Top 12 WordPress chat room plugins of 2024 (Updated 2024)

Chatting in real time with other members of your online community is a great way to build relationships and exchange ideas. But what if you don’t have time to visit individual websites? Fortunately, there are several WordPress chat room plugins that can help you get the conversation started right on your site.


What are chat room plugins?

Chat room plugins are WordPress plugins that allow you to create chat rooms on your blog. Chat rooms can be used to host discussion forums, Q&A sessions, or just a place to talk with friends.

There are many different chat room plugins available, so it can be tough to decide which one to use. The best way to find a chat room plugin is to search for it on the WordPress Plugin Directory or ask other bloggers for recommendations.

Here are some of the most popular chat room plugins:

-Chatology: This plugin allows you to create and manage a variety of chat rooms on your blog.

-Chatter: This plugin allows you to create and manage a variety of chat rooms on your blog.

-ChatPress: This plugin allows you to create and manage a variety of chat rooms on your blog.


1.WP Meeting Virtual Room


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This unique WordPress plugin adds a virtual room on your website, where you can work with other users in real-time. You can chat, share pictures, customize your avatar and show any element of the site in real-time.
There is also a real calendar to organize your meetings, email notifications, allowed users management and the history of the room.

2.Book an appointment online PRO


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Book a meeting online PRO for WordPress – plugin for an online doctor, hairdresser, stylist, and other appointments. an ideal choice for medical centers, beauty salons, hair shops, car services.

Your employees can provide services remotely directly from a phone or computer via video conference with built-in live chat. Video conferencing works within the format employee-client (2 users in the room)




3.WordPress Chat Room


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The chatroom is a WordPress chatroom, a group chat plugin. This plugin will work in any user-based WordPress blog, forum, community, directory, eCommerce, or BuddyPress website.

This plugin uses BuddyPress for group chat and all users can chat in a chatroom and can privately chat with each other also. You can create BuddyPress group and control members.


4.MoonLight Forum System – WordPress Plugin


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MoonLight presents the most complete and easy to use bulletin board system ever, Simply install the plugin on your WordPress website and start creating your own community





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Easy installation
Multiple channels
Private messaging
Kick/Ban or Ignore Users
Clickable Hyperlinks
Flood control





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LiveChat might be a feature-rich superior live chat support that, concerning the depth of interface and functionality, is possibly the easiest all-purpose live chat plug on this listing.

That does not indicate yet another tool is not better for your distinctive situation — that one simply does lots of stuff nicely and includes a fantastic interface.

Whilst LiveChat does not offer you a complimentary plan, it will have a 30-day free trial (no Mastercard demanded ), which implies you check out everything without spending a dime.

Gains from live chat Boost sales

Live chatting will probably accelerate your customer support and positively affect your sales. Utilize LiveChat to help your customers exactly when they want it. This implies more buys and also a higher average purchase value. Solve customer

Issues in a flash LiveChat is the quickest way to assist your clients. And they will feel that, too. Cut prices

One live chat broker can speak with various clients at one time and still maintain the same high customer satisfaction prices. This extra efficiency will lower your total spending on client services.



Following the 14-day free trial, LiveChat’s plans begin at $16 a month (yearly ) or $19 a month (month-to-month). That cost is a”chair”, which is a”logged in a representative”.

So for $19 a month, you will have as many broker accounts as you’d like, but merely one of those agents is usually logged in at a moment.



  • Plenty of features are available from the box
  • Very Great onboarding that’ll get you started Easily
  • Amazing service available 24/7 to all Clients





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JivoChat is an expert Live Chat service which delivers a variety of excellent attributes for all sorts of companies to begin to talk to the end consumer proactively. Your chat broker can describe the logic of this conversation window to interact with end-users immediately, making it simpler for the chat representatives to perform their jobs efficiently.

JivoChat has showcased plenty of easy-to-use and cool features for the staff to earn more productive earnings.

All of the attributes are mainly categorized under these tabs

  • Callback
  • Facebook Pairing
  • API for Programmers
  • Integrations


Managing several chats is simple to manage with JivoChat, it is possible to gather your visitor’s advice on the opposing side of the display like the place, social profiles.

