Top 3 Best iPhone Whatsapp Recovery Software 2019

WhatsApp is a popular chatting mobile application that does not need any introduction. No matter what all apps you have in your Smartphone, this is the one mobile app that certainly will be there. WhatsApp allows you to chat as well as make calls to anyone around the world, without any charges. You just need an internet connection for this.

Here 3 Best iPhone Whatsapp Recovery Software

1. iMyFone iPhone WhatsApp Recovery for Mac     –   


2. Tenorshare WhatsApp Recovery for Mac


3. WhatsApp Pocket for Mac


When it comes to using Whatsapp on iPhone, it is a whole different experience. Although, Whatsapp works on Android mobile devices too, iPhone users are increasingly using this chat app. However, sometimes iPhone users too can face problems related to Whatsapp. For instance, they can accidentally uninstall Whatsapp from their iPhone. Or, they can unintentionally delete the messages on the Whatsapp, in which case some important Whatsapp data is also deleted

Hear We can Start:-

  1. iMyFone iPhone WhatsApp Recovery for Mac – Best Over

Price:- 49.95 $


iMyFone iPhone WhatsApp Recovery customizes the recovery process, which means you can choose the WhatsApp files you would like to recover instead of recovering all the files including those unnecessary ones.

It will scan your iPhone or iPhone backup file for the lost WhatsApp messages first and then lets you preview & choose the conversations you want to recover.

Besides recovering the lost/deleted WhatsApp conversations, iMyFone iPhone WhatsApp Recovery also allows you to back up or export the existing/deleted messages to your computer as a HTML or CSV file for further use like reading or printing.

2. Tenorshare WhatsApp Recovery for Mac

Price :- 24.95


Tenorshare Whatsapp Recovery for Mac recovers, exports all WhatsApp chats history and contacts from iPhone, iPad Air/mini 2/4/mini, iPod Touch 5/4 to Mac. No matter you have iTunes backup file or not, you can easily retrieve WhatsApp messages and contacts either from iTunes backup or directly from device without backup.

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery is the top-ranking data recovery software which can easily recover all deleted or lost data directly from iPhone without any backup file, restore iPhone data from iTunes backup file or restore iPhone data from iCloud backup. With high functionality, it can retrieve lost data from damaged, crashed, broken or smashed iPhone, and retrieve lost data after jailbreak, iOS upgrade, factory setting. Key features of Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery are: 1. 3 smart data recovery modes are provided: Restore data directly from iPhone without backup file.

3. WhatsApp Pocket for Mac

Price :- 24.95

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WhatsApp Pocket automatically can detect and load your iTunes and iCloud backup files. It also allows you to choose specific backup file from multiple data files.

This useful application converts contact information into VCF file to import them into webmail or outlook easily.

Tansee iOS Message Transfer Review and discount 2019

Tansee iOS Message Transfer Discount –

Sr No software Value Coupon code Site
1 Tansee iOS Message Transfer (MAC) 1 year License 19.95 $ 458ABBF28A Visit
2 Tansee iOS Message Transfer (MAC) 3 years License 29.95 $ C899DE108E Visit
3 Tansee iOS Message Transfer (Windows) – 1 year license 19.95 $ 680A86BFF4 Visit

In this Tansee iOS Message Transfer Review we will find out if in fact this utility makes backing up messages on your iOS device easier. Even though the iPhone is arguably one of the most popular smartphones with an easy to use interface and a relatively bug-free experience many aspects of it continue to be frustrating. Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of using an iPhone or switching to a new one is backing up and restoring messages. “How to backup contacts on iPhone” is probably one of the most searched terms with heated debates across all public forms online.

Backup iPhone/iPod/iPad SMS & iMessage & MMS

Backup iPhone/iPod/iPad WhatsApp Messages

Backup iPhone/iPod/iPad Facebook Messenger Messages

Backup iPhone/iPod/iPad Contacts & Contact Photos

Extract/Recover SMS&MMS&iMessage&WhatsApp&Messenger Messages from iTunes Backup

  • Extract/Recover Contacts and Contact Photos from iTunes Backup
  • Retrieve Deleted Messages Directly from iPhone/iPad/iPod
  • Retrieve Deleted Messages by extracting iTunes backup files
  • Print SMS&MMS&iMessage&WhatsApp&Messenger Messages
  • Convert HEIC & HEIF images in messages to jpg format
  • Backup
    a.SMS & iMessage & MMS
    b.WhatsApp Messages
    c.Facebook Messenger Messages
    d.Contacts & Contact Photos
    (including attached photos, audios, videos, and other attachments) to PC in exactly the same way the messages appear on your iPhone.
  • Extract & Recover SMS & iMessage & MMS & WhatsApp Messages & Facebook Messenger Messages from iTunes Backup file.
  • Print Messages out and have them be seperated by date and “sender” and “receiver”.
  • Retrieve Deleted Messages Directly from iPhone/iPad/iPod without iTunes backup.
  • Convert HEIC & HEIF images in messages to jpg format.
  • Support All Generations of iPhone (iPhone XS, iPhone XS MAX, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone)
  • Support All Generations of iPad & iPad Mini
  • Support All Generations of iPod Touch
  • Support iOS 1 to iOS 12
  • Print SMS & MMS & iMessage (PDF &HTML & JPG & TEXT)
  • Support Group Message
  • Edit SMS & MMS & iMessage (ANTS file only)
  • Password protection (ANTS file only)

Edraw Max Pro review and discount 2019 | Best diagram software

Edraw Max pro is a multi-purpose illustration software program which I use in creating network diagrams , business presentations , fashion designs ,uml diagrams mind maps,Matrix scheme, workflows ,database flow and so much more, in a professional looking manner.

