 PCs)– Exclusive

Price:- 169.79 $ Discount :- 135.89 $

Discount code :- BFB181023

Includes Free

Advanced SystemCare 12 PRO (1 year/ 3 PCs)- Exclusive
Driver Booster 6 PRO (1 year / 3 PCs)-Exclusive
IObit Malware Fighter 6 PRO (1 year / 3 PCs)- Exclusive


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Get Flat 70 % off


1.Iobit 70 % off




Sr No software Value Coupon code Site
1 MacBooster 7 Lite (1 Mac)- Exclusive   49.95USD
BFP181023 Visit
2 MacBooster 7 Lite (3 Mac)- Exclusive 109.95 USD BFP181023 Visit



Driver Booster 6 PRO (1 YEAR, 1 PC)- Exclusive

Driver Booster 6 PRO (1 YEAR, 3 PC)- Exclusive

  16.94 USD









Advanced SystemCare 12 PRO (1 YEAR, 1 PC)- Exclusive

Advanced SystemCare 12 PRO (1 YEAR, 3 PCs)- Exclusive

39.99 USD

69.00 USD







Get Flat 40 % off

2.Edraw Max – All-in-one diagram software for flowchart, org chart and more.


Sr No software Value Coupon code Site
1 Edraw Max Lifetime License 245.00 USD
2 Edraw Max Perpetual License 179.00 USD EDRA-WINT Visit


Edraw Max Subscription License

Edraw Max Renew + Upgrades

99.00 USD

69.00 USD






3. 123FormBuilder    -Build efficient online forms


Sr No software Value Coupon code Site
1 123FormBuilder Platinum Plan — yearly subscription $449.90 t7U9WuQ Visit
2 123FormBuilder Gold Plan — yearly subscription $249.90 t7U9WuQ Visit
3 123FormBuilder Professional Plan — yearly subscription $849.90 t7U9WuQ Visit



Discounted Price
Coupon Code
Iolo Phoenix 360
$79.95$31.98/60% OFF
System Mechanic 18
$49.95$19.98/60% OFF
System Mechanic  18 Pro
$69.95$27.98/60% OFF


Get Flat 83 % off


5.Get Discount


Sr No software Value Coupon code Site
1 DriverMax – 1 year subscription 57.75 USD
1Y-82-WINT-CONT Visit
2 Orange Defender Antivirus – 1 year subscription 35 USD 1Y-70-WINT-CONT Visit

Mondly Premium 33 Languages- Learn Languages

47.99 USD aff20off



Get Flat 40 % off


Sr No software Value Coupon code
1 Genie Timeline Home 10 39.5 $ HAL40 Visit
2 Genie Timeline Home 10 – 2 Pack 59.5 $ HAL40 Visit
3 Genie Timeline Home 10 – 5 Pack 99.5 $ HAL40 Visit
4 Genie Timeline Pro 10 59.95 $ HAL40 Visit
5 Genie Timeline Pro 10 – 3 Pack 89.5 $ HAL40 Visit
6 Genie Timeline Pro 10 – 5 Pack 149.5 $ HAL40 Visit
7 Genie Timeline Server 10 250 $ HAL40 Visit
8 G Cloud app  23.88 $ HAL40 Visit


7.Stellar Data Recovery

Sr No software Value Coupon code
1 Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery- Home 59.99 $ BTS2018 Visit
2 Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Tech 199 $ ED0D6FC874 Visit
3 Stellar Phoenix Window Backup Recovery 149 $ 77A0902DC7 Visit
4 Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional 99 $ 3BA2D3C8FF Visit
5 Premium Bundle Windows

(Video Repair+Photo Recovery+JPEG Repair)

99.99 $ 44971BAEB3 Visit
6 Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

Professional (Windows)

59.99 $ 04FC515C75 Visit


8.Others Data Recovery


Sr No software Value Coupon code Site
1 Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac 89.95 $ 4F85837865 Visit
2 Cisdem DataRecovery for Mac 49.99 $ BF7F894392 Visit
3 Wondershare Data Recovery 49.95 $ CF8D9B035D Visit
4 Cisdem DataRecovery 3 – Single License 49.99 $ 88AE7A21BE Visit
5 Aiseesoft Data Recovery 49.95 $ 29443824DA Visit
Easy Drive Data Recovery Personal License
59 $ 26932E1B3D Visit
7 Erelive Data Recovery for Mac 1 Year 29.99 $ 5B435BF773 Visit
8 Erelive Data Recovery for Windows 1 Year 29.99 $ 7CB2086678 Visit
9 Kernel Windows Data Recovery – Home License 49 D12E0BEFAD Visit
10 4Videosoft iOS Data Recovery for Mac 39 $ 0593A755BB Visit



