Zergnet review : Native ads Get huge traffic to your blog or site


Zergnet is an AI-powered software that helps you create and manage Native ads on your blog or site. Zergnet takes care of all the logistics for you, from creating the ads to tracking their performance and creating reports on what worked and what didn’t. If you want to increase your traffic by a significant margin, then you need to check out Zergnet!

What is Zergnet?

Zergnet is a native advertising platform that helps you to find and reach a target audience with your ads. It allows you to target demographics, regions, interests, and other preferences.
The platform also offers an ad creative editor that lets you customize your ad to the best of your ability.
Zergnet also provides a reporting feature that will let you track the results of your ads and analyze the data in order to make better decisions for future campaigns.




How does it work?


Native ads are a form of advertising that are designed to look and feel like content on a website or blog. They’re interactive and engaging, which means they attract attention and convert more visitors into customers. Native ads are typically shown when someone is browsing the web on their own, instead of being served through a programmatic platform like Google Adsense.

There are several different ways to get started with native advertising. You can create your own ads, work with an agency that specializes in this type of marketing, or partner with a publisher who already has a large audience. Native advertising can be used to promote any type of business, including ecommerce stores, blogs, and even tech companies.

There are several benefits to using native advertising. First, it’s a more effective way to reach your target audience. Second, it’s cost-effective compared to other forms of advertising. And last but not least, native ads are more likely to be noticed and remembered than traditional ads.

What can you do with Zergnet?


Zergnet is a powerful, yet easy-to-use platform that can help you to drive traffic to your blog or site. With Zergnet, you can create custom native ads, which are arguably the most effective way to market your content to a wide audience. Plus, Zergnet provides a host of other features that can help you to grow your blog or website. So if you’re looking for an effective marketing tool that’s easy to use, then Zergnet is definitely worth considering.


Tips for using Zergnet effectively


Zergnet is a great tool for using native ads to generate traffic to your blog or site. Native ads are those that appear inside of other websites and apps. They’re typically targeted at users who are already interested in the advertised product or service. By using Zergnet, you can create effective ads that will generate traffic to your site.

Here are some tips for using Zergnet:

1. Choose the right ad format. Zergnet offers three different ad formats: text, image, and video. You can choose which format best suits your content and target audience.

2. Create effective ads. To create an effective ad, you first need to identify your target market. This can be done by looking at your website’s traffic stats or by asking your customers what they think your product or service is about. Once you have identified your target market, you can create an ad that is specifically tailored to them.

3. Use targeting options. You can target users based on their location, age, gender, and interests. This will help you create more effective ads that are likely to be clicked through by your target market.

4. Optimize your ads for maximum results. Once


Requirements for publishers to join ZergNet

  • There are no traffic requirements to join this network. But quality matters most.
  • It works with premium sites having great content and an engaging audience.
  • Sites hosted on free blogging platforms like Blogspot cannot join this network.
  • Sites must not host any illegitimate content.


  • Easiest sign-up process
  • Genuine company
  • Free and easy way of getting site traffic.
  • High-quality links
  • Real-time stats
  • Referral program
  • Great support


  • Small publishers can’t join this premium network.
  • No monetization
  • The widget may affect your Adsense earnings.
  • This widget won’t work with other traffic exchange networks.

Referral Program

Publishers receive 30% of the referring site’s traffic



Zergnet is an amazing tool that allows you to create Native ads and see huge traffic to your blog or site. Not only are the ads extremely effective, but the process of creating them is ridiculously easy. If you’re looking for a way to get more eyes on your content, then Zergnet is definitely worth checking out.