Top 4 Best Pay Per Click (PPC ) Networks 2024

Pay Per Click or PPC advertisements are another way of making money with your website or blog. Most of the Websites are today depended on Google AdSense but having another source of revenue can help you earn more.

There are different types of advertisement programs like Pay Per Click, Cost per Sale, Cost Per Action, etc. Google AdSense pays you when someone clicks on Ads. CPA program pays you when some action is done like filling a form etc. but to earn with PPC ad nothing needs to be done.


Core Popads 

CORE PopAds is a new pop-type ad exchange network. They are working with more than 200+ DSP partners, E/I Advertisers. The platform by Core PopAds is easy to use for everyone ( they are using ADM Server ).

 They offer standard types of pop ads with frequency caps 1/24, 1/12, 1/8, and 1/1. All websites are pre-approved for a quick start with monetizing. They also offer great CPM bids offered from our many DSP partners. The payouts are quick as they send out publishers’ payments strictly on time on a NET 5 basis (on the 5th day in the new calendar month ) with a minimum balance of only 10.00 EUR.

Minimum Payout 10 Euro

Payment Method PayPal, Skrill

Ad Serving International



2. Qupads


QupAds is a self-serve advertising platform that connects lots of advertisers and publishers worldwide. QupAds claims to have more than 7500 publishers and 2300 active campaigns at the moment. The ad formats include Display Ads, Notification Bar, Mobile Ads, Text Ads, and Popunders. They pay publishers on CPM and CPC basis. You get paid on a Net 30 basis if you have reached the minimum threshold of $100. The support is quite fast and they usually reply within 3 hours. The statistics are in real-time.

Minimum Payout $100

Payment Method PayPal, Payoneer, Payza

Ad Serving International


3. Adkode


AdKode was established by a group of advertising and marketing executives. They work with thousands of interest-based websites and market best-in-class ad management platforms to deliver results to advertisers and webmasters alike. They claim to have more than 3000 publishers currently using them. The platform is easy to use combined with lots of features. You can monetize your website using their banner, pop up, popunder, and direct link ad format.

Publishing Features:

– A wide variety of web and mobile formats to monetize all your inventory.

– Get detailed statistics on your placement in real-time.

– Monetize traffic from every country with a 100% fill rate.

– Every single campaign goes through manual and automatic tests before going live on your site.

– You will have a dedicated account manager who will help you instantly via Skype/Email.




AdMachine is an online advertising platform that works as an ad exchange as well as an ad network. Regarding the ad exchange, with AdMachine, you can build your customized network with their white label solution. AdMachine is a 100% SaaS product which means you need just a domain to start since everything is hosted in a cloud.

At the AdMachine platform, advertisers can buy traffic from any sources across AdMachine based publisher networks. Currently, two traffic types are available:

– audience traffic (primarily used for Alexa, SEO, banner arbitrage),

– pops traffic (intended for getting conversions).

Using their white label model, you can set up:

– advertiser platform, meaning that you can gain profit from advertisers spend after they sign up,

– publisher platform, allowing to register publishers and set publisher commissions,

– advertiser and publisher network, where you can make money from selling traffic to advertisers and setting a commission on publishers revenues.

Minimum Payout – $10

Payment Frequency – Bi-Weekly

Payment Method – PayPal, Wire Transfer

Ad Serving – International


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