Edraw’s user interface as it is intuitive and easy to navigate around,it has also got a fast learning curve ,majorly due to the annotations on every symbol on this program ; making it easy for newcomers to the world of process mapping,to have a brief and quick grasp of the basic rules behind the art of mapping processes.

Edraw Max Pro Coupon Codes (All-in-one diagram software for flowchart, org chart and more.)

Sr No software Value Coupon code Site
1 Edraw Max Lifetime License 245.00 USD
0E7C0B616F Visit
2 Edraw Max Perpetual License 179.00 USD BFFDDFE3CC Visit


Edraw Max Subscription License

Edraw Max Renew + Upgrades

99.00 USD

69.00 USD






One Diagram Tool for All Purposes

1.Office Efficiency


I. Flowchart

Flowchart Maker is a cross-platform flowchart design program which is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux systems. It offers a drag-and-drop interface and a large variety of built-in symbols for flowchart, data flow diagram, BPMN and work flow diagram design. No matter you are a novice or a professional, you can deal with it at first sight and make marvelous flowcharts with only a few mouse clicks.

II.Organizational Chart

OrgCharting helps create professional-looking and data-interactive organizational charts. Easily facilitates strategic planning and workforce management.

III.Chart and Graph

Chart maker provides a super easy method to make column, bar, pie, line, area, scatter, spider and gauges charts. It contains built-in chart templates which can be easily edited through button clicking. Data import is also available. It makes data visualization extraordinarily easy and visually engaging.

IV.Mind Map


Edraw Mind Map software helps create presentation-looking mind maps on Mac, Windows and Linux. It lets you add shapes and lay out the whole diagram automatically, with no drawing skills needed. You will love its powerful drawing features, together with thousands of built-in clip arts which you can use to decorate your mind maps for free.


2.Project Management


I.Gantt Chart

Create a Gantt chart on Mac to manage activities and schedule tasks with our smart Gantt chart tool. Super user-friendly, it has been considered as a popular Gantt chart alternative to Microsoft Visio. Ready to publish to PDF/Word/PNG/SVG/Html to share with others.


Easy to create a professional-look timelines, history, schedules, timetables and PERT diagram. Edraw Max can be applied as an easy vector timeline software with rich examples and templates. It has the tools to make it easy to create a professional-looking timelines, history, schedules, timetables and PERT diagram. Free Timeline is simple yet very powerful – it allows entry of both events and time periods; it scales automatically; it color-codes collapsible timeline groups; it also supports links and images. It can export to PDF, PowerPoint, Word and Graphics.

Virto Administration Suite Discount 2019 |Best SharePoint users make administration job easier

Virto Administration Suite Discount –


Sr No software Value Coupon code Site
1 Virto Administration Suite for SP2013 2595 $ 938D88A289 Visit
2 Virto Administration Suite for SP2010 2595 $ 36CB7377BD Visit
3 Virto Administration Suite for SP2007 2595 $ 8C780E6581 Visit

Virto Administration Suite for Microsoft SharePoint contains 8 Virto components intended for administration actions. Manage users and data of your SharePoint site, adjust access to the site pages with redirect options and control passwords with our password tools.

Virto SharePoint Administration Suite is a bundle of 7 Virto components which will help SharePoint users to do the site administration job easier. Each component offers its special administrative tools, such as manage AD users, adjust password system, redirect users from restricted site pages, adjust alerts and reminders. Use all of the eight web parts in a single bundle on very beneficial terms.

Virto Administration Suite for Microsoft SharePoint contains 8 Virto components intended for administration actions. Manage users and data of your SharePoint site, adjust access to the site pages with redirect options and control passwords with our password tools.

Virto SharePoint Administration Suite is a bundle of 7 Virto components which will help SharePoint users to do the site administration job easier. Each component offers its special administrative tools, such as manage AD users, adjust password system, redirect users from restricted site pages, adjust alerts and reminders. Use all of the eight web parts in a single bundle on very beneficial terms.

