How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost in 2021

Let us face it, WordPress websites are priceless resources in regards to earning money online. But do you understand how to begin a WordPress blog fast for under $4?
You will even receive a free domain name out of me and I will explain to you the way you can set WordPress at no cost also. I am not sure how long that this dirt-cheap package will last, however, so I advise that you get it now before it’s gone.
Bluehost hosting is some of the best that you can get and can be easily among the very reasonably priced solutions you may get for your blog.
Now you know you’ll have a professional-grade site whilst obtaining quality hosting, a free domain name, and complete WordPress installation in only 3 simple steps, are you ready to begin?


Before Start Click on Bluehost  –  Visit


Step #1: Get Your Hosting And Free Domain


Just click the link and press the big, green button to receive your Bluehost hosting along with your free domain name for my particular price.



Pick your package as soon as you’ve completed this and be certain that to have a domain name picked out. I suggest something brief and memorable that’s easy to describe and associated with your market.

Working with this Bluehost link will make it a lot simpler for you to find both hosting and the domain at precisely the same moment. All you need to do is ensure to register for 12 months of hosting for the free domain name.

Trust me this is well worth it since you’d be astonished just how much domains along with the additional costs that go together could cost should you moved through another website to receive it.

Thus, make sure once you select your bundle to perform 12 months of hosting. As much as which package to choose, I suggest you stick with the newcomer bundle since it should be sufficient for your site’s needs.


As Soon as You have chosen the”newcomer” package or another bundle if needed, you need to see a pricing display with Various options such as this one:


36 weeks of hosting is $3.49 a month. If you go with 24 months, then this is $3.95 a month. And needless to say, when you would like to only do one year (12 weeks ), that’ll put you back $4.95 a month.

Naturally, none of those rates are poor in any way, so it just depends upon how much you desire to spare and if you intend on sticking with your site long term (that I presume you will).

Once you choose which of these hosting programs makes the best sense for your personality, there is a range of different add-ons which you may pick from which Bluehost offers.

Do not worry, I am here to inform you as a blogger with a great deal of experience with domains and hosting, you do not require any of the additional options except possibly the domain name protection.

Domain privacy security is only $0.99 a month additional and it keeps your contact data secure. This is a great thing to get, but if you do not feel as though your contact info is a big deal, do not get it.

I have it for your own small business, but it’s all up to your if you believe you require it. Besides Domain Privacy Protection, you truly don’t have to bring any of the additional options to your strategy.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Domain And Hosting


should you receive your free domain name through Bluehost when you set up your hosting

then you can essentially just finish your purchase and move to the previous step (step #3) of establishing your website.


When you have a present domain name or made a decision to buy one from Godaddy rather, you have a few alterations to make before you’re able to finish building your WordPress site.

You’re likely to need to join your domain name to your Bluehost hosting accounts by establishing the nameservers

You may read the complete Godaddy service page on setting up nameservers here

1. Log in to your Godaddy account manager webpage.

2. Select the domain name you would like to use for your site

3. using Bluehost using the checkboxes and click”Place Nameservers.

4. Be certain that you use the login info that Bluehost delivered to an email address to log in to your Cpanel.

Locate your nameservers on your Bluehost Cpanel (they need to look something similar to these: “” and”“) and input them into your nameserver data spaces on your Godaddy account below and click on”Save Changes”.

Following this, you’ll have to put in your Godaddy domain name as an addon domain name to Bluehost. To do so, simply click”Domains” on your Bluehost Cpanel then click”Publish“.


  1. Install WordPress During Bluehost


Another fantastic thing about Bluehost is that they make it incredibly simple to set up WordPress, so we can access our sites setup.

The very first thing you have to do to install it is sure that you are logged in to your Bluehost accounts and locate the”Install WordPress” icon.

Today, select the domain that you would like to use for your blog, so WordPress is going to be set up to the best one and install WordPress.

Once you have chosen the domain name that you would like to use, check the”Show Advanced Options” box so that you may fill in the website name, your admin password, and username.

To your website name, place the title of your site (for example, mine will be self-evident Success).

Your password and username which you select will be your login info if you register as the admin to handle your WordPress site (otherwise known as the site’s dashboard).
DO NOT lose your username and password as you’ll need them to register to your new site.

You need to see a progress bar near the peak of the load display that informs you of the setup progress, and that means it is possible to track it before it is completed. After it is done installing, click on the”View Credentials” button at the very top. And that is it! Your new blog is completed and you may log in to begin customizing or writing from your dash. Enjoy your brand new site.

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