How to Create and Edit WhatsApp Broadcast List ?



WhatsApp Broadcast List is a powerful tool that can be used to send messages to a large group of people simultaneously. In this article, we will show you how to create and edit a WhatsApp Broadcast List in just a few easy steps.

What is WhatsApp Broadcast List?

WhatsApp Broadcast List is a special list in WhatsApp that allows you to send out messages to a large number of people at once. It’s similar to the Group Message feature in other messaging apps, but with one big difference: you can broadcast messages even if you’re not connected to the internet.
To create or edit a WhatsApp Broadcast List, open the Settings app on your phone and go to the Broadcast section. You’ll see a list of all your current Broadcast Lists. To add a new list, just tap on the + button and fill in the relevant details.
Once you’ve created or edited your Broadcast List, all you need to do is send out a message! All recipients will be notified automatically, so there’s no need to worry about timing or format.
If you want to stop broadcasting a message altogether, just tap on the X next to the message. This will remove it from everyone’s screens automatically.


 Creating a WhatsApp Broadcast List


1. For iPhone


broadcast list on whatsapp
  • Start the WhatsApp application on the iPhone.
  • Select the “Chats” tab and attend the screen top left corner to seek out “Broadcast Lists”. Select “New List” to get a replacement Broadcast List.
  • Add new contacts to the list by selecting the “+” symbol or just by typing the primary few letters of the recipient’s name.
  • Finally, tap “Create” and therefore the broadcast list is prepared. WhatsApp displays a daily chat screen with the names of recipients names at the highest. Broadcast a message to undertake out your newly created list.

2. For Android


  • Start the WhatsApp messenger on an Android device.
  • Open the “Chat” interface.
  • Select the choices button (top right corner of the screen) and choose the “New Broadcast” list from the menu.
  • Add contacts to the list. Only contacts possessing your telephone number in their address book will receive that message.
  • Maximum 256 different contacts are often included during a single broadcast list.
  • Select the “Create” button.

Part 3. Editing a WhatsApp Broadcast List


1. For iPhone

  • To edit an existing Broadcast List, tap the blue “I” symbol next thereto.
  • Then you’ll add a reputation to your list or remove recipients.
  • Select the “Edit List” button to edit the membership status of contacts on your list.


2. For Android


  • Start the WhatsApp messenger on an Android device.
  • The “Chat” interface opens.
  • Select the printed list. The message window opens.
  • Select the “Broadcast List Info” from the sink menu. the most page of the printed list open.
  • Select the “Edit” icon to edit the list.

3. WhatsApp Broadcast vs WhatsApp Group Chat

The main difference between a WhatsApp broadcast and a WhatsApp group chat is that within the broadcast, the recipients don’t know other individual recipients’ names.
While during a WhatsApp group chat, each recipient knows the varied recipients.

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