Virto Commerce Discount 2019 | Top .NET eCommerce Platforms

Virto Administration Suite Discount 2019


Virto Commerce Discount –


Sr No software Value Coupon code Site

Virto Commerce

12000 $ B0FA2F5620 Visit
2 Virto Workflow Scheduler for Office 365 499 $ FE551FDE6F Visit
3 Virto ONE License for SP 2010/2013/2016 annual billing 4308 $ 07A02B3DD8 Visit

Virto B2B E-commerce Platform is a reliable solution that allows you to quickly create a powerful online-stores with multi-channel collaboration capabilities with a large number of suppliers, partners and wholesale customers

Virto Commerce puts the best of Microsoft Azure Cloud, open source .Net code and agile development in a single enterprise e-commerce platform.

Easy to scale up, Virto Commerce positions itself as an enterprise ecommerce solution with an open architecture, built specially for you to integrate multiple features, plugins and applications as well as to safely deliver your website on the Microsoft e Commerce Cloud. Simple integrations connect you with the enterprise ecommerce software that is crucial to your business. Open source code allows you even to implement your own functionality, increasing the conversion rate and profits with new services. When choosing enterprise ecommerce solution, you will consider the opportunity to build a truly responsive website.

Best ecommerce platform coding practices that are involved in creating a webstore enable you to optimize it for mobile shopping by loading pages faster, having better search filters and results, thus giving you higher conversion rates. The market for enterprise ecommerce software is growing, and with Virto Commerce you will be always keeping up with cutting edge technologies.


The ease of which I can build complex B2B scenarios, along with all the capabilities to create solutions for distributors/manufacturers and complex org structures.

Virto Commerce let us reduce the number of people involved in management of promotions from six to one.

Well considered architecture allows you to configure your instance without fear to broke it; – Modern UI on the cutting edge of technologies; – Scalable hosting by Azure; – Open sources and clean code; – Expandable by plug-ins; – More than 10-years VC-team’s background in the eCommerce.


Not suited for simple implementations and non-technical people will have a difficult time initially setting up the platform, but once it is set up, it’s easy to manage and easy to build onto.
Took a little more time than expected to configure it. 

viglink review 2019 – Make Money With VigLink

viglink enables you to earn revenue from link inventory at full market value. It is a super affiliate network which converts your normal blog text into affiliate link and universe you do on money automatically. there are tens of thousands Affiliate programs already integrated in Viglink.


The Good

  • Simplicity

VigLink makes affiliate marketer’s life a lot easier by combining all the affiliate programs together in one place.

  • Automation

The most unique feature of VigLink is their automation. They’ll automatically convert your non-affiliated links into profitable affiliate links wherever appropriate. They’ll also insert potentially profitable hyperlinks into suitable product keywords.

  • Higher Commission Rate

VigLink has a large group of marketers (more than 60,000). So, they can bargain with merchants for a higher commission rate sometimes.

(Note that VigLink will take a cut of 25% for every commission.)

  • Good Alternative for Amazon Associates

Firstly, VigLink works with more than 30,000 merchants so you can leverage VigLink to monetize things that Amazon doesn’t sell.

Secondly, Amazon is not available everywhere. There are certain regions that Amazon does not support due to tax law issues. So, VigLink can be a good affiliate opportunity for advertisers who have no access to Amazon.

  • A Lot More Affiliate Opportunities

Normally, whenever you want to be affiliated with certain products, you need to go through their application system and get approved before you can promote their products.

  • Supports Multiple Platforms
  • Search Engine Friendly

Some of you might be concerned with your website’s SEO when VigLink adds more affiliate links into your content.

  • Pay Out Monthly with No Minimum Threshold
  • FREE

VigLink is completely FREE to join. The only catch is that they’ll take a 25% cut for all your affiliate commissions.


  • You Need a Developed & Quality Website

In order to be approved by VigLink, you need to have a decent website first. And if you want to take full advantage of VigLink, you need a developed and quality website with real traffic.

  • It’s Not As Easy As It Sounds

I know VigLink has made everything seems so simple and easy. To me it seems even “magical” at first when everything is automated.

However, after some research and trying, I found out that it’s not that easy to make money as it sounds.

  • You Don’t Have Control To Some of The Things

Firstly, you have no control on what hyperlink you want to insert into your content because VigLink will scan your content and insert it automatically.

  • Limited Advertising Materials

Since you are not directly working with merchants (VigLink is the “middleman”), you’ll not get their advertising materials such as banners, promotional emails, texts, etc.

. Ad Blocker May Affect Automated Link Earning

Lastly, if your readers have Ad Blocker on their end, your automated links/Ads may not show up. So, your earnings may be affected by Ad Blockers.

Viglink identifies commercial products mentioned within publisher’s content.It automatically Invigorates those terms by transforming it into revenue generating hyperlink Which are determined in real time advertiser a bid auctions

VigLink’s Core Products

So now that you’ve cracked your knuckles, copied the VigLink JavaScript, and pasted it into your website’s template…what’s next? The good news is VigLink starts working without additional effort on your part: you don’t need to retrieve and include affiliate links when you post, or go back and edit old posts to include affiliate links, if you’ve installed the JavaScript. Below you’ll find a rundown of our three main products—Convert, Insert, and Anywhere—to give you a clearer understanding of their capabilities.

