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Microsoft relaunched Hotmail as Outlook

Hotmail and Outlook are getting more widely used in our lives. Moreover, these two email programs are being compared in terms of their variation. Outlook has been switched from being a solely email program inside Window operating system to be a web based email service with its own mail servers, while Hotmail users might be redirected to Outlook domain as they wish to login. The confusion arises between Outlook and Hotmail; there are a few points that are going to clarify the differences of these two services:

  • When you attempt to log onto Hotmail , clicking here might redirect to Outlook domain
  • On this page, you can still use your Hotmail credentials as you logged into Hotmail account.
  • Even you possess a Hotmail ID or Outlook ID, you are still able to access to all MSN services with that ID as all MSN services are being managed under an integration platform.
  • The MSN owns the domain and mail servers of Hotmail which has known as a distinctive email service provider, and it is performing parallel with Outlook in the term of integrating both onto a single platform in the recent future.
  • Even you can log in at the Outlook domain under your Hotmail account; you still do not own an Outlook ID. Furthermore, your mail folders will be transferred as the Outlook account upgrades, likewise, it is considered as using the new interface and the features of Outlook.
  • The Hotmail ID and Outlook will still be retained into separate email accounts even if you sign up for an Outlook ID.


There could be an option for upgrading Outlook in their Hotmail account; nonetheless, nothing will be lost such as email data as all yours folders, messages and other valued data will be transferred to the outlook platform. Vice versa, it is migrated automatically for the Hotmail account if they moved to Outlook domain. In other words, upgrading to Outlook means their Hotmail ID basically remains the same until they wish to change and also become users of Outlook service.

  • Outlook is becoming well-known as a new flexible, free web based email service which varies from the Windows email service by Microsoft with various features and tools. In comparison, although Hotmail was the first to offer its free usage to people, which is one of the stand alone web based email services, hence, it has a huge amount of subscribers as it is a long lasting email service.
  • The Outlook users can run along with Hotmail service at the same time.
  • The Hotmail service can be upgraded freely to Outlook, plus their mail folders, messages and other valued data will be remained.

All in all, with the fast-pace development of technology, despite of how slow Hotmail is being integrated to the Outlook platform, there will expect a single user ID that will represent your credentials for signing in and using the different MSN services. is Micorosofts new online mail service. Hotmail was a service Microsoft bought in the 90s and, while still very popular, is getting a bit long in the tooth.

Microsoft migrated all their Hotmail users to in 2013. so, you should be able to use your hotmail name and password in


Today, Microsoft unveiled the latest incarnation of its popular Hotmail service, and as well as a new look it’s been given a new name, although it’s one that everyone in the business world will be intimately familiar with — Outlook.

This rebranding is a huge step for Microsoft and signals the death of Windows Live, which never really caught on in the way the company would have liked.

Although Outlook will replace Hotmail in time, during the preview period the new service will actually run alongside it. Microsoft says it will listen to users and fine tune the experience accordingly, before upgrading everyone in due course. Hotmail users can sign up for an address immediately though, so if you’re not happy with your current handle, you’ll need to move quickly to get the one you want.

Image result for difference between Hotmail and Outlook

The new webmail service’s interface is white and blue with a clear Windows 8 motif and is considerably cleaner than the old muddled design. According to Microsoft the layout has 60-percent fewer pixels in the header and allows for 30-percent more messages in your inbox. It’s been created to display equally well on desktops, tablets or phones, and work with Exchange ActiveSync.

Outlook includes free Office Web Apps — Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote —  as well as SkyDrive. It also lets users connect their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts and view the latest updates from them in their inboxes. Facebook Chat is baked-in, and Skype support is coming soon, which is hardly surprising seeing as Microsoft owns the VoIP service.

The thing that most people hate about Hotmail is spam, and so the new Outlook is doing its bit to combat this. It will automatically detect mass mailings and place them in separate folders. You’ll be able to move or delete their contents in a few clicks.

Provided you’re not using an Ad blocker, relatively unobtrusive text adverts appear in a column on the right-hand side on the main screen, but not when you’re actually reading emails. Unlike Gmail, the service won’t scan your personal messages to serve up tailored ads.

While the new design won’t be for everyone’s tastes, I think it’s a definite improvement. But what do you think? If you abandoned Hotmail in favor of an alternative service, does this offer enough to tempt you back?

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