How to Recover iPhone/iPad Data after Factory Settings Restore

Recover iPhone/iPad Data

In some instances, it is necessary to perform a factory reset of your iPhone or iPad, as follows:
– iPhone/iPad display freezing
– iPad/iPhone affected by virus
– iPhone/iPad cannot be detected by or appear in iTunes
– iPad/iPhone cannot sync with iTunes on PC or Mac
– iPhone/iPad won’t turn on and does not respond to button press
– Hand over or sell old iPhone/iPod in order to upgrade

Restoring iPhone/iPad to original factory defaults is likely to fix the above problems, but the downside is that all your data and information stored on the device will be lost, including songs, videos, contacts, photos, and calendar information.

Therefore, it is necessary to backup important content before proceeding to restore your iPhone/iPad. However, what if you set your iPhone/iPad to factory settings by mistake and lose your data without an available iTunes or iCloud backup?

“I restored my iPhone 6S last night because I was having issues. I want to restore it from backup, but it wouldn’t sync with iTunes for some reason. Is there any way to recover iPhone data after factory reset?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. All you need is a professional iPhone/iPad data recovery software.

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