VigLink’s Dashboard

Aside from being a monetization tool, VigLink also provides you with important insights into your business.

As soon as you successfully install the JavaScript on your website, VigLink begins tracking analytics for your site that can be found in your Dashboard. In this post we’re going to walk you through how to best utilize this valuable tool, and, ultimately, increase your earnings.

Evaluate Data For Custom Date Ranges:

The default date range in your dashboard is the last 30 days. However, this is easily customized by clicking on Custom Range and choosing a preset option or selecting a custom date range.

To see the exact amount of revenue you earned for a given day, simply hover over the graph.2. Easily Filter Data:You can also filter the data in your dashboard by VigLink product (Convert, Insert, Anywhere). Furthermore, you can filter the data in your dashboard by campaign. Keep in mind that when you open your dashboard, it will automatically show you data aggregated from all campaigns and products!3.

Use Additional Tabs To Learn Even More:Aside from just revenue, which is the default setting, you can click on the tabs “EPC”, “Affiliated Clicks” “Gross Sales” “CTR” and “Pageviews” for a breakdown of data sorted by these important metrics.4. Download Graphs & Generate CSVs:Once you’ve selected the filters you want, you can download a graph, print a chart, and/or generate a CSV.To see a more in-depth explanation of the VigLink Dashboard and how to use it to your advantage, watch our tutorial video!


IObit Software Christmas Discounts 2018 | IObit Xmas Sales Campaign

IObit provides consumers with innovative system utilities and security software for superior PC performance and security. With more than 100 awards and 250 million downloads worldwide, IObit is a recognized industry leader in PC optimization and security software.

First created by two creative and enthusiastic programmers, the team is now composed of a group of highly-skilled young talents who commit themselves to providing better products and service for users.

Here Find out best offer

1) 2018 IObit Xmas Special Pack (1 PC)- Exclusive:

Include :- 

  •  Advanced SystemCare 12 PRO (1 year/ 1 PCs)- Exclusive
  •  Driver Booster 6 PRO (1 year / 1 PCs)-Exclusive
  •  IObit Malware Fighter 6 PRO (1 year / 1 PCs)- Exclusiv

Visit Now

2) 2018 IObit Xmas Special Pack (3 PCs)- Exclusive:

Include :- 

  •  Advanced SystemCare 12 PRO (1 year/ 3 PCs)- Exclusive
  •  Driver Booster 6 PRO (1 year / 3 PCs)-Exclusive
  •  IObit Malware Fighter 6 PRO (1 year / 3 PCs)- Exclusive

Visit Now


3) Advanced SystemCare 12 PRO (1 YEAR, 1 PC)- Exclusive:


4) Advanced SystemCare 12 PRO (1 YEAR, 3 PCs)- Exclusive:

5) Driver Booster 6 PRO (1 YEAR, 1 PC)- Exclusive:


6) Driver Booster 6 PRO (1 YEAR, 3 PCs)- Exclusive:


7) IOTransfer 3 PRO (1 Year, 1 PC)- Exclusive*:


8) IOTransfer 3 PRO (1 Year, 3 PCs)- Exclusive*:


9) MacBooster 7 Lite (1 Mac)- Exclusive:


10)MacBooster 7 Standard (3 Macs)- Exclusive:


IOBIT technology and expanding our product lines to address the needs of users worldwide. Whether you’re protecting your system from virus attack with Advanced SystemCare Ultimate, fighting malware with IObit Malware Fighter, defragging your hard drive with Smart Defrag, or pursuing best gaming experience with Game Booster.

Top Bloggers Income Report December 2018: [How much do bloggers make?]

There are stories about bloggers making six figure incomes and it is but natural to be curious about who is making how much and what the sources of income are. In this post we will cover few such bloggers who are making a decent amount of money online and also go behind the scenes to see who is running the show and what his website parameters are. The details of latest income reports will also be listed.

10 Best VPN Service Providers 2018
10 Best Quality Backlinks Service Providers 2018
Top 10 Email Marketing service providers in 2018
Top 10 Best VPS Hosting Providers for 2018
Top 10 video editing and creating Software in 2018

My Income

Bhardwaj Brothers : Bynext

This blog is owned by bhardwaj growing and new blog . The details of income and its breakdown will follow

Vital Statistics:

Following are the vital parameters of Pat’s blog

Alexa Traffic Rank: 1800096 (Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank: the secrets on internet ranking in 2018)
Alexa Traffic Rank in India: 350000
Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 66 (10 Best Quality Backlinks Service Providers 2018)
Domain Authority (DA): 26/100 (What are the best ways to increase Domain Authority?)
Twitter Followers: 6k
Facebook Likes: 2789
Email Subscribers: 2200 ( Top 10 Email Marketing service providers in 2018)

YouTube Subcribers : 99,000 ( Increase YouTube like and YouTube subscriber)

Earnings Report:

Month : December 2018
Total Income: $ 600
Total Expenses: $18

AWeber – 50 $ ( Top 10 Email Marketing service providers in 2018)
Bluehost 60 $ ( How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost in 2018 )
Avangate :- 200 $
Direct Sale – 100 $
Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool – 50 $ (Long Tail Pro Review: Best Keyword Research Tool 2018)
Viglink40 $ ( One Of largest Affiliate Tools.)