9. IObit


Sr No software VALUE Coupon code Site
1 IObit Malware Fighter 6 PRO/1 PC) 29.95 $ 36FD38412C Visit
2 IObit Malware Fighter 6 PRO/3 PC)   39.95 $ 963F1916A6 Visit
3 Smart Defrag 6 PRO/1 PC) 19.99 E6A6AAAB57 Visit
4 Smart Defrag 6 PRO/3 PC) 29.99 $ 7592158E3E Visit
5  Driver Booster 6 PRO/1 PC) 22.95 $ E366F2B625 Visit
6 Driver Booster 5 PRO/1 PC) 24.95 $ 0C7F1EF08A Visit
7 IOTransfer 3 PRO  (12 Months / 1 PC) 21.99 $ 5C5AB776AC Visit
8 IOTransfer 3 PRO (Lifetime / 3 PC) 29.95 $ BC44B0186D Visit
9 MacBooster 7 Lite (1 Mac) 39.95 $ 2C2F57A3A5 Visit
10 MacBooster 7 Standard (3 Macs)   59.95 $ D4E8E69F67 Visit


10.Bitdefender – Upto 50 % off


Sr No software Value Coupon code Visit
1 Total Security 2019 89.99 $
2 Internet Security 2019 59.99 $ BTS2019AVANGATE Visit
3 Antivirus Plus 2019 39.99 $ BTS2019AVANGATE Visit
4 Family Pack 2019 89.99 $ BTS2019AVANGATE Visit
5 Antivirus for Mac 2019 89.99 $ BTS2019AVANGATE Visit



11.ESF Database Migration Toolkit – 


The software will automatically migrate all table structures, data, schemas(Oracle, SQL Server 2000 or higher, PostgreSQL), LOBs(Large Text/Binary Objects), primary/foreign keys, indexes, auto-increment(serial), comments and default values and more.


Sr No               software    Value Coupon code Site
1 ESF Database Migration Toolkit -Professional Edition

– Single User License

299 USD
3320A64A00 Visit
2 ESF Database Migration Toolkit –

Professional Edition – 2 Licenses Pack

508 USD 7C93A212DD Visit




ESF Database Migration Toolkit –

Professional Edition – 5 Licenses Pack


ESF Database Migration Toolkit –

Professional Edition – 10 Licenses Pack

972 USD




1749 USD













12. Top Forex trading software


Sr No software Value Coupon code Site
1 Forex Robotron Basic Package 299 $ 584707D3B3 Visit
2 Forex Robotron Standard Package 499 $ 618EB50BD8 Visit
3 Forex Robotron Premium Package 999 $ 52102C6A32 Visit
4 FXStabilizer EUR 265 $ 684451FC54 Visit
5 FXSecret Premium Plan 645 $ 0AC04277FF Visit
FXSecret Luxury Plan
975 $ 56C00311A9 Visit
7 WallStreet Forex Robot 2 Evolution 237 $ 41D372CBA8 Visit
8 WallStreet Forex Robot Full License 449 $ AF506B0A0C Visit
9 Forex Earth Robot all pair 199 $ E1CAB14937 Visit
10 Forex Trend Detector 187 $ EB1492A495 Visit
11 Forex Freedom System Robot 197 $ DFE00ED1D7 Visit
Forex Freedom System Manual
147 $ 80332AD2ED Visit
13 Drive Forex Metals 1 License 1000 $ 6443FAEC3C Visit
14 Volatility Factor EA + Forex Trend Detector 374 $ 2F55FFC453 Visit

Forex Diamond EA + Forex Trend Detector

374 $ F5F1E82F6B Visit
16 Riello Forex Expert Advisor 349 $ 65677A841A Visit

How to easily start your own online selling website with Kajabi

Kajabi : the one-stop solution for all your e-Commerce Website needs

Image result for Kajabi

Have you ever wanted to start a business on the internet? You probably have, and there is a good chance you might have already tried a few different things, but haven’t found the type of success you are looking for.

How to easily start your own online selling website with KajabiWhen it comes to making money or running a business on the internet, you have to understand a few different things. The first thing you must know is that it’s really you against the world. There are currently over a billion active website on the internet today, which means you are going to need to compete against all of them if you want to acquire new customers and build a brand for yourself.

 you get started with an online business -Kajabi

However, the opportunity for starting a business of your own has simply never been better. The startup costs for an online business are quite minimal, compared to what it would cost if you wanted to start a new franchise or retail-based business.

