XRumer19.0 Review 2023 | Powerful SEO Tool Review 2023


XRumer 19.0 will help to extend traffic to the website hundreds, thousands of times. Programs have an upscale seven-year history, which uses the experience of execs in program optimization.

Appreciate and use a very unique and powerful XRumer program, can both professionals and beginners. Xrumer has more than 8 million unique links (unique domains).



What can Xrumer do for you?


  • Create stealthily concealed links on phpBB forums, Invision Power Board (IPB), UltimateBB, Vbulletin, and lots of other sorts of forums.
  • Create links on WiKi sites
  • Create links on Social Networks
  • Create links on Web 2.0 Blogs
  • Create links on Guest books
  • Create links on almost the other site that you simply can configure
  • Send mass PMs to registered forum users
  • Send texts in only about any language within the world allowing you to focus on local businesses
  • Send texts in only about any language within the world allowing you to focus on local businesses
  • Find fresh, anonymous, private proxies to use with the software
  • Solve quite 6000 sorts of text captchas and 15000 types

Xrumer is a very powerful, very specific backlink tool.


It focuses on posting comments to forums. Potential to post thousands of comments continually as different users, all with specific set parameters, all of which are automated.

While Xrumer is especially effective when used correctly, it’s known to possess a steep learning curve.

Xrumer only has one official version that’s continually updated – it’s currently at version 19.0.1 It’s a one-time purchase, with three different tiers: Lite for $100, Standard for $240, and Business for $400.




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The program can post briefly time Your links and ads on quite 400,000 resources — forums, blogs, guestbooks, link directories, bulletin boards, social networks.

XRumer uses unique technology to bypass and avoid quite 150,000 sorts of graphical captchas, 110,000 sorts of textual captcha, and may even defeat most website protection mechanisms that plan to stop robots or automation software.





During the registration and posting process, the program can decode and bypass quite 500 sorts of popular graphical captchas, like ReCaptcha, VBulletin-captcha, DLE-captcha, VKontakte, Facebook, etc.

Free SocPlugin admit 4 social networks Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Mamba, and Facebook to post messages, to comment on photos and videos, to download & upload photo and video content, to send invitations to friends and groups — thus also to automatically bypass the protections from bots and submitting, including captchas.



Why XRumer 19.0 is better then Other XRumer


List of changes and improvements from XRumer 19.0


  • Automatic translation of text added in macros on the language of the target website.
  • The total volume of databases for the last year of updates has exceeded 8 million unique links (unique domains)
  • New design of Advanced Setting
  • Auto-crossing link of Topics during posting
  • the tools of database processing into 64-bit mode, which can allow working with big-sized databases and reports, and can improve the usage of CPU and RAM. For now, this tool contains the following functions: “Database analyzer”, “Database filter”, “Movie database”.



XRumer 19 for brand spanking new textual captcha used on popular and trusted forums and most moderated. For this purpose, a replacement crowdsource service was used, which showed very high efficiency at relatively low cost and it’ll be utilized in the longer term.

Greatly improved general logic of form processing – improved bypass of anti-bot protection from the last version of IPBoard and XenForo, significantly improved processing of unknown fields and forms. it had been upgraded general logic of ordinary form processing same as work with WordPress and Joomla.

Also fixed work of #trans macros (described work of it below), which helps to extend the potential traffic and advantage of posting by several times.

To match the difference between previous and remake, it had been traditionally made a test with 2 identical Projects, consistent with the subsequent scheme:

1. Was made pre-registration of profiles(accounts) in “Registration only” mode. it had been used a little database of trusted forums for 16.000 links.

2. After several days was made posting using “Posting from previously registered user” on same database + additional posting on R-database for “up” of topics.

3. Besides this was made submitting contact forms, on the different databases on 930 000 resources.

Moreover, the text of the message was created using new social engineering (so-called viral topics/messages/images), making accent on maximal provocation for clicking on the link. In a future lesson, we’ll describe the tactic.

As result – we got a huge difference in direct traffic received, which indicates higher efficiency and success rate of the latest version:



XRumer 19.0 + XEvil 4.0 traffic effect



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