Youtube :- 100 $

  1. Pat Flynn: Smartpassiveincome

This blog is owned by Pat Flynn. The details of income and its breakdown will follow later but let us first find out who is Pat Flynn. Here is Pat’s version on his blog: –

I didn’t win the lottery, I don’t drive a fancy car, and I’m not a millionaire. What I do have is a beautiful wife, two amazing children, a loving family, awesome friends, and a line of work that allows me to spend most of my time with them.

Vital Statistics:

Following are the vital parameters of Pat’s blog Please note that Pat owns multiple niche websites and they all contribute to his online income.

Alexa Traffic Rank: 18096 (Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank: the secrets on internet ranking in 2018)
Alexa Traffic Rank in India: 6325
Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 4788 (10 Best Quality Backlinks Service Providers 2018)
Domain Authority (DA): 77/100 (What are the best ways to increase Domain Authority?)
No of pages indexed in Google: 2580
Twitter Followers: 133K
Facebook Likes: 137,328
Pat Flynn in Google + Circles: 29892
Email Subscribers: 143,000 ( Top 10 Email Marketing service providers in 2018)


He offers the most comprehensive guide available on how to Publish, Market, and automate your own killer eBook.

Over 75,000 people have enjoyed this eBook the Smart Way and receive a weekly newsletter with exclusive online business and blogging tips.

Earnings Report:

Month : November 2018
Total Income: $ 1675553
Total Expenses: $ 39647

Income Breakdown:

GROSS INCOME $ 1575553

AWeber – 1,500  ( Top 10 Email Marketing service providers in 2018)
Bluehost 10,000 ( How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost in 2018 )
ConvertKit 14,133.99
CoSchedule– 2100
Create Awesome Online Courses – 19,473.50
Fizzle – 892.05
LeadPages – 10,929.82
Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool – 5000 (Long Tail Pro Review: Best Keyword Research Tool 2018)
Market Samurai = 46.56
Marketing Impact Academy with Chalene Johnson – 1,519.00
Samcart 321.50
Teachable 2616
WP-Wishlist 24.30
Zero to Launch Course 2,875.20

2.Amit Agarwal income report from Labnol

Here are few vital website stats of the most popular Indian website

  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 10890
  • Alexa Traffic Rank in US: 5005
  • Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 5361
  • Domain Authority (DA): 78/100
  • No of pages indexed in Google: 4800
  • Twitter Followers: 95.5K
  • Facebook Likes: 251,235

Income Report

he makes upwards $100,000 every single month considering the fact that his online connections, the amount of search traffic his blog receives (which is in millions) and his diversified income sources.

3.Michelle From MakingSenseOfCents

michelleMichelle covers personal finance and lifestyle tips on his blog. He also received a lot of mentions and awards from notable blogs like Ready for Zero, BadCredit etc. If you are looking for personal finance tips from a guy who knows about it, this blog is for you.

Few statistics of the blog:

Alexa Traffic Rank: 62997
Twitter Followers: 12.6K
Facebook Likes: 14315
Google + Circles: 634

Income report for March 2018:

  • Bluehost – $32,200 ( How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost in 2018 )
  • Survey companies – $9872 ( Top 20 Survey Sites )
  • MOTIF Investing – $230.00
  • ConvertKit- $391.00
  • Ebates – $1,000.00
  • Digit – $40.00Student loan refinancing – $450.00
  • How I Grew My Facebook Page From 2,000 to 100,000 in Five Months – $348.00
  • Uber – $250.00
  • $5 Meal Plan – $224.70
  • MediaNet – $191.46
  • Izea/SponsoredTweets – $135.28
  • How To Work From Home Selling On Amazon FBA – $125.55
  • Ibotta – $80.00
  • Miscellaneous affiliates – $3,392.00
  • Sponsorships and advertising– $16,700.00
  • Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course – $69,808.0
  • Display advertising – $2,404.00

Breakout of October 2018 income – $1,45,319

4. Matthew Woodward: MatthewWoodWard.Co.Uk

Matthew Woodward is an Internet marketing blog that helps people to learn SEO, increase their traffic and sales.

If you are struggling to make money blogging, is the right place for you to get started as Matthew provides some real insights on getting your websites rank in the top Google search results and he also shares working ways to make money from your blogs. He generally write posts every week although he doesn’t have any consistent posting schedule, but his posts are usually very detailed with a lots of snapshots.