On top of that, once you get started with an online business, there are plenty of powerful tools to help you along the way. Just like GoDaddy has made a business model out of making it easy for anyone to register a domain name and get started with a website of their own, there are plenty of other brands, services, and tools that make running an online business just as well.

How to easily start your own online selling website with KajabiOne such example is Kajabi — an all-in-one solution for selling, marketing and delivering products and services online.

To help you with the process of getting your online business up and running like never before, we are going to dive into the many benefits, features and tools available with Kajabi.

Let’s get started!

Kajabi – The Platform of Choice of Online Sellers

How to easily start your own online selling website with Kajabi

When looking at any service or tool that was created to help grow a business and increase sales, it’s easy to say “they are the best” and just go from there. However, Kajabi already has years of experience in the world of content creation, selling, marketing — while also working with some of the most successful brands, marketers, entrepreneurs and experts in the world today. With experts like James Wedmore and Chalene Johnson relying on Kajabi to power their online businesses, there is no doubt you can accomplish the same business model with Kajabi to power your business.

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of tools and services to choose from when running a business online. You might have a solution for your content creation, web hosting, mailing list and even accepting payments from your site. While this may seem like an ideal business model, it’s actually quite flawed. One of the biggest problems here is that you are working with multiple solutions, which aren’t actually connecting or integrating with each other. At the same time, you are likely wasting a lot of money by paying for each of these services on a monthly basis.

How to easily start your own online selling website with Kajabi

This is something Kajabi has always focused their efforts on — which was to clean up this confusing process and offer everything your business needs under one powerful solution.

If you’ve ever wanted to sell digital products, online courses or even start your own membership site, Kajabi can have you up and running in no time.

How Kajabi Makes the Process of Online Business Easy

For the average person, the thought of starting or running a business on the internet can be quite overwhelming. Years ago this might have been the case, as you would be responsible for creating a website from scratch or hiring an expensive designer to do the work for you.

A lot has changed over the years, and now it’s dead-simple and easy for anyone to start an online business — especially when using the Kajabi platform. Kajabi took a different approach with how their customers create a new account and start a business online. Instead of offering a wide range of options and different methods to choose from, Kajabi simply walks you through the process of entering information about your business, products, and services, then create your site in the process.

How to easily start your own online selling website with Kajabi

In short, as a customer of Kajabi, you will never need to touch a line of code or ‘learn how to design a website’. With their simple drag-and-drop system, everything is set up in a way that a first-time internet user can still set up their online business like a professional and in the fastest amount of time possible.

Other advantages of setting up your online business with Kajabi, is that they have all of the necessary tools, features and technology in place for you. A perfect example of this would be their site design tool, which allows you to pick a theme for your site, while also having it create the inner pages of your site and always being completely responsive to tablets, desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

Tools and Features within Kajabi

How to easily start your own online selling website with Kajabi

In addition to the many tools and features Kajabi offers just in the aspect of site design and content creation, it’s really quite amazing. However, that’s only scratching the surface of what’s available for customers of Kajabi and the features available to further promote the success of your business.

  • Sales Tools – With just a few clicks of a button, your online business will quickly have everything it needs to start accepting online payments right through your site. With a powerful built-in payments system in place, visitors will never leave your site… thus increasing conversions and trust at all times. The options are also there to create upsell products, custom offers, coupons and even setting up your own affiliate program.
  • Member Management – If you want to run a successful business, you need to know as much about your members and customers as possible. With Kajabi, this is all too simple. View all members and customers through the “Member List” within your account, while also viewing the status and activity of each profile, simply by clicking their name. In addition to the monitoring of your members, you can also setup a support area or sending out custom announcements at any given time.
  • Marketing – When it comes to the long-term growth of your business, marketing is key. This is also a breeze when you have a business built on the Kajabi platform. With a custom landing page builder and beautiful pre-built landing pages to choose from, creating special offering and pre-sell pages takes just minutes, instead of hours. From within your Kajabi account, you can also create custom forms, build capture leads, set up email broadcasts and track everything through your email and site analytics.

While Kajabi offers everything you need to get your business up and running, some business owners still have their own preferred outside tools and solutions. For times like these, Kajabi made sure they not only work with plenty of outside solution, but they made sure to make the integration process as simple as possible as well. Want to connect your account to ClickFunnels, Aweber, Google Analytics, Facebook, Paypal (and many more tools)? Simply log in to your account, head over to the integrations section and just plug in the required information and you are ready to go!

