SEO PowerSuite Review 2024- A Cost Effective SEO Tool

SEO PowerSuite is a compilation of Link Assistant’s best SEO software products: Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO Spyglass, and LinkAssistant. This SEO software has tools for managing the most important components of your SEO program.




Let’s take a look at what’s included and exactly how to use each tool: 

#1 Website Auditor

The Website Auditor tool helps you diagnose on-site technical issues in minutes. When fixing these on-page optimization issues, your search engine rankings can greatly improve.

#2 Rank Tracker

The Rank Tracker tool was designed to as you can probably guess…track your search engine rankings. On top of that, you can also monitor your competitor’s rankings to see how well they are performing.

#3 SEO SpyGlass

Finding high-quality backlinks for a website is always so time-consuming. SEO Spyglass saves a lot of time by helping to find your competitor’s backlinks so you can identify the good ones and pursue those backlink opportunities as well.

#4 Link Assistant

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that would generate a list of backlink ideas for your website? Enter Link-Assistant. Link Assistant will help you track down a variety of high-quality links to save you tons of time and to help keep your backlink profile healthy and natural-looking. This is one of the few tools that I use regularly for my SEO work. 

In this video, we’ll take an in-depth look into each of the 4 SEO tools so you can see what it looks like and how to use it. Alright, ready? Let’s jump right in If you’d like to jump to a particular tool in the video, here is where you can find each tool. 1:38 Website Auditor 10:07 SEO SpyGlass 16:53 Rank Tracker 25:23 Link Assistant

Using Website Auditor


I don’t know what I would do without a Website Auditor. This tool helps me identify technical SEO issues that can keep my site from ranking as highly as I’d like to. Even after I believe I’ve identified and resolved all the issues, the Website Auditor has helped me track down additional issues. Often just fixing any on-page optimization issues can help you see a nice boost in your rankings. I’ve had many sites that were not even ranked in the top 100 search results jump to the first or second page of Google with just these on-page SEO fixes. That’s how powerful this is!

Even for new SEOs, Website Auditor is helpful as it will tell you what the issue is, why it’s important to fix and how to fix it. That helps you learn as you go and work on ranking some of your first sites. And it couldn’t be much easier to use. Simply enter the URL, choose the factors you’d like the tool to analyze for you, and select the pages you’d like to have scanned. Website Auditor will then crawl the website and return all the issues for you.

Just as with Rank Tracker, you can create a customized and branded report which you can use to land new SEO leads, provide to current clients or use in-house as you work on the issues. I regularly scan my sites and my client sites for new issues that can appear so my on-page optimization is always solid.


Using Rank Tracker


Rank Tracker will automatically track your keyword rankings for multiple search engines. You can even select the specific search engines you want to target which is very helpful especially if you are targeting a specific country. Rank Tracker will keep traffic of the specific keywords you’d like to watch, as well as webpages and even competitors.

Ranking reports can be customized, branded, and scheduled to save you time especially if you are tracking multiple websites. This way you don’t even have to log in to see the data and client reports can be in your inbox at the scheduled time. On top of monitoring my site rankings, I like to keep an eye on my competitor’s rankings so I can see how they are doing and take note of any improvements I see on their end. This helps keep me a step ahead of my competitors.

Using SEO Spyglass


SEO SpyGlass helps you to find your backlinks as well as your competitor’s backlinks. It will help you analyze those backlinks between the different competitors and then create customized reports. Just as with the other tools, SEO SpyGlass is easy to use. You’ll have the option to connect your Google Analytics and Google Search Console account to provide even further data on your backlinks.

By entering your URL, you’ll receive a list of your (or your competitor’s) current backlinks and additional data on those backlinks. You’ll be able to see your backlink progress over time which can help you see how natural your backlink profile appears. What I particularly like about this is that you can also watch your competitor’s backlinks. This will tell you who is working on SEO and who is not. But most importantly, this will help you see your competitor’s backlink sources so you can go after the same, high-quality links.

Using Link Assistant


One of the most time-consuming, not to mention tedious, SEO tasks is link building. It takes a lot of time and effort to find high-quality backlinks that are worth going after. And this is where having a Link-Assistant makes your life so much easier. With Link Assistant, you simply enter your URL and then select the type of backlinks you’d like to find. That means you can tell Link-Assistant to generate a long list of potential backlinks for you.


You can search for guest posts, directories, reviews, forums, and other options as you can see above. The purpose of Link Assistant is to help you in finding those high-quality backlinks without having to lose so much time in the process. Here you can find link partners, contact information for websites you’d like to reach out to. And to top it off you can send an email directly to the site owner from within Link-Assistant.

You can use one of Link Assistant’s pre-built email templates or you can customize it (which I highly recommend) and then send and track your requests. This helps you find the backlinks your competitors aren’t finding.

The SEO PowerSuite bundle has every tool you need to get the job done. Website Auditor, Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, and Link Assistant all perform a specific SEO task at a high level saving you a tremendous amount of time from attempting to pull this information together manually. Website Auditor alone can help you rank much higher in search engines as your website will be performing at a much higher level. And Link Assistant will have you loving your job again as you won’t have to waste (or dread spending) so much time on finding the right backlinks for your site.

I highly recommend you download the entire SEO PowerSuite bundle for free so that you see how it works and starts receiving feedback on your site.


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