Alexa Traffic Rank: 22249
Alexa Traffic Rank in India: 4418
Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 2213
Domain Authority (DA): 54/100
No of pages indexed in Google: 2150
Twitter Followers: 11.8K
Facebook Likes: 20144
Matthew Woodward in Google + Circles: 17177

Affiliate Earnings- December

  • ActiveCampaign – $4.60
  • Ahrefs – $272.57 (case study)
  • Aweber – $97.80 (tutorial)
  • Blue Chip Backlinks – $200.00
  • BlueHost – $195.00 ( How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost in 2018 )
  • Brightspark – $26.60
  • BuzzBundle – $89.55
  • CMS Commander – $9.62
  • ConvertKit – $23.40
  • Domain Hunter Gatherer – $918.85
  • Drip – $14.70
  • Drip Revolution – $253.36
  • FCS Networker – $136.56
  • FreshDrop – $17.82
  • GetResponse – $162.29 (review)
  • Gleam – $20.00
  • GSA Captcha Breaker – $873.55 (review / discount coupon)
  • GSA Search Engine Ranker – $1,081.63 (review / discount coupon)
  • GSA SEO Indexer – $117.84 ( review /Discount)
  • HostGator – $100.00
  • IPVanish – $137.97
  • JustHost – $160.00
  • KDP Rocket – $48.50
  • Kontent Machine – $247.10
  • LeadPages – $20.10
  • LearnDash – $55.65
  • LinkEmperor – $83.12
  • LongTailPro – $617.21 (review / discount coupon)
  • MintVine – $25.42
  • MyThemeShop – $272.05
  • OIO Publisher – $23.50
  • OneHourIndexing – $299.91
  • PandaBot – $166.68
  • PowerUpHosting – $4.
  • PrivateInternetAccess – $34.00
  • PrizeRebel – $19.69
  • Raven Tools – $20.12
  • SamCart – $198.50
  • SEMRush – $705.00 (review)
  • SENuke – $44.10
  • SEO Content Machine – $40.50
  • SEO Powersuite – $364.99
  • SEO Clerks – $31.50
  • SEO Monitor – $249.94
  • SERP Book – $7.41
  • SERPed – $1,624.78 (review)
  • Siteground – $100.00
  • SociSynd – $17.26
  • SwagBucks – $6.84
  • TheBestSpinner – $237.00
  • ThriveThemes – $225.00
  • TrafficPlanetHosting – $210.00
  • TweetAttacksPro – $167.58
  • Ultimate Demon – $23.50
  • URLProfiler – $68.14
  • VideoMakerFX – $153.00
  • WordAI – $59.94
  • WP Matic – $189.60

Earnings Total

  • Affiliate Income – $16,000
  • Consultation Income – $00.00
  • Other Income – $12,929.53
  • Expenses – $1,635.62

5.Harsh Agrawal: Shoutmeloud.Com

Harsh Agrawal – is a blog owned by Engineer turned professional blogger from India Harsh Agrawal. earned a total of $29,659 in the month of June 2016. was started in 2008 and over these years it has grown into one of the largest and most popular internet marketing blog. Harsh loves computer and technology, he successfully converted his passion into a full time lucrative residual income stream.

Vital Statistics:

Here are some important facts about

Alexa Traffic Rank: 1854
Alexa Traffic Rank in IN: 199
Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 2960
Domain Authority (DA): 50/100
No of pages indexed in Google: 6950
Twitter Followers: 10.2K
Facebook Likes: 53136 in Google + Circles: 688,394
Feedburner Readers: 5484
Email Subscribers: 327,000

Earnings Report: July


  • eBook Sales ShoutMeLoud Store: $402
  • eBook Sales Amazon: $83
  • eBook Sales InstaMojo: $331
  • ShoutUniversity: $37.57
  • ShareASale: $994
  • ClickBank: $329
  • Affiliate Income: $ 39,787.72
  • Direct Ad Sales: $2,500
  • LongTailPro: $141
  • Ezoic AdSense Optimization: $244.74
  • Shopify: $38.27
  • Google AdSense: $309
  • HillTopAds: $1,500
  • Sponsored Listings: $ 192.3
  • Advertisements: $5,472Total Income: $52,434

johnnyJohnny is a digital nomad who shares his blog journey by travelling around the world. He also has a podcast where he shares how you can travel around the world and start living on your own terms.

Few statistics of the blog:

Alexa Traffic Rank: 156,170
Twitter Followers: 1556
Facebook Likes: 2532
Google + Circles: 318

  • Income report for July 2017:
    • Profit from Affiliate Commissions: $6,744.97
    • Profit from Book Sales: $191.95
    • Total Profit from Udemy: $204.85
    • Profit from Investments: $912.66
    • Profit from Youtube: $114.13
    • Profit from Affiliate courses: $1,131.61
    • Profit from Podcasts: $1,270.00

    Johnny’s total profit for the month of March 2017 is $10,826.

    6.Justin From SoOverThis.Com

Justin is a personal finance blogger who bought this blog originally from Andrea in 2013. Since then, he decided to expand the blog with his experiences in finance. He shares every mistake he made while working as a finance guy.

