PowerAdSpy Vs Social Ad Scout – Which is the Better Facebook Ads Spy tool

The tool attempts to attract as many advertising types as possible from your campaign, such as pictures, videos, and even sliding ads, and discovers online marketers’ ad strategies on your segment. This spy program describes and records similar ads from various programs (desktops or mobile devices), so you can view and copy ideas from the rear end of your advertisement.


Which is the Better Facebook Ads Spy tool ?



Social Ad Scout, is a powerful tool to provide you with the very best trending ads by hunting all social media channels, and also you can”discover” thousands of examples of social ads found around the world.


It also provides you info about the sorts of adjustments made incomplete for mobile and desktop advertisements.


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PowerAdspy, a platform reliable with fortune 500 companies of the world, presents one of the winning Advertisements of your competitors. It will give you important details to visualize the direct relationships between brands, publishers, networks, and implementation platforms.

Because all the biggest companies in the world make their advertising decisions based on their opponent’s advertising strategies and their ads.


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Features PowerAdSpy Social Ad Scout
Total Ads data 1 million+  1 million+
Country 15 21
Social media platform Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Pinterest,google, yahoo Facebook, Instagram
Browser google, yahoo No
Filter by Campaigns Yes No
Filter by CTA type Yes No
Filter by E-commerce software Yes No
Filter by industry Yes No
Search Yes Yes
Ads exclusion Yes
Ads sort Yes yes
Collect ads Yes yes
Track ads Yes No
Gender wise Filte Yes No
Competitor Intelligence Yes Yes
Trial Plan
5 days No
Pricing 99 $ 147 $



Social Ad Scout Features


To understand the advertising strategy and marketing insights of top companies of the planet or to know the advertising of top players in our industry we will learn to filter FaceBook ads by the advertisers using the Poweradspy tool.

Engagement level with the Ad about shares and likes – The ads that show the utmost level of engagement in terms of things like shares, likes, and comments got to be studied to understand what’s working within the market and what’s not.


Ad Position – This feature of the Poweradspy tool of filtering ads by their position and knowing their mapping can help us better place our ads concerning our competitors.

Call to Action – If we would like to know and acknowledge what call to action (or CTA) will work best for your brand this feature by the Poweradspy tool can do wonders for us.


Date – Timing plays a crucial role in counting on any shopping cares whether it’s online or branded stores. more shopping happens on certain weekends, national holidays, and through the festival season.

Keywords – their keywords drive internet Searches and internet shop items. it might be essential to ascertain the ads displayed when a specific keyword is looked for. If your competitor is showing a text ad for a selected keyword so we will add image ads instead.

Demographics that are associated with Age, Gender, Interests, their income – The Poweradspy tool is that the one that permits you to know whether the competitor’s audience is male or female, low-income group or high-income group, etc. this may be successive, allows business owners to know their niche.

Location for the advertisement– The pattern of communication and therefore the channel is individual and counting on the respective country, city, and therefore the zone during which the audience lives.


Social Ad Scout Features:- 


Detailed search filters

Search by text, URLs, redirects (ie. “volume”), demographic information, geographic location, sort of ad, performance indicators, when it had been seen, the sort of device,



Exact targeting details

Until now, Social Ad Scout had to “guess” targeting supported who saw the ads. We show you the precise targeting! Example: “50+-year-olds in Canada”, albeit one 60-year-old female saw it.


Detailed observations

Social Ad Scout provides extensive breakdowns; including timelines, when and the way often a billboard was seen, how it ranked, who saw it and the way repeatedly, the devices it had been seen on, etc.


Interact with live ads

Social Ad Scout offers you the particular ad’s screenshot. Clicking through shows an area copy of the ad that you simply can interact with; including playing any videos


Download landing pages

No more dead or cloaked pages! Social Ad Scout stores all the landing pages – including their dependencies like images, videos, scripts, and elegance sheets – during a compressed file to download.

Landing page details

Social Ad Scout visits each ad’s destination link using methods to defeat cloakers, log all the redirects, take a screenshot of the ultimate page, permanently reserve it to download, and supply stats.


Final Conclusion 


Power Adspy tool is better than Social Ad Scout, it has lots have extra features and low cost.



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