How to Get Started with Kajabi

As you can see, Kajabi offers everything a business owner needs to get started and selling online. As a member of their service, you will also have access to Kajabi University, which is their online training and video course to help you with the process of starting, growing and scaling your business in size. This is just an extra added benefit for all Kajabi customers.

Packages start at just $103 per month (when billed annually). Each package was created with the end user and the size of their business in mind. As your business grows and scales, you may find that the premium packages are more inline with your needs. The Pro plan is $311/month and the Premium plan is $719/month. The biggest differences between these plans is the number of products you’d like to sell and how many admin users and members you will have accessing your site. Best of all, you can get started with any of the plans mentioned above, with a simple 14-day free trial to try everything out.

How to easily start your own online selling website with Kajabi

Kajabi has helped thousands of people get their businesses started online. Now it’s time for you to do the same.

60 % Discount Bluehost Coupon in Web Hosting + FREE Domain

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The Best Web Hosting Benefit

  • Starting at $7.99 $3.95/month*
  • FREE Domain
  • FREE Site Builders
  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • 24/7 Support

You Can Get Step By Step Help

How to Install WordPress with Bluehost
How To Use Bluehost cPanel & Dashboard
How to Install WordPress using Mojo Marketplace
Complete Guide To Redirect 404 Page To Homepage In WordPress

Top 10 Best Website Hosting Services of 2018

The current global hosting market size is estimated at around $ 12.3 Billion. To top that, it is poised to grow at the expected rate of 26% over the next 4 years. Web hosting is growing on daily basis , There Has Of Lost lot of hosting website in the world . You always confused about which hosting is good or not . Today I am going to share Top 10 Hosting service Provide by website .


1.Bluehost- Best Hosting for WordPress another fine web hosting provider. You are getting confused when you have to choose between hostgator and bluehost because both are the best at the web hosting services. But cpanel of bluehost is awesome.

You can find lots of options in cpanel that is very useful to manage and host your website. Bluehost’s one click script install options is also awesome because you can easily install wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Zencart etc. Last its customer service is also best like hostgator.

Advanced Features                                Basic Features
1 Free Domain                                        Price: $3.49
Host 1 domain                                        100GB Disk Space
$100 Marketing Credit                      Unlimited Transfer                                                                                                    Anytime Money Back                           Unlimited Emailbox

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Discount Coupon

50 % + 1 free Domain  on web hosting




2.Hostgator -Best web Hosting mostly popular for its web hosting service. provides various types of hosting like shared hosting means host a website at low cost, Reseller Hosting means if you want to start your own web hosting business, VPS hosting means hosting on your virtual private server.

Hostgator has mastered in all these types of hosting. It also provides Dedicated serves to host your large websites to server. Now it also provides service for domain registration. We used hostgator and its live chat support is awesome. If you are new to buying a domain or hosting a website they are ready to help you at any time at free of cost.

Advanced Features                              Basic Features                                                                    

   Automatical Data Backup              Price: $3.49
Host 2 domain                                   Unlimited Space
Free SSD                                             Unlimited Transfer                                                                                                         Anytime Money Back                      Unlimited Emailbox

    Visit Today

Discount Coupon

Create A Website For Just One Cent For Your First Month! Use Coupon: 1CENT.

Save 40% on HostGator’s Revamped VPS Packages. Limited Time Only!



3. –  Best Business Hosting

On you can host your website at 1.99$ per month. This Web hosting provider provides features like Search Engine and Marketing Credits, Free Online Store, Site Building Tools, Unlimited Email Address and Disk space. You can buy various types of suite from ipage like Security Suite for business verification, daily spam scan, highly secure data center, Marketing Suite for 100$ Google Adwords, 25$ yahoo/bind credit, 50$ facebook credit and site analytics software, support suite for 24/7 phone/email/chat support, Design Suite for blog, media, online store.

