How to share link and text message on whats app from iOS app?

How to share on whats app from iOS

To share a file, please open the app and follow these instructions:

Find the file/folder you want to share in your Briefcase. Next select the file/folder menu and the following menu will be displayed:


Next tap the “share public link” option from the menu and the dialogue box below will be displayed.

Selecting “Share link” will now make that file/folder publicly available through Livedrive. A list of options will be displayed, asking you how you want to share that link. Email, SMS, and other compatible apps will be displayed.


Selecting one of those apps will open it with the Livedrive share link automatically added. You can then send the link to family and friends, enabling them to download your file or folder from Livedrive.

Please note: Only the files you publicly share will be available to other people. You can also revoke access to

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