Linking with the audience where they’re 

  • Typing penetration: Watch the messages which people live typing before they hit”send”
  • Quick terms & canned answers
  • Quick website load time: Jivo scripts are loaded asynchronously.
  • Highlight Particular items on your Site for you






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Crisp Live chat applications is a superior software supplying support for internet sales and client services. Its easy user interface makes it effortless to use and create your discussion with clients powerful. It’s an excellent engagement instrument for a company that assists with organizing assistance and thus boosting earnings. Crisp Live chat software is extremely intuitive and simple to use and user-friendly applications help to handle incoming conversations simpler for the broker.


Few useful features are:


  • The unlimited chatbox
  • Chat with unlimited visitors.
  • Access Crisp from all of your devices.
  • Reply to your chats instantly.
  • Continue your chat via email even if your visitor goes offline.
  • See what your visitor is typing before sending.
  • For a specific feature, Crisp has plugins for that.





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LiveAgent is an easy and intuitive multichannel helpdesk software that helps SMBs give exceptional customer support across all channels — societal websites, telephone, email, and discussion.

It is a feature-rich solution that’s outfitted with over 175 customer service tools such as ticketing, Facebook ticketing, built-in Live Chat, ticket supply, online private portal, call center integration, and Twitter monitoring.

LiveAgent now serves over 30,000 brands globally and is ideal for companies that are seeking to arrange customer service, connect with clients, and supply timely answers when clients need assistance.

The platform enables businesses to sort all communication by priority to remain on top of multichannel client requests. Firms flock to LiveAgent due to the organization’s economical pricing, clean interface, and call center integration.


The principal advantages of all LiveAgent are its extensive integrations, customizable structure, and intuitive interface. Here are a lot of this product’s advantages:


  • Chat-style service with all customer connections arranged into a single thread
  • Supports email, chat, voice, opinions forms, social networking, and much more
  • One of its numerous Benefits, LiveAgent provides a Complete view of what clients sort in their chatbox so you are prepared to react when they complete
  • Rules to automatically assign tickets into sections or brokers
  • Insert custom CRM areas to connections to keep tabs on everything






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Pure Chat is a live chat helpdesk system that you can incorporate into any site regardless of which type of content or code management system you use for your industry. Whether you’re trying to boost sales, increase the value of every site visitor that lands on your page, or lessen the cost of your present helpdesk, Actual Chat does not disappoint and provides a 100% free plan so you can get started without paying a single cent.

Actual Chat makes the bold claim that you can put in their Actual Chat live chat helpdesk with practically zero effort on any site.

Actual Chat has a large array of innovative features and avails data to your company which would be impossible to obtain elsewhere. For example, you may readily see at what times the requirement for live chat service are in peaking, so you can get the best use of your time and lessen the cost of live chat support.

You can also have a dynamic real-time view of every website visitor, which means you can manually message them whenever they’re lingering on a check-out page, or viewing your product and service list without taking action.



11.Provide Support


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Provide Support is a Live Chat service that may be implemented on sites and operated as a third-party customer. There are lots of customizable aspects of the particular tool, and using live chat which can be found on your website is a procedure that may be finished in a couple of minutes.


Easy Integration with Your Site

Whether you’re operating Wix, WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Shopify, or some other stage, the live chat may be utilized with almost any Content Management System (CMS).

Integration can be accomplished by adding a code snippet into your HTML code or via a plugin setup. It is simple. You do not have to be tech-savvy to receive Supply Support up and functioning on your site.



  • Adaptive Live Chat Customizations
  • Change messenger window shade
  • Utilize custom operator photographs
  • Establish offline behavior







Olark includes a simplistic layout and its interface is quite slick. It’s equipped with innovative features and robust integration which makes it possible for people to handle and earn customer connections readily.

The software also creates great insights which assist the business collect data about exactly what its clients are searching for, where they will need to enhance, what will be the busiest hours.

This information is frequently utilized to learn about the organization’s performance and comprehend its customer base better.



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Olark Live Chat options in a couple of bullet points:

• it’s simple to use. It facilitates the observation of prospects and allows you to serve your customers the best by demonstrating where your site lacks.

• It assists convert prospects in sales by helping every client that needs aid and participates users on the site.

• It eases customization opportunities that incorporate the live chat feature seamlessly together with the website.


Chat rooms are a great way to connect with other WordPress users and learn new things. If you’re looking for plugins that will add features to your chat room, like live video or group messaging, be sure to check out our list of the best WordPress chat room plugins. These plugins make it easy for you to create a chat room and invite people, track activity in the chat room, and more.

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