Advanced Features                            Basic Features
Automatical Data Backup                Price: $3.49
Host 2 domain                                     Unlimited Space
Free SSD                                               Unlimited Transfer                                                                                                         Anytime Money Back                       Unlimited Emailbox

   Visit Today

Discount Coupon

Free 1-year Domain Registration with $1.95/month hosting plan.
iPage Plan on sale only $2.25 – Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Transfer, Unlimited E-mails & Site building tools.


in-motion-hosting-logo-590x129 Fast VPS Hosting

if you are residing in us, and thinking about hosting website or buying a hosting panel,
then you must checkout the plans from inmotion hosting, they already giving lots of benefits to us customers on business hosting, reseller hosting or virtual private server or dedicated server hosting.
they alredy gives all these type of hosting at fair cost, plus they are giving lots of marketing credits to market your business

  Advanced Features                             Basic Features
1 free domain                                     Price: $3.99
Host unlimited domains                Unlimited Space
$75 Marketing Credit                      Unlimited Transfer                                                                                                                     90 Days MoneyBack                        Unlimited Emailbox

InMotion Affordable Hosting – More Info


5. Best web Hosting

Perhaps few are in the business of domains and Web hosting industry who don’t know about one of the best web hosting provider and domain registrar in the world of web. Godaddy provides services like buy a domain, build your website using godaddy website builder, Web hosting Provider, get business emails to send bulk emails, SSL certificates to secure your important website, and also provides services like seo and ppc advertising.

You can also become affiliate of godaddy and sale their services and earn huge commissions. We also buy a domain from godaddy at the cost of only 2.95$ for year and web hosting at only 1.99$ per month using it’s  So for my point of view it is the cheapest domain registrar and web hosting provider in the world.

Advanced Features                       Basic Features
1 free domain                                   Price: $3.96
Host unlimited domains              Unlimited Space
99% Uptime                                      Unlimited Transfer                                                                                                                300% Wind Power                           Unlimited Emailbox


  Join Today




6. Dream Host – Best Business Managed  Hosting

Dream Host standard shared hosting plan has long been competitive and robust, with great support for developers. For non-techies who want a fast website that’s easy to setup and manage, Dream host is also a great choice. They provide all the tools you need to create a beautiful website with easy account management, plus 24/7/365 support and a 97-day money back guarantee.

Advanced Features                       Basic Features
1 free domain                                   Price: $2.5
Host 1 domain                                  100GB Disk Space
99% Uptime                                       Unlimited Transfer                                                                                                               Anytime Money Back                    Unlimited Email box

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7.SiteGround-  Best Personal Hosting

Siteground on of best  web host. Not only for their outstanding user satisfaction rating, but also for their long list of features and plans, which can be carefully tailored to suit you.They host more than a quarter of a million domains, manage 1,000s of servers across three countries and over the last 30 days had an uptime of 99.99%.

Advanced Features                       Basic Features
1 free domain                                   Price: $6.95
Free CloudFlare CDN                      20GB Disk Space
99% Uptime                                       Unlimited Transfer                                                                                                               Anytime Money Back                    Unlimited Email box

    Join Today


8.GreenGeeks -Best Business Hosting

GreenGeeks is not only the industry’s leading green energy web hosting company, it is also a provider of great services like free domain registration and tools for site building and advertising to help you create and market your website.

Independently owned since 2008 and boasting over 300,000+ websites, California-based GreenGeeks offers top quality hardware while still being the most eco-friendly hosting company in the world. Their shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated solutions are packed with features and benefits, including money back and up-time guarantees.

Advanced Features                       Basic Features
1 free domain                                   Price: $20
2 Google Apps for Work                 30GB Disk Space
DDoS & intrusion protection        Unlimited Transfer                                                                                                            Custom SSL certificate                   Unlimited Email box


   GreenGeeks Main Page


9.Milesweb – Best Uptime and Support

Being an educational portal, a lot of things are dependent on the website. The website features information related to the latest events and news, photo gallery and new member sign up.

MilesWeb provided us with the perfect hosting platform that works very well for us. The customer support is excellent and we get the best service whenever needed. Happy to be a part of MilesWeb.

Advanced Features                       Basic Features
Host 1 domain                                   Price: $20
Free CloudFlare CDN                      Unlimited Space
Anytime Money Back                    Unlimited Transfer                                                                                                             Custom SSL certificate                   Unlimited Email box



10. Fatcow – Personal Web Hosting

The Original FatCow is just another name for a shared hosting plan. This plan has an introductory price of $3.15 a month, but it renews for $8.95 a month.That’s a steep increase after the first month. The plans include unlimited email addresses, disk space, and bandwidth. You’ll also get $50 in social networking credits when you sign up for a shared plan. Plus, you’ll get 1GB of JustCloud storage and access to a free website builder and domain name. These tools will help you set your site up.

Advanced Features                       Basic Features
Host 1 domain                                   Price: $3.49
1 Free Domain                                   100GB Disk Space
Anytime Money Back                    Unlimited Transfer                                                                                                                    Free Global CDN                               Unlimited Email box

Discount Coupon
Register now and get 65% off your initial purchase of the FatCow hosting plan.

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