Few statistics of the blog:

Alexa Traffic Rank: 641,288
Twitter Followers: NA
Facebook Likes: 403
Google + Circles: NA

Income report for May 2017

Advertising sales: $86692
Expenses: $2332
AdSense/Clickable Ads: $488
Total net income for May 2017: $84,350 (after all the expenses)

7. Alexa At SingleMomsIncome.Com :-

AlexaAlexa mainly writes about how anyone can make money online from various sources such as job boards, blogging, writing, marketing etc.She always frequently writes about finance tips along with her struggles and successes with it.If you are a new blogger and searching for a one stop blog for making money online, check out her blog.

  • Few statistics of the blog:Alexa Traffic Rank: 148,649
    Twitter Followers: 2529
    Facebook Likes: 5273
    Google + Circles: 257

    Income report for January 2017:

    Freelance (Writing & Virtual Assistant Work) – $1,425.00
    Blogging Ad Networks – $3,077.16
    Blogging Affiliate Income – $3,466.16
    Sponsored Posts: $0

    Total online income for Alexa for the month of July 2018 is $7,986.32.

  • 8. Lindsay And Bjork: Pinchofyum.Com is a food blog owned by a husband and wife team Lindsay and Bjork. Lindsay is a teacher, pug lover, and dessert eater from Minnesota handles the writing, photography and cooking part while the technicalities and making money is handled by her husband Bjork. Why they are into blogging? Well.. here are the reasons given by Lindsay herself:

    Listed below are some important statistics for the blog

    Alexa Traffic Rank: 14702
    Alexa Traffic Rank in US: 4697
    Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 4517
    Domain Authority (DA): 63/100
    No of pages indexed in Google: 1200
    Twitter Followers: 10.5K
    Facebook Likes: 56633
    Lindsay Ostorm in Google + Circles: 5826
    Feedburner Readers: NA
    Email Subscribers: NA
    Though the exact number of email subscribers and feedburner stats are not available, the team at do offer blogging tips to users who subscribe.

  • Earnings Report:Month: July 2017
    Income Breakdown:Tasty Food Photography – $8,572.40
    Bluehost – $6,900 (Learn how to install WordPress in 5 Minute)
    sovrn – $1,166.11
    Elegant Themes – $89.00
    Genesis Theme – $315.25
    Yellow Hammer Media – $2,603.97
    Gourmet Ads – $3,674.31
    Amazon Associates – $2,881.45
    How to Monetize Your Food Blog eBook – $525.00
    Federated Media – $1,600.84
    AdThrive – $23,791.85
    Sponsored Posts – $2,800.00
    Swoop – $3,105.98

9. Ello: Byregina.Com

reginaIntroduction: By Regina is a marketing blog for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. The blog is run by Ello, a female blogger and enthusiastic about her marketing ventures.She often shares detailed articles on marketing, making money, and frequent guides for beginners to help them build better blogs. Her content is truly unique and adds passion! If you got a minute, skim through her blog and I’m sure you’ll end up subscribing to her newsletter.

  • Here are the website stats for this blog:Alexa Traffic Rank: 64,212
    Alexa Traffic Rank in US: 18,689
    Sites Linking In (according to Alexa) : 404
    Domain Authority (DA): 38/100
    No of pages indexed in Google: 446
    Twitter Followers: 4,595
    Facebook Likes: 2,942
    By Regina in Google + Circles: 1,159Blogger income report (for January 2017) breakdown for this blog:50 WORKDAYS– ZERO TO BLOG: $5475.00 (a few payments for this new class/program were made in January, but most were made in January)
    EPICBLOG –EDITORIAL PLANNER: $3,224.22 (this is sold from
    BLUEHOST Affiliate commission: $2,040.00
    GROW YOUR BLOG TRAFFIC WITH SOCIAL MEDIA–The eBook + Workbook: $1,503.00
    3-DAY CREATE–The Workbook to Help You Create Your Own Information Product: $1,079.40
    The Small Business Manual: $773.30
    WordPress Class Registrations: $470.00
    How to Start a Business in Texas: $195.00
    How to Promote Your Business Online: $120.00
    EPICDAY NOTEPAD: $120.00

Total: $16,382.91 earning in the month of January 2018

10. Tom Ewer: Leavingworkbehind.Com

Tom Ewer is one of the successful niche blogging example which made $7,556.86 in the month of July 2016. The man behind is Tom Ewer whose aim is to help as many people as possible realize their own dream of quitting their jobs. He himself quit his lucrative job in 2011 to pursue his dream of owning a business. To understand the sense of freedom he achieved from this quote from his blog should be sufficient.

Listed below are some important statistics for the blog

Alexa Traffic Rank: 65,231
Alexa Traffic Rank in US: 32,466
Sites Linking In (according to Alexa) : 515
Google Page Rank: 4
No of pages indexed in Google: 2260
Twitter Followers: 14900
Facebook Likes: 2199
Tom Ewer in Google + Circles: 1831
Feedburner Readers: NA
Email Subscribers: 1000’s

How did Tom get this many email subscribers?
Tom offers the subscribers of his blog a free ebook which gives insight on competition analysis and keyword research guide as posted on

Join thousands of happy subscribers to get exclusive emails and a copy of my free keyword research and competition analysis guide!

