Top 20 Highest Paying Survey Sites That Pay Through PayPal 2019

When it comes to making money online, every blogger wants it to be maximum. Along with the standard Adsense Ad units, bloggers now use Native Advertising as options of multiplying the blog revenue by 3-4 times. With this article, we shall be reviewing the Native Advertising Network Contentza.

Introduction to Contentza

Created by specialist contractors in the web since 2007, ContentZa is a new monetization model for web content. With advanced technologies and pushed Algorithm’s,
ContentZa displays content specifically targeted to the visitor and thus significantly improve’s the monetization of websites.

Built by and for publishers, ContentZa treats its partners like a family as they say. The features for publishers include:
  •  NATIVE IMPACT: Increase the value of your site by displaying fully integrated ads that totally fit with your design..
  • PER SITE WIDGET: Extend your user’s journey with our relevant content recommendation widget. We offer personalized and legitimate content..
  • PREMIUM SUPPORT:A skilled team is dedicated to our publishers so they never feel left alone in the dark.
  • LIGHTNING SPEED SETUP:Our solution takes less than 5 minutes to set up so your time isn’t wasted.
  • High CPC


For Advertisers

You must know about advertisers policies laid down by ContentZa as well even if you are a publisher or a blogger as this gives you genuine reasons to trust them. The features for advertisers include:


  • PREMIUM PUBLISHERS: We serve content recommendations on quality high-volume sources. Get privileged access to a targeted and premium audience.
  • TARGETED USERS: Each user receives a personal content recommendation based on their behaviour. Be sure to have your ads displayed at the right moment, in the right spot.
  • SELF-SERVE OR MANAGED ACCESS : At every stage of advertising, we follow your buying process and help you to get the most out of your ads, in a performance philosophy.


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