Tom has kept the fields in his ebook subscriber form to a minimal level he only has one field – the email one.

Earning report:

Freelance writing:
Income: $7,698.35
Expenditure: $2,037.15
Profit: $5,661.20
Affiliate Marketing (Leaving Work Behind):
Income: $1,555.98
Start a Blog That Matters: $66.54
Market Samurai: $71.52
Westhost: $1,250
Expenditure: $688.56
Profit: $867.42
Information Products:
Income: $1,043
Expenditure: $58.90
Profit: $984.10
Total profit for January 2018: $7,556.86

ONLYOFFICE Review & Discount 2019 | All-in-one suite for your business


OnlyOffice, stylized as ONLYOFFICE, is an open source office suite, developed by Ascensio System SIA, a company with headquarters in Riga, Latvia. Solution features online document editors, platform for document management, corporate communication, mail and project management tools.




Sr No software Value Coupon code Site
1 ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition Start Server 1200 $ 55E26077A7 Visit
2 ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition Standard Server 2400 $ 695132B685 Visit
ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition Standard Plus Server
4800 $ 531F3F3FDC Visit


Present the first HTML5 Canvas-based online document editors.

ONLYOFFICE Online Editors can be easily integrated into your website or cloud application via API provided. Thus you get a chance to provide users with the most advanced online document editors for text docs, spreadsheets and presentations.


Why ONLYOFFICE beats all the existing online processors?

  • In the eye of users: it combines the formatting quality of MS Office & online collaboration of Google Docs (real-time co-editing and commenting).
  • In the eye of tech enthusiasts: it’s built with the use of HTML5 element, Canvas.
ONLYOFFICE Online Editors enable you to:
  • View & Edit documents directly in browser
  • Share files with friends and colleagues
  • Co-edit and comment them in real time
  • Embed documents to websites and apps
  • Work with all the popular file types without formatting loss.


Ascensio System SIA – home of the ONLYOFFICE

ONLYOFFICE is a project developed by experienced IT experts from Ascensio System SIA, leading IT company with headquarters in Riga, Latvia. Originally ONLYOFFICE was designed for internal team collaboration.
An attempt to introduce it to a wider audience proved to be successful: ONLYOFFICE received very positive feedback from the Internet community. As a result, its functionality was considerably revised and expanded that brought about a high and stable growth of users from different countries.

ONLYOFFICE – the future of document processing

At Ascensio System SIA, we always keep up to date with latest technology trends and try to make an effective use of them in our work.
We were the first to build online document editors using HTML5 Canvas element. That allows us to keep ahead of our competitors providing customers with the most complete and feature-rich online office suite highly compatible with Microsoft Office and OpenDocument file formats, among others.
Introduced for the first time at CeBit, ONLYOFFICE Online Document Editors have became our pride and joy. Now you can use them as a part of our productivity suite or easily integrate into your own SaaS solution.

ONLYOFFICE – the ONLY thing you need to make your business grow

ONLYOFFICE offers a complete productivity suite with document management, project management, CRM, calendar, mail, and corporate network.
In this way you don’t need to switch back and forth between multiple applications to perform different tasks.
Here you obtain a single multi-featured system to organize every step of your work improving your productivity and optimizing efforts for success.



Best DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2019 (SEO)

SEO is the acronym for “search engine optimization.” It describes a process by which website rankings on search engines are manipulated into higher positions through modifications and manipulations of onsite and offsite elements which are understood to have an effect on the rankings themselves. The process entails creating new text for websites and interlinking the page from the website on which that text is presented with other pages within the same website or from other websites that have a subject comparison.

Image result for Best Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites List


List Of Best Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites List For SEO In 2019

Top Bloggers Income Report December 2018: [How much do bloggers make?]

Lets Start :-

Sr. No. Website Alexa Rank
1. 8
2. 1397
3. 7611
4. 38815
5. 75761
6. 104692
7. 70
8. 7271
9. 54594
10. 3575
11. 1648
12. 52
13. 5616
14. 3153
15. 6463
16. 273124
17. 258340
18. 265661
19. 260995
20. 678680
21. 674715
22. 240902
23. 731902
24. 255151
25. 260011
26. 283654
27. 263739
28. 261420
29. 217436
30. 210686
31. 725743
32. 204041
33. 256576
34. 499294
35. 229072
36. 237984
37. 267658
38. 245032
39. 592867
40. 228709
41. 413260
42. 630143
43. 606342
44. 228934
45. 274074
46. 224983
47. 666070
48. 226344
49. 223828
50. 387256
51. 225100
52. 364774
53. 240902
54. 207391
55. 533759
56. 727038
57. 495696
58. 296783
59. 230419
60. 240833
61. 370798
62. 220311
63. 326161
64. 643544
65. 240008
66. 223665
67. 208496
68. 462779
69. 270110
70. 266972
71. 730016
72. 250679
73. 424231
74. 1066084
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